N.C. A&T over UNCG at the Greensboro Coliseum

Posted by Andy Durham on November 29, 2010 at 9:41 pm under College | 4 Comments to Read

Men’s College Basketball FINAL:
N.C. A&T 82
N.C. A&T(4-3) UNCG(0-5)

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  • RMelton said,

    How does Mike Dement keep his job?

  • J Turner said,

    They should go get Buzz Peterson. Looks like he’s about ready to move again. Southern Conference experience too. Buzz to UNCG

  • notJimMelvin said,

    surprised there were so few Aggie fans. what kind of crowds are they drawing for home games?

  • Aggie Fan said,

    A&T fans are usually very supportive and have a very good atmosphere during home games. Not sure why so few showed up Monday night. Maybe next years game will draw better attendance from students and community. I think the long gap in playing really hurt the rivarly between the two schools and will have to rekindled. One suggeustion I would make is for it to be a double header with the women and men on a Saturday afternoon.