HS Hoops Tonight Scoreboard for 12/1/10

Posted by Andy Durham on December 1, 2010 at 9:38 pm under High School | 30 Comments to Read

Boys basketball at Western Guilford:

Southwest Guilford 72
Western Guilford 69


1st Q SWG 12, WG 12…Halftime WG 34, SWG 34…3rd Q SWG 53, WG 45…Final SWG 72, WG 69….

SWG scoring…..Terrell Leach 23 points…Hanner 15…Breeden 7…Steve Williams 6…Diandre Brown 5…Bostic 5…LaKeith Scott 4…Bridges 2….

WG scoring….Devonte Baldwin 20 points…Reggie Perkins 14…Jeff Mosley 11…Skip McCleese 8…Xavier McKnight 8….Neal Spinks 3….Tyler Stutts 3…

Girls Basketball at Western Guilford:

Southwest Guilford 68
Western Guilford 39

1st Q SWG 19, wg 10…Halftime SWG 37, WG 22…3rd Q SWG 56, WG 30….Final SWG 68, WG 39….

SWG scoring…Zena Lovette 21 points…Pone 12…Buchanan 8…Rivers 6…

WG scoring…Brittany Clency 15…Whitehead 6…Marks 4….Lanham 3….

*****Lovette is one of the top players in the state, go ahead and mark it down…..*****

Friday….SWG at Northeast Guilford and Northwest Guilford at Western Guilford…The SWG Cowboys are a much-improved team from last year and the Cowgirls will be contenders……

  • Psycho said,

    Western will never be successful as long as they have the same coach.

  • dubb g said,

    did #1 and #10 really play more than Reggie and Skip?

  • ThaRealDubG said,

    Wade is a good coach, btw #10 played very well in the first half to get WG back in the game after a slow start. WG with too many silly turnovers and the officials sure were calling a tight game . Spinks and Stutts in early foul trouble really hindered them on the inside. I take it the above posters kids didn’t play as much as they thought they should have? Wade holds these boys to a high standard, if you keep making silly mistakes, your butt is on the bench. (no matter who you are).

  • SE HOOPS said,

    SE Guilford 61
    Southern Guilford 36

    Lady Falcons had 12 of their 13 players score tonight

    SE Guilford Boys 63
    Southern Boys 68

  • wg fan said,

    wade just sucks he needs to get out of there he has no idea how to use his players

  • Just Watching said,

    Why does the Coach continue to leave 12 (Perkins) out the game? He is clearly the best player on the court for them, and he doesn’t turn the ball over often , and never takes bad shots.Its no reason he shouldn’t stay on the court. Send 12 over to my school Id love to have him over here.

  • ThaRealDubG said,

    Anyone can bash a coach/players on here when you do not post under your real Name. Sack up and post under your real name.

  • ThaRealDubG said,

    If the starting frontcourt only scores 6 pts., you aren’t going to win many games.

  • at the game said,

    there is several players like #12,#33,#3,#22 who need to get out of there before coach wade ruins all of there futures cause he will and i really think he is trying to

  • at the game to said,

    the real dub g hop off coach wade stop taking up for him actions speak louder than words

  • ThaRealDubG said,

    So Wade turned the ball over, missed ft’s and committed silly fouls? They lost by 3 points but it’s always the coaches fault because he didn’t play the right players…. Please if you are going go bash someone have the nuts to do so and put who you really are. You people that get on here and moan are lame. Put in a call to the athletic director and let him know you are a better coach and should be sitting on the bench instead of Wade.

  • psycho said,

    at least have a reason for the subs, or the star player not playing. Don’t take a kid out for a turnover, and let his replcement have 5 in a row. That just confirms what everybody already knows.

  • Unbiased Fan said,

    My son play’s fpr a similar coach and I love it. Nobody is too big for the game. The game just ended and people are already posting? It’s a long season, and if your kids are seniors just enjoy it because it will soon be over. Support them and everything will fall into place.

  • Spectator said,

    I don’t think you can blame that loss on the coach. Effort, decision making, missed free throws and rebounding deetermined the outcomeof this game. South West was a much smaller team but had dominated the offensive and defensive glass. I think both teams are average at best and neither has depth. Reggie Perkins is a great shooter but he is clearly more comfortable playing against a zone defense and seems to struggle against aggressive man to man. I think he is capable of scoring 30 points a night against a 2-3 zone, but against man he can avg anywhere from 5 to 15 points a night. The Spinx kid is big but doesn’t offer much in either end of the floor because his conditioning is so bad. I don’t think tonight’s game was a peek into the future and I believe both tteams will get better and finish in the top three of the respective conferences. I agree with unbiased fan, that the parents should support their kids and leave the rest to the coaches. Bashing coaches on a blog doesn’t fix anything, but building your kid up from a bad game does. Alot of kids did not play tonight, and alot of kids did not play major minutes, so to complain about the playing time of two kids is unwarranted. There are no suoerstars or d1 players on either team, there are very few in each conference! I wish all the kids success and fun filled seasons and I want the parents to enjoy the experience of watching your son’s and daughter’s play because it will end one day and you don’t get it back!

  • Game is Changing said,

    Great observation Spectator.

  • ThaRealDubG said,

    316-5800. Ask for Jim Clontz and complain to him.

  • BDCLOSER said,

    Woa, woa, this is a really interesting website. I was not at this game, but over the past summer I had the opportunity see a majority of these players participate in some very competitive pick up games at the YMCA.Like I express to lots of my out of town friends, there is alot of talent in Greensboro.

    I am quite cetain some of these comments are posted by disgruntled moms and dads who think that their son’s will make it to the league.I have to agree with the comment made by Spectator, just sit back and enjoy the season. I constantly preach to my 7th grade son and nephews; and they know this phrase to their heart: “THERE ARE ONLY 450 PLAYERS IN THE NBA,
    AND CHANCES ARE YOU WILL NOT BE 1 OF THEM!!” So parents and players have fun, enjoy the season and the experience of being apart of a team.

  • Andy said,

    The best bet is to go this route and you will probably get more done in the long run:

    Call 316-5800. Ask for AD Jim Clontz and complain/talk to him. He can help you with internal matters more than we can….There’s a new game coming up on Friday and plenty of work to do in getting ready for NWG…Give the kids and the coaching staff all the support you can while you can and if you have to, give Coach Clontz a call….He knows basketball and he understands the issues that go along with this game….He coached girl’s hoops at Southeast for at least 20 years…..

    He’s a good man and Western Guilford is a good school….

  • Tom said,

    I agree with that sentiment, but that is not the way it happens anymore. Parents get mad when their child is not playing and they let the coach, the principal, the school board, this blog, etc.. know about the perceived injustice. In most cases, the coaches play the best players. There are some occasions when the coach is not fair, but this is rare. It is very difficult for parents to be objective about their own children, but they need to have a reality check. Calling the coach out will not get your child more playing time. It just makes you feel better.

  • Andy said,

    Another thing we ought to do here too is give some credit to the Southwest Guilford Cowboys for the victory….They are much improved with quick guards and they worked hard to get that win…Good job Cowboys….Friday is not that far away and chance to do it all over again…Not a lot of time to look back in these busy basketball weeks…

  • I WAS THERE said,

    I WAS THERE Coach Wade did’t lose the game yes his sub pattern was off the chart but in the end WESTERN couldn’t get a rebound to save there life. I must say over all public school ball is getting like REC. PRIVATE SCHOOL BALL IS WHERE THE TALENT IS……… BUT GREAT GAME THE GYM WAS PACKED……

  • FEMALE loverofthegame said,

    I was at the game last night and Western Guilford should have won the game because Southwest played very sloppy. I think it was poor coaching for WG. Coach you have a squad but you need to let the guys play! There is too much talent on this team to lose some of these games. The coach should start Big Neil and Jeff together and let them handle business.

  • It all ends quickly said,

    Some of you need to go back and read the post by ‘unbiased fan’. No situation is perfect. If your kid is a senior, enjoy it. It will all end too soon. Let your kid have fun and enjoy their season. The kids play, the parents don’t. Just let them play. We had our turn.

  • at the game said,

    get off

  • FEMALE loverofthegame said,

    It all ends quickly, this is a comment board and that’s what we are doing.

  • Posted by at the game said,

    No i meant to say get off Pitt and Klontz.

  • Andy said,

    Good idea to chill some on the heat surrounding these issues…..

  • coaching said,

    The big guy #33 He didnt even put him in the game in the fourth quarter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no one in there league as abig as him that can stop him. So what if he got 3 fouls. Let him play. he got to learn. Southwest should not have out rebounded western. When it is 4th quarter you dont take your best players out.

  • King said,

    I’ve got a lot to say!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom said,

    I think King is angry, but I am not sure.