The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!

Posted by Andy Durham on December 1, 2010 at 12:44 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read

I think the statement above really applies to the Grimsley boys basketball team….

Grimsley:The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!

The Whirlies boys basketball wasn’t supposed to have anything this year, but they sure looked good last night, in their 53-46 win over the Ragsdale Tigers….

Coach Darren Corbett, the Grimsley Whirlies’ leader, really has this team playing as a team, and playing extremely hard, here early in this young season. I mean this team is really playing hard and they are “team-ball” all the way….

The Whirlies lost pretty much everybody, except Burrell Brown and he is back running the team like a 10-year pro/ten-star general…..Brown can set you up for steal, as he did last night, when the opposition has their mind made up that they are going to a certain player with a pass and then Brown will wait and take the ball away and the Brown kid will have your back pocket for another two dollar/point deal…

And Coach Corbett was able to give Brown some breaks back there in the backcourt….Kids like Nevada Anderson and Kevin Walton came in and held the game together, while Brown grabbed a breather over by the bench….Jake Mulvey and Adam Brogden also add serious depth to the Whirlie backcourt and there is nothing really fancy about all these Whirlies, it just goes back to the fact that they work hard and this is real team basketball….

Up front, it is like the blue-collar bazaar, with David Reader, Brian Doss and Charlie Jones and these guys are not household names when it comes to your high school basketball blue-chipper list, but these kids are working hard and they are playing like their coach, they are playing smart….Get a rebound and look for a pass that makes sense…Get your board and get the ball to your guard, with an efficient flip-pass or whatever it takes to be effective….

New names have popped up in Diquan Purvis and Montrell Goldsten, but the other names that I have listed, are names that you have heard before and all of these Whirlies are workers and they are playing like a team…..

The only returning player is Double B, Burrell Brown and the rest of these guys are worker bees and they are starting to believe that the most important part of this team works too, when you listen to his instructions…….Coach Corbett….I said yesterday that this man is on a mission and he has taken one step up the ladder, with last night’s win by the Whirlies…..He has on his mind that you can take it or leave it, but if you stay, you’ll do it his way and from what we have seen in the past and again last night, “his way works”

It’s always a lot of fun to see a bunch of unsung heroes and unheralded players experience success…..We hope they continue to improve and build upon what they were able to establish and do as a team last night…..

Grimsley:The rumors of their demise have been greatly exaggerated…….

  • GO COACH said,


  • Good Job Blue said,

    This team was really fun to watch. The boys hustled their butts off while on the floor, a lot of mass substitutions, they each got breathers then got after it full speed again. Plus you could tell they had a good time playing together. I really like the way they distributed the ball unselfishly while looking for the best shot.

    No hot dogs on this team. A blue collar bunch to the bone. Good Job Blue

  • Good BUT said,

    Thats good, but they will still struggle in the 4 A metro conference .

  • false said,

    Who else is strong in metro??? They’ll be fine. Ragsdale is supposedly one of the better team in the area.

  • WIZARD said,

    I have had the opportunity to see Coach Corbett several times, whether it be in a practice environment or a game environment. It is hard for me to imagine that there is a better high school basketball coach in the area. He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, because he just goes about his job quietly. Not only are his players learning basketball, but they are being taught many important life lessons from Coach Corbett.

    His alma mater Soutbern Guilford had the opportunity to hire Coach Corbett several years ago, when he was young and just beginning in the profession. They passed on him then and there basketball program has suffered ever since.

    Best of luck this season Coach!

  • The Team said,

    Good point by Wizard about the coaching philosophy of Mr. Corbett. If you are ever in doubt about the unified aspect of his teams, just watch the kids on the bench. They are cheering on their teammates, being supportive during time-outs and encouraging the guys on the floor.

    It is all about the team which is a very refreshing change of pace in todays “ME” environment, and the kids buy into it.

  • hs fan said,

    And just imiagine what they would be like with all of their players..lee and rashad sweeny(mt. zion) krechaun williams(disciplinary issues) christian hairston(gds). They would be by far the best public school team in the triad, and top ten in the state. Lets not forget they are hte defending little four champions

  • Nothing said,

    Hs fan

    They would have more problems than needed only Hairston would have been worth the headaches. The Grimsley program is better of without the headcases

  • just fine said,

    couldnt agree anymore with *Nothing* this team is much better of as a TEAM without those guys. Haven’t been impressed with Zion first couple games, put up only thirty some points on GDS and have some other losses

  • Pete Townsend said,

    The Kids are Alright !!!!