I remember those kids back when….

Posted by Andy Durham on December 2, 2010 at 12:30 pm under High School | 12 Comments to Read

The Northern Guilford Nighthawks…..I remember those kids back when….Back when they used to play their games at Guilford College and they were playing JV games back in those days…..Thursday night football on the Quaker campus…..

The Nighthawks were a junior varsity squad made up of just 9th and 10th graders and those guys were a good team, all the way back in the beginning and that’s been at least four-five years ago now….

Rocco Scarfone was the quarterback, Mohamed Khellah was the big runningback and I still remember TE/K Bob Hicks kicking those long 47-yard field goals, there on the Quakers’ turf…..Scarfone’s dad, Rocco Sr., was the public address announcer and he would work to get the Nighthawk fans reved up and he would encourage them all to, “Make Some Noise in the Nighthawks’ Nest”…..For some reason, I’ll never forget that line….

I mentioned those games to Northern QB Rocco Scarfone, a few weeks back and a big smile just came over his face….I also mentioned those games to QB/WR/DB Daniel Downing and he said he didn’t really remember playing in those games, he was still in middle school then…..

Back then, at Guilford College with the JV Nighthawks, it was mainly Khellah on the carry and the Nighthawks would work from there……

Still kind of crazy, when I think back to those Thursday nights, with the new kid on the block in the county and to look out now and see them headed to Wilson, for the NCHSAA 3-AA semifinals on Friday night…..

The parking lot was packed up at Guilford and I’m sure it will be packed down in Wilson, at Hunt High School tomorrow night……

I remember those kids back when……Back when they were playing JV football at Guilford College……

  • GO Nighthawks said,

    Yes, they have come a long way in 4 years….the then 9th graders are now seniors on this team. They started playing a JV schedule the first year (trivia question – who was the first win against) then moved to a Varsity schedule the next year but playing a “non-conference” schedule made up of teams from Raleigh to Charlotte. WE ALL REMEMBER THOSE KIDS BACK THEN…..

    You have to give credit to Coach Roscoe for what he has done with a new program in just 4 short years. You know he loves what he does and the players REALLY lookup to him because he not only teaches the game of football but he teaches the lessons of life as well. GOOD LUCK TO THE NIGHTHAWKS IN THE SEMIFINALS !!!!!!! GO NIGHTHAWKS

  • Tom said,

    He is a very good coach and he has a good group of kids. I remember the day when the coaching staff was introduced to prospective students and parents before the school even opened. You could tell then Northern was going to be something special. Good Luck on Friday!

  • Football Fan said,

    The school only had 9th graders & a few 10th graders that first year … that is the ages for Junior Varsity. And the 2nd year, they still had no seniors at all on the team & they played a varsity schedule. Give these kids & coaches the credit they deserve.

  • Tom said,

    Winning three games on the road is a cupcake schedule? I think they are the only team still standing in Guilford County so you have to give them some props. Obviously Jim is not mature enough to do that.

  • Remember When said,

    I too remember those first few years, the boys would travel from NE & NW on buses to practice at NG. They dressed in hot trailers and practiced in a cow pasture. Before anything was completed at NG. Those first two years were special, but then everything changed.
    Some people still find it hard to cheer for NG with all this still fresh in their minds.
    A few of those player are still around from the first 2 years but many have moved on for one reason or another. I guess you could say that NG success is bitter sweet. Good luck to the young men who started with NG and are suppose to be playing there I hope it all ends well for them

  • Go Nighthawks said,

    If you recall there was no wrong doings found within the football program. yes there was some things found in other sports but not with the football program. I will be sooooo happy when the adults will let all those things go and move on as the students have. Sometimes we can learn from the ones we are trying to teach!!! GOOD LUCK FRIDAY NIGHT!!! GO NIGHTHAWKS!!!!!!!

  • Remember When said,

    Believe what you want to believe. Oh and trust me we have all learned a lot from this mess.

  • Jason Voorhees said,

    Northern High. What a slam that place is. Them and their silly bucket of dirt they take to all the games. Knock off all the goofy stuff and just play ball.

  • Nighthawk fan said,

    Thanks for the post “Go Nighthawks”. Hopefully negative comments without knowledge of the facts will end. Yes, no wrong doings were found with the football team. I’ll add the majority of the seniors have been on the NGHS football team for 4 years. Good luck to the Nighthawks Friday night.

  • Northern Fan said,

    The Nighthawks are a class act and the coaches are all great people who really care about the football player both on and off the field! Give them all credit for what has been accomplished in four short years!!

  • Andy said,

    I think we are making some progress with working to make this a positive experience for our county and it is always good to see one of our teams in the Championship hunt at Hunt, Wilson Hunt tomorrow night for the NG Nighthawks….

    Those were good days for the kids back at Guilford and here’s hoping many good days ahead for the Hawks….I heard last night that TJ Logan, the NG rb is a pretty good basketball player too…They say the kid can move and he is one of the hardest workers around the program…Looking forward to seeing him play….

  • Going Deep with Nicole and Doran said,

    Northern looked good from under the trees in the end zone in the rain…..whats the forecast??