Busy night in High Point: Girls fight at Boy’s game and gym cleared with 7:25 remaining

Posted by Andy Durham on December 4, 2010 at 5:09 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Busy night in High Point last night during the High Point Andrews-High Point Central game, at the Central gymnasium and it got real heated during the boy’s game, but the high-octane action was not coming from the basketball court, the heat was on in the stands and in the upper level of the HP Central gym to be exact….

The game on the basketball court between the High Point Central Bison and the Andrews Red Raiders wasn’t even close, HP Andrews won that game going away with Jalen Ford leading the way for HPA, with 20 points…

The real battle was going on up the balcony/upper level at Central and what started out as a one-on-one contest, quickly escalated into an all out brawl and they ended up having to completely clear the gym and finish the game with just the boys basketball players and the cheerleaders allowed in the building…..

A fight broke out between two girls and the sad part about all this, is that neither of the females is affiliated with HP Central or HP Andrews…..A fight with two female fatales and then more girls get into the fracas and here comes the High Point Police Force in full force, to clear the building of 2,000-2,500 people…A near riot breaks out and it is all because the girls want to duke it out and kick somebody’s butt….(The police ended up arresting and charging four-five female fighters.)

It started with two females fighting and then they had to clear the gym and lock down the building….Not a happy time for the HP Central fans, who were not in the wrong, they just ended up with the wrong women in the building, at the wrong time and then for the final 7:25 of last night’s game with HPC and HPA, nobody could be in the building, except for the members of the boy’s varsity basketball team and the cheerleaders and everyone else in there had to leave the gym, as the fourth and final quarter was completed…..

from the High Point Enterprise at www.hpe.com:

HIGH POINT – When High Point Andrews coach James Abell removed his starters midway through the fourth quarter of Friday night’s game at High Point Central, they didn’t receive a well-deserved hand from the overflow Raiders crowd.

There was almost no one left.

A fight broke out in the stands early in the fourth quarter, and in the ensuing chaos police and Central administrators ordered the gym cleared. So the final 7:25 looked like a glorified scrimmage, but that had little bearing on the final result as the Raiders raced to an 86-52 nonconference victory over the Bison.

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  • Perry Saunders said,

    This is very SAD and down right STUPID { The people fighting } at this event. No words can even express my disapointment with this outcome. :~( DANG !!! DANG !!! DANG !!! ….. YOUNG PEOPLE !!!

  • nwg v western said,

    NWG v Western friday night after that game was a huge brawl in the gym then the cops came and it all went outside and became even worse with 6 peaople arrested…

  • Andy said,

    Can I get some verification on this altercation/fight after the WG/NWG game? Can I get a witness?????

    Any coaches, officials or players that know what went down?

    Need some concrete or asphalt on this one………

  • NO Place for it said,

    Yes, both teams played very well. Coaches on both teams did a great job keeping all the players focus on basketball and what they were there for. After the game, WG fans stormed the court and came over into the NW side as fans were leaving. One parent was knocked down and kicked. After leaving game he was even followed and had to have police stop a group of young men following him driving down road. I think rivalry is great but if people are stepping over lines and can’t be controlled then it is time to stop playing each other. Knowing how this rivalry has been over the years and what it has came to; you would think that the school administrators would have beefed up security and never let the students cross over the court. There is something wrong when people at this game and the HPC/HPA can’t come to the game and enjoy two good teams just play each other.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    It’s no damn wonder people are flocking to private schools!! Nothing but a bunch of thugs at the public schools, and a bunch of weak, overpaid adminisrators—by the way, my 2 kids all went to public schools and I have no affiliation with private schools—it’s just a fact folks.
    So, this is what the new “Fair play” doctrine is all about, right? Pitiful, people!!!!

  • Perry Saunders said,

    @ Eddie Willis

    I wouldn’t define these “BLOCKHEADS” as so much “THUGS”; Because Todays Young People are “WEAK” compared to years past. It’s really no mental toughness at all with this generation. If we were in CHICAGO, D.C., PHILADELPHIA, DALLAS, DETROIT or CLEVELAND where there is a more TENSE ATMOSPHERE……I would agree with you.

    In my opinion, The Teachers in general { From k thur 12 } either don’t care to address BULLYING in the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL YEARS —–Heading Forward & The LAZY PARENTS that don’t work with Teachers inside of the Schools.

    But one thing that is TRUE…….PARENTS need to Parent and raise these KIDS & TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS about something called RESPECT……RESPECT….RESPECT !!!!!!!!! Lead by EXAMPLE PARENTS…..

  • eddie willis said,

    I cannot disagree with your points, Mr. Saunders.

  • WIZARD said,

    Both Saunders and Willis are both right in many respects.

    My main problems with Guilford County and Guilford County schools are two things. First, the parents are the main problem with the majority of these kids. No discipline is ever enforeced at home and when a teacher/coach holds a kid accountable for their actions, the parent blames the teacher/coach. This is happening all over society, but is so apparent in Guilford County schools. Secondly, many schools have such weak administrators that it is not even funny. Most administrators have never been in the classroom as a teacher or on the fields/courts as a coach. Our administrators and county office is to concerned with doing what is politically correct that it makes me sick.

    These are the reasons why you continue to see things like this happen at school events. And they will continue to happen, until people downtown and administrators get a clue.

  • Perry Saunders said,

    I Agreed 100%