Dandy Don Meredith – Dead at 72

Posted by Don Moore on December 6, 2010 at 11:18 am under Professional | 3 Comments to Read

Former Cowboys Quarterback, ABC Monday Night Football Announcer and all around Good Guy died last night from complications from emphysema. Details at the Dallas News.

  • Andy said,

    Don Meredith was one of the first athletes turned announcers that became a true celebrity…The “Turn Out the Lights the Party’s Over” tune was over the top and his Lipton Tea commercials were big….

    Had a great Texan drawl that was perfect for TV and he was one the best that you’ll ever see/hear….Wish he would have played longer with the Dallas Cowboys instead of retiring at 31 and interesting to learn that he and Coach Tom Landry were not always on the same page….

    Went 12-14 passing that one game and said, “Oh nobody’s perfect” and it showed that he put a lot of undue pressure on himself….Dandy Don was a household name and he is a true legend in Dallas Cowboy and Monday Night Football lore….You hate to see him leave in such a quiet way, but that is the way he chose to check out….

    All Dallas Cowboy fans and all football fans in general owe a debt of gratitude to Don Meredith, he gave us many memories……

  • Alan Ashkinazy said,

    How ironic that he would die the night before a gigantic Monday Night Game and 30 years after John Lennon was shot and it was announced on Monday Night Football on December 8th 1980.

  • chuckyd said,

    we will fly our flag at half staff – he was a class act – never been a better team than cosell gifford and dandy don