Northern Guilford’s Coach Johnny Roscoe on State 3-AA Title Game coming up this Saturday in Raleigh

Posted by Andy Durham on December 6, 2010 at 5:05 pm under Audio, High School, Video | 19 Comments to Read

WFMY TV 2 Sports photojournalist Brian Hall, caught up with Northern Guilford Nighthawks’ Coach Johnny Roscoe, at the State 3-AA Football Championships press conference and CLICK HERE to check in with Brian and Coach Roscoe…..

Thanks to Brian Hall at WFMY TV 2 Sports for the Roscoe video……..

  • NGFootballFan said,

    What a great story! I’m so proud of our team and coaches. The whole city of Greensboro should be at the game supporting the Nighthawks!!!!

  • Nighthawk1 said,

    Great comment NGFootballFan ! Love our Nighthawks !!!!! Can’t wait to watch them play on Saturday !


  • Yellow Flag said,

    Creast by 20.

  • Coaching said,

    Coaching does make the difference as far as teams making the playoffs and winning state championships. Both Coach Roscoe and Coach K ( now at ORMA ) have proved this to be true. They both built NG’s Football and Basketball programs from scratch. They have both had immediate success from day 1. I know of other schools who have started new programs
    and seem to struggle for several years to even become competitive.
    Congrats to NG for their early success.

  • What everyone else in the triad thinks!!! said,

    The above comment and the article that appeared in the N-R about starting a program from “scratch” are absolutely ridiculous statements….C’Mon Man!!!!

  • Andy said,

    We’ve said it before here and we’ll say it again, Congratulations to the Northern Guilford football team on all their success and good luck to the kids in their game on Saturday….

  • Nighthawk Mom said,

    It absolutely amazes me that there continues to be so many negative comments against Northern. Yes, we all agree that there were issues in the beginning and that things happened that shouldn’t have. But how quickly everyone seems to forget that the school was investigated and held accountable for the infractions that were found. And if I remember correctly, the football program was CLEARED and did not have any infractions found against them, coaches included. You guys need to get over yourselves and think about the kids! These boys have worked hard throughout the season and deserve to be where they are today! Go Nighthawks!

  • Jason Voorhees said,

    Crest by 3 touchdowns. If Northern’s lucky.

  • youpeoplewillsayanything said,

    all I know is my boy and current team member and a lot of other GOOD kids who work their butts off trying to do the right thing have been getting thrown under the bus now for 4 years because of all of this mess.

    The kids (all of them at Northern) are having to deal with this ongoing bunch of nonsense because the county didn’t know how to open a new high school correctly, or deal with issues in a way that would have been effective yet not having to “drop an atom bomb” on this school so that there is such hatred out there for all things Northern. At this point the whole state (online rhetoric) is pulling against us for this game. Wow, thanks a lot.

  • Track Coach said,

    I believe that Crest has way too much speed for Northern.
    Look at last year’s 3A track championships results.

  • Give it a break said,

    Coaching, most everyone is happy for Northern but don’t force feed us this crap about “building from scratch”. Been down this road before. We know SOME but not all of the ways the program was built. No doubt the kids there have worked really hard but as has been said many times before here, it will be a while before all of the community respects what has been done at Northern. And please don’t try to blame this on the County saying they don’t know how to open a school.

    As to the game, Northern has the athletes to compete with Crest. they may not win but they deserve to be there. Good luck to the boys.

  • youpeoplewillsayanything said,

    ” Coaching, most everyone is happy for Northern but don’t force feed us this crap about “building from scratch”

    c’mon, really?? Coaching does not pull for Northern…I can assure you that whole post was put in by someone looking to stir the pot and encourage responses just like yours.

  • Coaching said,

    Good Luck to all the NG players and staff this Sat. in Ral. you have earned the right to be there. Hard work and good coaching has got you where you are . Don’t let anybody take that away from you.

  • NighhtawkMom said,

    “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.”
    –Vince Lombardi

    To all the haters: With your negative comments and negative press, you all have given these boys the will to be champions this year ! Lets remember, they are boys, somewhere in your heart, remember that. They love the game and just want to play……And we love to watch them ! Go nighthawks !

  • Andy said,

    Makes for a good idea to keep the comments to one per person, especially for those of you that feel the need/compulsion to be going off the deep end….There’s no need to be doing that….We are dealing primarily with kids here that just want the chance to win a ball game….They deserve that opportunity and there is really no need to be going off the deep end on them…..

  • Proud of the Northern Nighthawks said,

    I am so proud of the football players and coaches at Northern and what they have accomplished in just four short years! There are only two original coaches that started with this team and have seen it through to this point. The coaches and players have worked extremely hard and have represented their school and county well! Those of you who continue to make negative comments sound like you are jealous and wishing it were you! When will you let it sink in that the football team had NO infractions found against them????? These are hard working young men and coaches who love the game of football and have earned respect. Let’s give it to them!!! Everyone needs to come to NC State on SAturday night to see a good football game and show them support!

  • Pack Fan said,

    There was a good game at Carter-Finley a few Thursdays ago.
    NC State 28
    Fla State 24

  • Barnes Fan said,

    Coach Mark Barnes and his Crest Team will take care of Northern Guilford.
    In case some of you do not know, Mark Barnes is the younger brother of Darryl Barnes who won some 4 A State Titles at Richmond County. Darryl was a Head Coach in Guilford County at both Southern and Northeast. Mark was an assistant at Northeast in the late 80’s.The Barnes brothers are very good football coaches. Also like that track coach posted earlier, Crest has mega speed. Northern has not played a team this year that was/is faster than they are. It will be like Appalachian State(fast team) going to Florida(very fast team). Speed kills—if you have less of it than your opponent —you’re going to get killed!

  • Unbiasfootballfan said,

    Jason you have a great track…and for ( youpeople) just showed your ignorance’s all about jealously isn’t it…remember.. it’s one of the deadly sins ….Go Nighthawks!!!!!