HS Hoops Tonight for 12/7/10 with several conference clashes

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Dudley at Smith 6pm(This one could be the grandaddy of them all, especially in boys basketball)….If I could collect the energy that will be exerted in this game and bottle it, Dr. Durham would put Dr. Pepper out of business as soon as my product went on sale at 9:45pm….We would no longer have the Dr. Pepper ACC Championship Game, it would be the Dr. Durham ACC Championship Game….) [Well, you get the idea any way]…. Back to the format….Just remember, nobody’s loafing at Smith tonight…..

Western Guilford at Page 6:30pm(Western Guilford will again be looking inside to Spinks and Page will need a big game from Kent and Eaves and Summers can be a big bonus….Reggie Perkins(WG) will need to take it to the basket and get himself to the foul line, where he can cash in….Girls game, Kea and Drew know what to do and Clency will see a lot of extra attention tonight…..

Southeast Guilford at Grimsley 6:30pm(Whirlie girls could be in for a long night trying to stop Ayshia McNeil and in the boys game, it is going to really help Grimsley now that they have Travon Woods back and Burrell Brown must get off to a stronger start on offense tonight than he did last night against NWG. Grimsley will not be able to afford losing key players to fouls; Woods, Brown, Goldsten, Purvis, Mulvey and Jones must be available at the 30 minute mark of the game….)

Those are key Metro 4-A Conference games for tonight and let’s take a look at the rest of our schedule….

Ragsdale at Southern Guilford 6pm…(Camille Horne for the Southern girls team will be honored tonight for scoring her 1,000 point…Congratulations to Camille Horne and good luck to the Storm tonight on this special occasion…..Always a big night, when you hit number 1,000 and I remember the afternoon well, back in the mid-80’s on an outdoor court in late January and it was about 20 degrees outside on that Sunday….Man that seems like it was just yesterday…Well, it was about 25 out there at Lake Daniels that past Sunday, with the wind coming in from the lake across the street….) [When you write this reports, you have to find some way to relate to the subject matter and we do….]

Northeast Guilford at Southern Alamance 6pm(Rams will keep on rolling and they will have at least a challenge or two coming up before December 27-29 at the Pizza Hut Invitational, but I’ve got to wait and see where that challenge is coming from…..)

Northern Guilford at McMichael 6pm….(Nighthawks look to John McBeth and Patrick Chandler to be their early leaders….) [I’ve got this crazy hunch and you can call me crazy if you want to, but I’ve got this feeling that Northern is going to really challenge everyone in sight, once they get Daniel Downing and TJ Logan on board….TJ Logan could become one of the best guards that we have seen around here….Move first, think later and really, really quick…..)

Rockingham County at Eastern Guilford 6pm….(Look for the boys to settle down and really work hard to get a win in this one and I mean the EG boys and the EG girls will need at least 20-25 points from Miranda Jenkins in order to get the victory…Coach Wall at RCHS has been at it so long, his teams are always tough to tame….Rockingham County Cougars-Eatern Guilford Wildcats….Good night for a fur coat/hat….)

Elon School at Greensboro Day School 5pm….GDS Bengals are already (7-1) and they will face an Elon School team led by former Northern Guilford product, JR Gant….

Westchester Country Day at Calvary Baptist 5:30pm….We are firmly into the Advent Season and this will be quite an adventure for Calvary Baptist, when they face a WCD squad coming off of a loss, to the Trinity School of Fayetteville, from back on Saturday at Forsyth Country Day….

Cannon School at High Point Wesleyan 6pm…(Don’t know much about the school from Concord, but every time I think of the Cannon School, I think of William Conrad and not Robert Conrad…..)

Australian National Team at High Point Christian 5:30pm (The ANT,[Australian National Team] makes a stop/hop through our area just about every year and we welcome them in once again, as tonight they face the HPCA Cougars at the Green Street Baptist Church, on Phillips Avenue in High Point……)

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  • reggie perkins said,

    Great Job Andy ! ! !

  • great game said,

    Page girls won tonight. Great game by the Senior Brittany Drew. Keys and Johnson played well tonight. Atkinson had limited minutes coming off ankle injury but still made a great contribution. Great game ladies….

  • go appy said,

    GDS won by 50 or something like that. I am a big GDS fan but not real sure what they get out of playing a team like that. We will see how good they are Friday night when they travel to Ravenscroft. They haven’t beaten them in several years. The competition will definitely be a huge step up from tonight.

  • CoachKnow said,

    Northeast Guilford 53 @ Southern Durham 45

    Abdul Tijani 19 points
    Bryce Benjamin 10 points
    Donovan Gilmore 7

  • at western game said,

    page boys beat western how i dont know but western coach couldnt win a game if he had a allstar team he benched his point guard and the big boy