Tuesday Night Hoops – 12/7/10

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Northern Guilford girls 64
McMichael 35


Northern Guilford boys 56
McMichael 45


Northeast Guilford 53
Southern Durham 45

Abdul Tijani 19 pts. Bryce Benjamin 10 pts. Donovan Gilmore 7 pts. NEG(4-0)

JV Boys Final
Dudley – 43
Smith – 40

Andy is at the game and reports a near Sell-Out as the Girls Game is starting.

Girls – Final
Dudley – 64
Smith – 38


Boys – Final
Smith – 71
Dudley – 55

Smith(2-2) Dudley(0-2)

Page girls 53
Western Guilford 38

Ragsdale girls 45
Southern Guilford 41

High Point Christian Academy boys 77
Australian Travellers 57


Western (0-4 Overall 0-1 Conference) – 38
Page (4-0 Overall 1-0 Conference) – 53

Western ___ 5 ___ 9 ___ 12 ___ 12 ___ 38
Page ______16 __12 ___ 13 ___ 12 ___ 53

Page : Paris Kea – 17, Brittany Drew – 13, Kayla Johnson – 11, Imani Atkinson – 6, Hannah Pegram – 2,
Olivia Seeger – 2, Chelsey Coleman – 2

Western Guilford : Jordan Lanham – 9, Carnique Marks – 9, Tirzah Witherspoon – 9, Brittany Clency – 5,
Damia Whitehead – 3, Kariman Dean – 2, Deja Everette – 1

Shining Light Academy vs. Fayetteville Street Christian

Teams _____________________ 1 ___ 2 ___ 3 ___ 4 ___ Final Score
Shining Light Academy ______ 12 ___ 13 ___ 18 ___ 8 ___ 51
Fayetteville Street Christian __ 6 ___ 12 ___ 10 ___ 21 ___ 49

Shining Light (7-1) – Amahd Simon 19, Corbin Duncan 9, Aaron Whitman 8, Ryan Crumpton 6, Caleb Robinson 5, Chase McNeill 4

Fayetteville Street Christian – Brandon Hooker 20, Spencer Moore 11, James Love 7, Corey Lee 4, Forrest Rich 3, Evan Smith 2, Dylan Nance 2

HP Christian 77 Australian Travellers 57

By Quarter:

AUS (N/A) 21 7 18 11- 57
HPCA(7-2) 21 22 17 17- 77

AUS: R. Vines 23, M. Fane 9, E. Mundy 6, N. Fane 4, C. McCormack 4, S. Johnson 4, S.
Buckley 4, M. Merlano 2, D. Pang 1

HPCA: Jordan Weethee 16, Ryan Dula 11, Aaron Scales 11, Mitchell Oates 9, Zygimantas
Kairys 7, Rick Mack 7, Brandon Earnhardt 4, Jonathan Bethea 4, Andrew Shoemaker 3,
Levi Gesell 3, Dillon Roser 2

HPCA moves to 7-2 on the season and are 1-0 in the PACIS 3A Conference.

Details on Dudley-Smith girls:
1st Q Dudley 19, Smith 8…Halftime Dudley 25, Smith 12…3rd Q Dudley 43, Smith 28…Final Dudley 64, Smith 38…

Dudley girls scoring:Lakia Rouse 12 pts…Phoenix McGee 10 pts…Tonya Jackson 8 pts…Ebony Goins 6 pts…Desiree Drayton 5 pts…Deneka Harden 5 pts…Mariya Davis 4 pts…Mays 4….Kiera McIvor 3…Lakayla Rouse 2…Smith 2….

Smith girls scoring:Quon Greer 13 pts…Briana Lynn 9 pts…Jo Jo Neal-Phillips 6…Briana Garris 6…Proctor 2..Zana Winters 1….Johnson 1…

Details on the Smith-Dudley boys….1st Q Smith 24, Dudley6…Halftime Smith 38, Dudley 19….3rd Q Smith 51, Dudley 39….Final Smith 71, Dudley 55…..

Smith scoring….Adrian Wimbush 25 points with 6 threes….Jeff Sims 12 pts….Darian Jones 8 pts…Tracy Gathings 8 pts…Keith Coleman 6 pts…Drew Williams 4…Corey Butler 4….Cameron Woods 2….

Dudley scoring…Reggie Dillard 23 points…Sam Hunt 11…Brandon Clyburn 8 pts…DJ Alston 6…Darius Workman 4…Blair Houston 4…

  • CJones said,

    Northern women 64
    McMichael 35

    Northern Men 56
    McMichael 45

  • truth said,

    i see dudley aint nothing specail without PJ

  • what in the world said,

    What in the world Smith beat Dudley. WOW its about to be long season

  • CoachKnow said,

    What team does Adam Coble play for?

  • truth said,

    coble plays for Northwest but is ineligible right now

  • Perry Saunders said,

    I didn’t go to tonights game at Smith H.S.. But base on what I saw of Dudley’s Boys against Durham Hillside last week. They only have to people that can even try to score. And that was Reggie Dillard and Sam Hunt { Andy Said This As Well }. The rest of the team arn’t scorers at all. Dudley has lost to many players due to transfer over the last 2 yrs that would have been on this roster now, and it has rose up and place Dudley very thin now.

    After 15years of being a powerhouse, I think Dudley Boys Basketball will have a DOWN year in 2010-11 ,just like they did in 1999.

    But on the other side the Dudley Girls are very strong and are in the hunt to win the 4a Girls Championship this year. They are DEEP & FAST…

  • CoachKnow said,

    The transfer trend is going around. Last year it touched Northern, Northeast, Ragsdale. I think it touched Eastern and probably others. This year it appear to have touched Grimsley, Page, Dudley, Southeast, and Northwest.

  • Dudleycomeback said,

    While PJ was a huge part of Dudley’s offense last year – Dudley did win conference games last year against Dudley, Western, Page. And Smith. Granted they did have senior leadership with Point Guard Brennan Wyatt who was also able to score when required.It is unfair to the players remaining to dismiss the kids left just because PJ left. I think they can get it done again once the players blend together more. Sam had to grow into the role of PG role and the other players need to gain confidence.

  • Dudleycomeback said,

    Please excuse typo listing Dudley itself as one of their opponents it should have been Grimsley as the other conference
    opponent. They won all of those games so keep the faith they can do it!

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Say what you want, but chemistry has no role in the demise of Dudley’s two major men’s sports——It’s scrutiny, folks, that has made them a non-factor. The “Fair Play” system is at work and The Academy has been exposed!!!!

  • u said it said,

    I can agree with Eddie Willis . . . “the chickens have come home to roost” ! ! It’s over for the gang on Lincoln Street for a bit.

  • Danny Shutt said,

    In their first conference matchup of the season the Lady Falcon varsity basketball team won 50-46 against Grimsley. The overtime victory improves their record to 5-1. Scoring leaders were Kenya Hailey with 19 points, Kayla Upshaw with 12 points and Brittany Price with 10 points, Kara Shutt had 4 points, Taylor Graves with 3 points and Leslie Britt had 2 points.

  • lol said,

    How can you expose the academy??? You may capture students enrolled in reg school that should be somewhere else…As far as football there were some hurt and some who didn’t meet the new grade requirements (which i completely agree with).

    Fair Play has zero affect on academy. Just like the one at Smith..Grimsley, HPC, and there is two more schools and btw Northwest I think will be getting one. All these academies have the same standards that must be met in order to enter and remain.

  • Eagle Pride said,

    that was the worst dudley vs smith game in 20 years.

    im happy Smith won the game… but mad at the dudley team….

    *****There’s no need to throw the towel in this early….Stay at it and we will see some results in the next few games….Don’t run off and leave, stay the course and work through all this….*****

  • Tom said,

    You can expose the academy by making sure that all of the athletes that are accepted into the academy meet the minimum standards. If an athlete leaves the academy, you can also make sure they return to their home school. I don’t think that is the issue at Dudley. They are finally feeling the affects of kids transferring to other schools. Kids use to leave their Guilford County school to go to Dudley to play ball. Now the Dudley kids have better options and they are leaving. Transferring is the new norm for high school sports.

  • Coach said,

    This year will require more coaching than ever for all of the schools. Its been a long time since there was parody throught the state in boys basketball. Schools have less domintant players and the playing fiedl is now even. When that is the case, coaching wins those games. Coach Price will have to show he can win without a PJ, Will Graves etc. Part of coaching is taking what you have and making it better. I refuse to call any coach sorry, because it takes a special indivisual to spend the amount of time these ladies and gentlemen spend with these kids. If the coaches around the state were top notch they would probably be coaching college ball. Lets question how hard parents push their kids in the off season? Congrats to Smith on the win!

  • DHS HATERS said,

    Yall talking about Sam and Reggie what about the “DAM” coachin exscuse my language. They gone haveu to coach diayear aint no superstars. They need chemistry and coaching. Keep ur head up D-Boyz

  • Eagle Pride said,

    please dont remove my comments this is blog site so andy let me blog. im going to start my own……. website when people are bashing ORMA you dont remove there comments or dale fulton comments are not removed……

  • Andy said,

    We don’t like the bashing of kids and we also have to look out for our coaches….Sometimes we miss a few, because it can keep you very busy trying to post new articles and editing comments at the same time….

    Most of our readers don’t know or realize the number of comments that I take down or edit….Many of you don’t ever see them, they’re here and then gone….

    Enjoy the site, it is good source for information…

  • DHS alum said,

    Everybody is talking about how P.J. left dudley and yes that did hurt them a lot this year, but a lot of you guys are neglecting the fact that they also lost Wyatt and Jaquell Richmond. With Jaquell having quality time as a freshman last year and Wyatt in the top three for assist in the state, and the adding of P.J. leaving it was a heavy loss for Dudley this year. To add,Wyatt which is now a D-1 player and getting a lot of time for Navy this year and while P.J. was out for 3 games last year he averaged 23 points a 11 assist. So all I am saying is that they lost other people besides P.J. and I believe that someone besides Reggie will step up this year and they will suprise people its just a slow start.

  • Andy said,

    I was sitting beside one of the scouts for one of the ACC schools last night and they saw some things that they liked and some things that they didn’t like from players on both teams…..Like you are saying and I’m just saying too……Early in the season, it will be a long hot one or a long cold one if this snap doesn’t break soon……

  • ????? said,

    Andy shut up!!!!!!!! You killing me!!!!!!! Run back to GDS…… ypu let dale fulton dogg my son and chris jones and ORMA and now this please go hide behind a truck…..

  • Andy said,

    We have tried to do the right things and if we or I haven’t, I take responsibilty for that…..I can tell you that I have written some very positive things about Chris Jones and his game at Oak Ridge and I have probably written some very postive things about your son too…..Like I said before, it is hard to monitor everything that comes in here…..

    I have written some very positive things about bunch of kids in this area and have helped get them some good pub too and that’s more that many others have done….As far as Chris goes, we don’t even really know who he is….This is his first year at Oak Ridge and there is really nothing wrong with that, but still the fact remains, we don’t a lot about his game, since we have’nt seem him play before….

    I have seen some of these kids playing ball going back to when they were at Lewis Center and for some of them, I was playing ball against them back when they were 7 and 8 years old and doing considerably better versue them then, than I would do now….But, I would still give it a shot….

    Send me an E-mail at andy@greensborosports.com and we’ll work with you, right after I get out from underneath that truck….

  • Good Sense of Humor said,

    Good Sense of Humor Andy….couldn’t be you.

  • old coachy said,

    While making an assessment of what you see at a game is not taking cheap shots at players, how about going back to what we learned as a child..”If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything…

    For some of the posters, they catch a team only once or twice per year..I will give you an example..If you hear about a player having a 25 pt game and then go see the kid the next time and he only scores 10 pts, it is not fair to make negative comments about the player..

    We put way too much premium on scoring pts instead of winning games…I’d rather see my child win with 3-4 kids scoring 10-13 pts, than to see his team lose, with him scoring 20 pts per game..

    One thing I learned from my early days of coaching basketball..”Kids play the same every night”..sometimes they make more shots than they miss and sometimes they miss more shots than they make….nobody is out there trying to make turnovers..nobody is playing not to win..most kids are just going out and trying there best, and then folks get on the internet and start saying all kinds of crazy stuff about these kids…and that’s what they are, KIDS ! ! !

    A shooter probably wont have a high scoring game against a team that plays man; and a slasher probably wont have a high scoring game against a zone..Give the defense some credit..

    And finally, only 1 out of 35 kids get an oppty to play Div 1 basketball, so why not let these kids enjoy their high school experience, because for most of them, this is the last time that they will ever play for a school team !

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Thank you, Tom. That was exactly what I meant, and I thought that, with all the Academy people on this blog, that the meaning would be picked up very quickly. I should have been more explicit ( do not bother to check the spelling), and definitely more mindful of the diverse group of sports afficanados we have on this board. There is just no way to make subtle inferences and have the masses grasp the underlying sarcasm!!!! Actually, it’s darn near impossible.
    Have a good evening everyone, and let’s study because we have another grading period ready to end. Really, how can someone not make a 2.0!!!!!! Go to class, listen, study a little, and if that doesn’t work, I don’t have any additional advice for you.

    DISCLAIMER: These are the thoughts of the writer and do not reflect the philosophy of the public education system, any coaches, educators, or administrators in the Guilford county schools where they strive to promote an environment of academic excellence for everyone and promote “Fair Play” (and mediocrity) in all sports.

  • To: Coach said,

    Thank you for making my point!!! It’s parity that we have, and what I just posted is a parody!!!

  • Bobby Coley said,

    I’ll bet the number is way less than 1 in 35–In Guilford county right now there are probably 450 young men playing at some level in a HS program—I find it hard to believe that there are 14 D1 players, but you may be right.

  • Perry Saunders said,

    It really “Saddens” me when I see a few people {like above} wants to see A School’s {DUDLEY} Sports Program sink almost like “THE TITANIC” because of PURE JEALOUSY due to that Teams Sucess over the years….


    I travel all around this state and I haven’t seen this much Hateration for One Team like Dudley. I mean { FOOTBALL & BASKETBALL POWERHOUSES } Char. Bulter, Richmond Co. W. Rowan, Mt. Tabor, Carver, Thomasville, Reidsville, Asheville, New Bern, Fayetteville Jack Britt, Mt. Airy, Shelby & Shelby Crest & Bishop Mcguinness, Hickory, Greenville Rose, Kinston ………..I bet never have to hear this “MESS” from other CITY/COUNTY FOLKS about those team winnings.

    Andy, Keep doing what you do MAN !!! I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR WEBSITE IN ALL !!!

  • Tom said,

    In this area, there seems to be enough hate to go around. Grimsley hates Page and vice versa. Smith vs Dudley, everybody against Northern, etc… I don’t believe people are jealous of Dudley. They just don’t believe there is a level playing field. It is getting better with Fair Play. I think you would be surprised how many people root for Dudley when they are in the playoffs. A lot of the fan bases in this area rejoice in the fact that it is perceived to be us against the world. Actually, most people want to see the kids succeed regardless of the school they are affiliated with.

  • Perry Saunders said,

    @ Tom

    I LIKE THAT COMMENT !!! Because I sure will be routing for Northern Guilford Sat. I’m going to be at Wake Forest, to see W.S. Carver against Tarboro and Durham Hillside against Davie Co.. I love watching good H.S. Sports….Best of Luck to E. Alamance as well…