102 JAMZ Player of the Year: Mycah Gaylord(Dudley HS)

Posted by Andy Durham on December 9, 2010 at 11:10 am under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Mycah Gaylord, RB from Dudley High School, is the WINNER! He is the 102 JAMZ 2010 Player of the Year….

He will be at the staton(WJMH 102.1 FM) tonight to receive his award.

Coach Turk Sims, Wyleed Coyote, Tap Money, Mr. Hoover and all of Mycah’s family and friends say thanks to all of you who voted and again thanks for your support.

Mycah Gaylord: 102 JAMZ Player of the Year…..

  • sefan said,

    Well deserved. I still have nightmares of Gaylord running up and down the field shedding tackles all along the way.

  • sefan2 said,

    I hear they gave it to Mike Fields and then took it back????

  • Home boy said,

    My boy G Money thast wassup bruh. Im proud of you .12

  • Coach said,

    Mycah was a very solid Point Guard in his day as well. Congrats !

  • ron said,

    No Doubt in my mind that Gaylord is better than any Point Guard that Dudley has. Price really did himself and the Dudley Community a huge dis-service by not allowing Gaylord to join the team. That’s what i like to call a head scratcher. If i were Price i would be beggibg this kid to play.

  • stats said,

    I agree about Coach Price. Stats dont lie.Not only has he done a disservice to Gaylord and the DHS community at large, he is very selfish in that he does not develop his players as he should. Much talent has gone thru his hands and has left there unfulfilled. He is narrow-minded and for some reason does not believe students can be a more- than- one sport athlete. As a result his team suffers. He is known to “choose” his players well in advance and then pretends to hold try outs. Partee will be a great replacement. He does know talent when he sees it and is more open minded and sensible.

  • Panther Pride said,

    I sort of agree, but with a big whoa!!
    Check the walls, he has multiple rings and other championship game runner-up banner. Why change when he is doing nothing wrong and winning?

  • Andy said,

    Why be so rough on Coach Price? The man has coached three State Championship teams at Dudley and the 1996 team was one of the best that I have ever seen…..Coach Partee played on that team for Coach Price and I think Derrick learned to be a team player while working under Coach Price and Coach James….

    Coach Price is in the Dudley Hall of Fame and you shouldn’t treat your Hall of Famers like this…..The well always seems to run dry everywhere you go and some of you may say that I am being easy on Coach Price, but he is a good man and respect what he has done at Dudley and I feel that those three State Championships mean a lot to the Dudley community…..Sure, maybe there should have been more, but I am thankful for the three and was proud to at all of those games and many games over the years…..Braxton Williams played football and basketball for Dudley and he was on that 1996 title team…

    Many of you will know more about the program than I do, but I still feel we need to show respect to Coach Price for what he has done and for what he has meant to the Dudley community…..Similar in some ways to what Clarence “Big House” Gaines did at Winston-Salem State if you ask me…Coach Price has meant very much to the Dudley community and to the Panther Baketball Program….

    I think Coach Partee would echo these sentiments…..

  • Andy said,

    This is one of those, “I’m just saying moments”, but another coach who I really respect is former N.C. A&T coach Don Corbett….He was at the Grimsley-NWG game the other night and I spoke with Coach Corbett and he is good man and he was a great coach if you ask me…Lots of history and tradition with these legendary coaches….

    Coach Corbett is a bear of a man and he said his knees are bothering him now)especially with the cold weather), but he is one a very knowledgable basketball man and you can tell he still loves the game and it is always good to see him and talk to the old Aggie coach, who’s son Darren is now doing a super job with the Grimsley Whirlies….

    Coach Don Corbett always keeps to himself when he arrives at these games and if you didn’t look close, you wouldn’t even know he is there, but his precense has been felt in a positive way in our communtiy…We know he has been there….