HS Hoops Tonight for 12/9/10 Finals

Posted by Andy Durham on December 9, 2010 at 9:47 pm under Uncategorized | 16 Comments to Read

Girls Final:
Page 60
Northwest Guilford 35

Page(5-0) NWG(4-1)

Boys Final:
Northwest Guilford 40
Page 38

NWG(2-2) Page(2-3)
*****Ryan Doerr with a last-second put-back, to win it for the Northwest Guilford Vikings….*****

Game rewind:1st Q NWG 9, Page 3….Halftime NWG 17, Page 13…3rd Q Page 31, NWG 28….Final NWG 40, Page 38…..

NWG scoring…..Ryan Doerr 8 points….Cody Hylton 8 points….Keaton Haack 7 points….Matt Pawlowski 6 pts….Hunter Clary 5 pts……Chris Corbett 4 pts…..Jared Cockerham 2 pts.

Page scoring….Jackson Kent 24 points….James Summers 7 pts….Dillon Sykes 3 pts….Bryson Fonville 2 pts….Justin Conners 2 pts……

*Page coach Robert Kent was going for his 500th career win this evening…..*

**NWG guard Hunter Clary suffered a knee injury in the contest in the first half of play and did not return to the ball game.**

***NWG lost guard/SF Kyle Berger to an arm/shoulder injury in the Grimsley game on Monday and he did not play tonight.***

  • PageGuy said,

    Where was Frank Eaves tonight for the Pirates?

  • Andy said,

    He was there and he played, but was not on….Was not his kind of night and that happens and you have to reload and come back out tomorrow….Kent was on fire, but the Pirates as a whole, did not have a great night, but to their credit, they were down and fought back to lead after three quarters…

    NWG’s slow offensive style can force you to change your game……

  • eavesfan said,

    i heard eaves didnt play much in the 4th qtr…please correct me if my information was incorrect..

  • Mike said,

    Oak Ridge by 13

  • truth said,

    oak ridge by 16

  • Slow Offensive Style said,

    “NWG’s slow offensive style”?? Sounds more like a snooze-fest only averaging 10 points per quarter. The paid attendees really got their money’s worth in that 7-3 first quarter and I’m sure the first half was an excitement filled barn-burner at 17-13.

    Thank goodness for free throws or there could have been some goose-eggs on the board.

    Going to be a long year for the Vikings. No scoring and lots of stalling.

  • Baller said,

    Where has Coble for NW been. Thought he went back there.

  • Andy said,

    Frank Eaves played in the 4th quarter for the Page Pirates, but he sat out much of the period because he was having an off night…..Coble will return soon for NWG and he will help their inside game.

  • eavesfan said,

    Come on Andy, the kid is one of the best shooters in the city and can play..His dad played in the league..His dad was an all american, His dad won a national championship…His dad has taught him how to play..I’m not buying this one..I have seen Page play..there is not a kid on the bench that I would ever put in for Frankie just because he was not making shots…This is the same kid who has had a number of double digit scoring games last year as a soph.; didnt he score 27 earlier in the year? This kid is a division 1 recruit ! ! !

    These coaches act like they’re coaching high major NCAA team’s where the backup is as good as the starter…I’d rather have my best players missing shots than put some kid in there that doesnt have a clue to whats’s going on…

    Here’s one thing I do know, a bad shot by Eaves is better than a wide open shot for a kid that can’t shoot..

    I’m glad that college coaches get to see these kids in the summer where the coaches let the kids play…I hope the NCAA never changes that because I would not be a happy camper if I was a coach who came to see a kid and some good for nothing coach decides that he’s going to bench a college recruit for missing a few shots or making a few turnovers..

    No wonder all of the good players leave and go to private school..These coaches act like people are paying to see them coach..People are paying to see the kids play ! ! !

    And since they lost it makes Kent look pretty silly..In economics, we call it oppty lost..whenever your best players are intentionally taken out the game, you just lost an oppty for that player to make a contribution, whether it be a rebound, a steal, a defensive stop, or an assist…Note: There is a reason that we call kids good…They have a track record of producing…Their body of work speaks for itself !

    It’s amazing that you only see this type of coaching on teams that consistently under achieve..This was a winnable game for Page, but it goes down as a lost…

    I was told by a college coach that coaching was overrated…It’s hard for a team to lose if they are better than the other team, no matter who the coach is ! ! !

    What happened to the days where coaches played to win every game? Why is it so hard for coaches to put their best five on the court, and let them play most of the game, and let the chips fall where they may? Isnt this the game that the fans want to see? Maybe that’s the reason that attendance is so bad at the games..

  • Andy said,

    His dad was there last night and you probably know more about it than I do…I saw him at NEG and he was on fire and that’s what I wrote about the following day after the game….Hey, I am one of the few that still calls him Frankie…I have been watching him the last couple of years….

    I’m just an old basketball fool, but I will continue to back up the coaches….They have the spot on the bench and they have the call….

    It is almost like the sports fan on the radio and they say for instance, our team needs this and they need that….How could a fan know more about what a team needs to do than one of say the Carolina Panthers coaches….You as a fan know more than say the coach John Fox….

    I will let the coaches coach and I will watch and talk about the results, but Frankie and Jackson Kent can play in my backcourt any day of the week…..Two fine guards that are a pleasure to watch…….I remember watching Coach Robert Kent back when he was playing in high school and college and I was very young, but that man knows more about the game than I do, but I bet you I could take him today, but not Frankie or Jackson…..

    Basketball is beautiful sport and it is going on 7 days a week, that is what makes it so interesting…..

  • talk said,

    Why don’t you go talk to Coach Kent face to face and express your concerns. Maybe the two of you could break down game film and analyze what was going on. Maybe you might understand better after that. I’ll bet you have never met Kent, talked to him, or attempted to understand the ins and outs of coaching any team, especially high school. Go see him.

    Oh, never mind, I forgot, you are just some chicken hiding behind an anonymous post on a message board.

  • Grimsley Man said,

    If Page doesn’t want Eaves we do. We don’t have any college recruits and would love to have a fine young player like Eaves. Do high school coaches watch game film? Kids going to driver’s ed during practice, tutoring etc. Sharing courts with JV girls, I mean this isn’t the ACC. Most schools only have 5 good kids look at us we have three. Let the best kids play and keep it moving. If we add Eaves, now we have 4.

  • Andy said,

    Grimsley needs to stay the course with what they’ve got….They have developed some good chemistry over there here early in the season….

  • OH please said,


    Obviously u have no clue how this game is played. Your comments leads me to believe that you might be slightly messed up or of special needs.


    Is your son one of the three good players? Probably not. If what you say is true you should applaud Coach Corbett and his team for being 3 – 0.
    Guys, let the coaches coach, players play, and parents enjoy. If you don’t like what’s going on, run to one of the local private schools, but guys like you would find something wrong with them too.

  • who cares? said,

    eaves fan you are a joke. let coach kent coach and you sit up there and watch the game like people do. do you understand there is one ball and five players on the court . i get so sick and tired of hearing you people talk bad about what this coach doesnt do or what they should do . who cares if his dad played in the league that means nothing to some one playing against you. thats like every body saying i am from new york who cares where you from it means nothing when you play against some one. if you not having a good game and you struggling you are hurting more than your helping . so you take them out for a while to gather themselves , put them back in if it continues they sit. my GOD people 1 guy doesnt make a team but 1 guy can hurt a team. eaves is a good player he will be fine ,its just one game . get off his jock . and if you are really upset go talk to coach kent about your concerns, but i know coach kent he will tell you where to go and stick it. coach kent keep doing what you doing if they dont like it tell them to transfer and go re class and stay in high school until you are 20 playing against little boys. like some of your players now that re class and 20 and still trying to go to college and pad their numbers to look good against little boys.

  • Nepo Tism said,

    Come on fellas, let it all play out. But just remember you heard it from ‘ole Nepo Tism here, there is only one ball and sharing it is important! And it doesn’t matter if you are from New York or Louisiana or if you played in the league or in British Woods.
    I do know Kent, and I must say he is direct and does lack the velvet glove—somewhere in coaching, there are people who are able to combine the “Xs” and “Os” with a little bit of charisma, a little bit of old fashioned butt busting when necessary, and a little bit of love. Now, that’s a real coach who is able to juggle all those balls and make his players better people and players . Too much of one of these is detrimental!!!!