If they had a special Hall of Fames wing, would these guys get in: Coach Norman Dale, Shooter, Jimmy, Reno, Jack, and others???

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If they had a special wing/room at all the Sports Hall of Fames, who would you put in there?????

Dan Patrick had this as a topic on his show the other day and I would have to go with Coach Norman Dale, Shooter and Jimmy from Hoosiers…..They have to be in that special wing/room at the Basketball Hall of Fame…..Coach Dale saying, “six passes, pass the ball, move the ball” and to the fans at Hickory, “this is your team”…..Shooter with his shotgun up in the woods and then Shooter calling out the “Picket Fence Play” and saying, “don’t let the gate hit you on the way by”….Jimmy talking in the huddle after Coach Dale called the game-winning play, and Jimmy says, “Coach I can make that shot, I can take these guys and make the shot”…..And what about that line, when the “Squirt” goes to the foul line and the guy on the other team says, “I didn’t know they grew ’em so small down on the farm”…..

Reno and Jack from the football movie, “The Best of Times”….They need to be in that special wing/room at the Football Hall of Fame…..Reno and Jack go back and re-create that high school football game out in Bakersfield, California and the old man “Kid Gallihand”, he should be in the Hall of Fame too….He came to the game long before the kickoff and there was not a cloud in the sky, but he was carrying his umbrella and we never knew what the significance of that umbrella was, until way later on in the movie, when the game was on the line and the rain came pouring down…..Kid Gallihand was an old boxer, from years gone by…..Kirk Russell and Robin Williams were perfect in their roles as the QB(Russell) and wayward WR(Williams)….

Thoughts about who gets into that special wing/room at the different Sports Hall of Fames….Do you have a spot for the Hanson Brothers from “Slapshot”, Robert Redford from “The Natural”, Rocky Balboa/Sylvester Stallone from Rocky????? Is Rocky/Stallone the real shoe-in here, since there were so many Rocky movies? Who does he go in as, Rocky or as Stallone? Do you have a spot for Mickey/Burgess Meredith?

How about Kevin Costner as the cyclist Marcus, from the movie about the bicycle race, was it ‘Breaking Away”????? I’ll never forget the scene, as he is just about to run off the cliff and Alexandra Paul keeps yelling, “Marcus, Marcus, Marcus!!!!!”…..Does Costner/Marcus get into the Cycling Hall of Fame in a special wing/room, just across the hall, from Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong?????

What do you think? Have any suggestions for potential nominees?????

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