Moving without the basketball…

Posted by Andy Durham on December 9, 2010 at 3:36 pm under High School | 2 Comments to Read

The two best that I have seen so far this season at moving without the basketball on the girls side of the ledger, are Zena Lovette, from Southwest Guilford and Desiree Drayton, from Dudley…..

Moving without the ball is a key cog in how the game works and as for Lovette and Drayton, they never stop working….You don’t want to see a player that runs down the court and then just stops and stays set up or stays put….You want to see the players that keep moving and they run the plays and run through the plays, run through the picks and never slow down…..

Lovette not only keeps moving, she is really running and for a bigger girl, Drayton is going non-stop and there is no need to tell these two players to go, “all-out”…..The fact is, they never stop……Offense/defense, it is a constant game with these two and we’ll have more on these types of players as the year rolls on….

  • Tom said,

    I have not seen Zena play very often, but I have seen Desiree play a half dozen times. She is in constant motion and she never takes a play off. This is what makes her very special. Her energy is contagious and any coach would love to have her. This quality is going to really help on the next level.

  • Andy said,

    Paris Kea, from Page will fall into this category soon, but she is still a very young kid, just a freshman…..

    You wonder where they get all that energy from????? I’ve still got some of that stuff too, but not at their pace…..It hits when they step on the floor and it should…