Close one and a very good game with WCD over HPCA in High Point

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Westchester Country Day School 81
High Point Christian Academy 75

By Quarter
WCDS 19 26 14 22
HPCA 13 14 20 28

WCDS: Ike Nwamu 28, Deuce Bello 19, Quincy Miller 18, Cole Morganstern 7, Josh Level
7, CJ Plummer 2

HPCA(7-3): Mitchell Oates 28, Jordan Weethee 19, Ryan Dula 10, Jonathan Bethea 6,
Chuck Ogbodo 6, Zygimantas Kairys 2, Andrew Shoemaker 2, Aaron Scales 2

*****Thanks to HPCA Coach Brandon Clifford for sending us the info….*****

  • Hm said,

    What an unbelievable game! Really felt HPCA was cheated on a lot of calls because the refs were too much of fans in the first half, but I’m admittedly biased in this game. It was an extroidinary comeback from the Cougars after being down 18 at half. Had some chances to tie it but WCDS made enough plays to hold them off to their credit. Unbelievable atmosphere. Packed to the max and people are right on top of the court. Heard from many it was possibly the best HS bball atmosphere and game in this area in a very long time

  • Agree said,

    It was one of the best high school games in a while because the a top 3 high school player in the nation had a knee injury that sat him down the whole 2nd half…great effort by hpca in the 2nd half, hate to see them come up short in the end

  • Wiley Coyote said,

    To Agree- Miller was definitely putting the points in. He had 15 in the 2nd quarter. However, if you assume that he came back, you also have to assume that Nwamu and Bello wouldn’t have scored as many as they did. I can’t imagine that HPCA wouldn’t have came up with a new plan for Miller during the half. That being said, it was a great game, and I can’t wait for the next one.

  • BIG TICKET said,

    HPCA gave it their all. I was proud of the way they played. HPCA has 2 “elite” players and a bunch of role players. #34 made some huge defensive and offensive plays last night. Great atmosphere! Wish that this event could have been held at HPU. Anyway, Ike looked really big time and Deuce-Miller didn’t disappoint. These 2 teams are going to do well in the state tourney this year. Can’t wait for the rematch! Oh BTW, I don’t think the game would have been close at all if Miller didn’t get hurt. He was just warming up and he loves to play in a hostile “Christian” crowd.

  • Hm said,

    Hpca had already started coming back once he went down for the record

  • BIG TICKET said,

    @ Hm, teams will make runs, but let’s be honest, there was no answer for Miller. I know you want to make it seem like HPCA had a chance, but dude, say what you want, Miller going down was huge.

  • James M said,

    If hpca coach would have stayed in man (would of had to since they were down 18) no way anybody on that team could guard Q and it showed briefly in the 2nd quarter when they tried to put a smaller guard on him…Thats what makes the kid so special, guards are to small and forwards are to slow…great game by both teams!

  • Wiley Coyote said,

    HPCA’s “run” was methodical for a good while. As you can see, after the 3rd quarter, WCDS was still up by 12. Miller went down early in the 3rd. Miller/Bello get all of the praise on WCDS, but IMO, Nwamu is the star. Let’s face it, HPCA gave the first half away. It’s hard to win when you spot a team 18 points. It’s not as if WCDS is unbeatable. They lost to Trinity and Christ School, and struggled against Asheville Christian. I’m not trying to say that WCDS isn’t talented, because they certainly are. I just don’t understand how people talk about them like they’re some type of unbeatable force.

  • Big Shots said,

    HPCA didn’t give anything away. Give WCDS credit, they made plays. Once again, HPCA has 2 kids that are legit and then you have the role players. HPCA were very emotional the the first 3 minutes of the game. It’s ok to play emotional/hype, but they have to learn that the game is 32 minutes!

  • James M said,

    Wiley Coyote what are you talking about, who said they were unbeatable. Everybody in the country knows there not as good as people think they should be but its also not even Christmas yet. By the way they lost to Trinity Christian not Trinity whose loaded with athletes. And Christ School is a top 25 team in the nation…stay in your 102 jamz studio bud, we will report you the scores

  • was there said,

    quincy miller scored his ponts in the second because #34 had fouled troubled becasue he guarded him for half of the first and he didnt score. i give wcds credit they made some clutch shots but hpca shoulda won the game if one or two more calls woulda went their way…it was a great game but the second game of the season should be even more hyped

  • Was There Too said,

    Great game!!! The difference was Nwamu and WCDS’ role players contributing. When Miller went down and Bello picked up his 3rd and 4th fouls we all just knew HPC would dump the ball down to Scales and the other center and just dominate. But instead it was the Oates sahow. No one on WCDS could stop him – maybe they should’ve forced him right. Anyway, when Miller went out WCDS had Bello, Level, Nwamu, and two seniors off the bench. HPC seemed like they only had Mitch doiwn the stretch. Jordan started off strong but should have been ejected when Level fouled him trying to get that jumpball and he pushed Nwamu and then pushed the ref trying to break it up. More of an ice cold shooter, he took way too long to get his emotions back in check . If HPC would have brought their starting five back in sooner, they’d probably have tied it up or taken the lead. They just ran out of time. Anyway great game for both teams. HPC showed they have all the weapons to take on anyone. Their bench should be really dangerous when playoff time comes around. And WCDS finally won a close one with their star player down.

  • Hm said,

    Problem with getting the ball to scales is that he couldnt guard anybody on the perimeer. You could tell theynwere trying to getnit to him, but when you are trailing and the other team is trying to spread you out, you gotta go small to pressure all over. HPCA just got down too far. What an atmosphere though. Love the Bethea kid for HPCA. Plays for his brother, but is the compleye opposite type of player. Brother was a skilled big, and he is a lunchpale guard. Unbelievable energy, had a ton of steals and should have been credited with 4 or 5 charges. His foul trouble early led to the run for WCDS in the second quarter. Prototypical hs energy guy.

    To WCDS’ credit they came ready to play. They had more talent at almost every spot, and they shot the ball really well in the first half. Moreso than they normally do. HPCA just plays hard, scraps and relies ont heir horses. Not sure what you are talking about with Weethee with the emotions. Kids got tangled up, spme cheap shots wer thrown all night, coach sat him for a quick break and he came back in and hit some big shots down the stretch. Weethee is having a big year.

  • tankfarm said,

    What will WCDS have next year? Also “was there”, dude were you smoking at the game? There is NO Way in Heck that #34 could do anything with Miller!!!! No i’m not part of his team or anything but do know the game. With that being said, Miller was just warming up when HPC hype man had gotten himself in foul trouble. Miller is the real deal and #34 well…………..

  • Hm said,

    Yeah, couldnt do anything with him. But yet he only had like 2 points in first quarter….do the math

  • James M said,

    “Hm” is that your Clifford

  • james m needs to think said,

    If you actually think clifford would write on here than you do not how much class he has…he would never wrote on here because he does not need to brag so james keep little kid comments to yourself please