Jordan Williams named WXII 12 Flow Athlete of the Week

Posted by Andy Durham on December 10, 2010 at 11:54 am under High School | Comments are off for this article

Jordan Williams, offensive lineman from Northern Guilford, has been named the WXII 12 Flow Athlete of the Week….CLICK HERE to check out the video and you will appreciate it…

I know, I do, as Jordan has eye problems that deal with a disease of the retina and his story was also profiled in today’s News and Record…I haven’t had a chance to read the News and Record account yet, but I will….

This kid is battling the odds with a loss of vision and he is still fighting and playing hard in an effort to try and help his team win a State Championship on Saturday night….

I kind of know where the kid is coming from, cause I played some offensive line back in the day and I can feel his pain with the eyes, since I have had retina problems for many years…Can’t see as good as you used to…I know how that is and the side-to-side(peripheral) vision is going bad too….I had one of those detached retinas back in the day and that is where you have to go into the hospital and they take your eyeball out and repair and then they put iti back in, or at least that is the way they used to do it…

I think that I messed mine up in pickup football game, when I went out for a pass and hit a tree and the Big Oak tree did not budge….Took the side of my face off and we had our first football game of the season coming up that Friday night, at Ragsdale and when I saw the coach on Monday morning, he said, “looks like you’ve got a bad case of poison oak”, and I said, “that works for me”….

Long story shorter, you have to feel for Jordan Williams, but you have to love the way the kid is still battling…..I know how it is to be running down the basketball court these days and I will run right into someone, cause you turn and then you can’t see them coming and you plow into them sideways and that can be a bonecrushing hit….The thud, that strikes you hard, with no pads to protect your throbbing face….

The vision may not get better, but keep on battling, Jordan Williams….My face still burns on occasion from that hit that the Big Oak gave me, but there is a bigger plan for all of us, so we better go out and continue to take down those trees……

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