Cold Weather Basketball Performers

Posted by Andy Durham on December 11, 2010 at 11:02 am under High School | 13 Comments to Read

Girls Top Performers

1. Ronatta Rogers: GDS: 25 pts
2. Paris Kea: Page: 24 pts
3. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 23 pts
Zena Lovette: SWG: 23 pts
4. Ciara Jackson: Ragsdale: 22 pts
5. Zena Lovette: SWG: 20 pts
6. Brittany Drew: Page: 19 pts
Samantha Coffer: NG: 19 pts
7. Amanda Coffer: NG: 18 pts
Ciara Jackson: Ragsdale: 18 pts
8. Jessica Pone: SWG: 17 pts
9. Carnique Marks: WG: 16 pts
10. Brittany Clancy: WG: 15 pts
Desiree Drayton: Dudley: 15 pts
Samantha Coffer: NG: 15 pts
Ebony Goins: Dudley 15 pts

Boys Top Peformers

1. Reggie Dillard: Dudley: 29 pts
Ike Nwamu: WCD: 28 pts
Mitchell Oates: HPC: 28 pts
Jackson Kent: Page: 26 pts
Derek Grant: High Point Central: 25 pts
2. Jordan Hanner: SWG: 22 pts
Jason Randolph: Ragsdale:22 pts
Tracy Gathings: Smith: 22 pts.
3.Butch Hoffman: Eastern Guilford: 21 pts
4. Reggie Dillard: Dudley: 20 pts
John McBeth: NWG: 20 pts
Andrew Bostic: SWG: 20 pts
Abdul Tijani: NE: 20 pts
Frankie Eaves: Page: 20 pts
Chris Jones: ORMA: 20 pts
5. Jordan Wheetie: HPCA: 19 pts
Duece Bello: WCD: 19 pts
Brett Manning: Caldwell: 19 pts
James Summers: Page: 19 pts
6. Quincy Miller: WCD: 18 pts
Patrick Chandler: NG: 18 pts
Reggie Perkins: WG: 18 pts
Drew Williams: Smith: 18 pts.
7. Patrick Chandler: NG: 16 pts
8. Diante Baldwin: WG: 15 pts
Cameron Smith:NEG:15 pts
Benaiah Wise: Ragsdale: 15 pts
Chris Jones: Oak Ridge: 15 pts
9.Jamar Weathers: Dudley: 14 pts
Trebone Williamson: NEG: 14 pts
10. Burrell Brown: Grimsley: 13 pts
Brandon Clyburn: Dudley: 13 pts
Darian Jones: Smith: 13 pts.

  • xmen said,

    Tracy Gathings (smith) – 22pts 14 rebs v SEG
    Drew Williams (smith) – 18pts v SEG
    Darian Jones (smith) – 13 pts v SEG

  • EG said,

    Miranda Jenkins best girls player in the county period!!!!

  • GSA said,

    I agree with EG, Miranda carries EGHS…. but it’s good she’s got some help!

  • HPC said,

    Derek Grant had 25 Wednesday against Tabor

  • Hoopin said,

    Brett Manning 18 Pts vs Cape Fear Academy

  • Hoopin said,

    Sorry 19

  • Really said,


    Miranda is good…but not the best by far. Really! Let’s be real.

  • RP said,


    Who would you say?

  • EG said,

    Who else in the county is as good as her? Already signed D1 and if you really want to be honest she is playing along side of alot inexpierence and is still winning!! She is the deal!!

  • Really said,

    At least 8 or more, at least!

    @ EG like you said If you really want to be HONEST! Playing along side inexperienced players
    that can’t help but feed u the ball. Points alone don’t make you the better player. U know this!
    She is strong, have heart and is good. But best in the county? NOT!!! Enough said. Go EGHS!

  • dudley power said,


    You never answered the question that RP posted to you. Can you name the other 8 that you mentioned? I have a kid that plays for Dudley and I can assure you in watching this kid play over the years in junior high, high school and AAU, she does not need some one to feed her the ball to be effective. She scores in several ways and defends extremely well. She has demonstrated over the years that she has the ability to make the others around her better because she works extremely hard and plays smart.

  • really said,

    dudley power:

    Without naming names; not like EGHS. Dudley’s players are on the list no doubt.
    A well oiled machine there. Many have the physical ability to out-play and out think
    anyone on the court and pump individual numbers but there’s something to be said
    about TEAM BALL!

    Others deep pockets without a doubt:

    EGHS???? On your little side of the world I see. Think before you speak.

  • dudley power said,


    You had better said Dudley. Do some of our girls play for your AAU Team and if so, who are they?