Eastern Guilford girls upset Northern Guilford 57-48

Posted by Andy Durham on December 11, 2010 at 10:20 am under High School | 21 Comments to Read

A young Eastern Guilford squad upset Conference favorite Northern Guilford at
Northern 57-48 behind Stony Brook University signee Miranda Jenkins 23 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 5 steals, 2 blocks and Sophomore Erica Olerich 10 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 6 steals, 2 blocks. Northern Guilford jumped out to a quick
6-0 run spearheaded by junior guard Alexis Robinson. Eastern fought back to
close the first quarter down 19-16 when Miranda Jenkins hit a 30 foot three
pointer at the buzzer. Both teams played evenly during the second period by
scoring 7 points each with Northern leading 26-23 at the half. Eastern tighten
up their defense and outscored Northern 20-11 in the third period. Eastern
Guilford’s Freshmen Carol Alston played an outstanding game by scoring 9 points
with 3 rebounds. Northern was led by Amanda Coffer with 18 points and Elon
signee Samantha Coffer 15 points.

Box Score:

Miranda Jenkins: 23 pts, 8 rebs, 6 assts, 5 stls, 2 blks
Erica Olerich: 10 pts, 8 rebs, 4 assts, 6 stls, 2 blks
Carol Alston: 9 pts, 3 rebs, 1 assts
Karima Jackson: 8 pts, 3 rebs, 1 asst, 3 stls
Courtney Torraine: 4 pts, 7 rebs, 1 asst, 1 blk
Whitney Parks: 3 pts

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  • Hoops said,

    Why is it when someone beats Northern, it has to be a upset. If you play a cupcake schedule, you can’t adjust when a team puts a little pressure on you. Play a non-conference schedule that will prepare you for Eastern who has owned Northern over the last few years. Great job Miranda Jenkins as you continue to bring your A game, you had a over all great game and showed the leadership it takes to win another conference championship. Eastern is not a one horse team like Northern, their a team of wildcats looking to get better.

  • Wondering. said,

    Exactly! For some reason, Northern is like Guilford Countys’ favorite school, because of what??? Illeegal recruiting! Eastern owns them!

  • EG said,

    UPSET????? dont think so!! If i remeber correctly somebody on this website during the summer only predicted the Eastern Guilford Girls team to only have 6 or 7 wins this season, and they are 3-0 and looking strong but at the same time looking young at times. Keep it rolling Coach Gunn and its always a GREAT win when you beat them Nighthawks like yall did last night!!

  • EG supporter said,

    since when is a defending conference champ that has yet to lose a regular season conference game since it was created “upsetting” another team in the conference…jesus give Tina Gunn credit for once no one in state deserves more

  • Tom said,

    EG fans must have an inferiority complex. Your girl’s team is very good and has been very good for years. You have a great coach and great players. Isn’t that enough? It seems like you want everybody to pat you on the back. Enjoy your winning program and who cares about what other people think. Making fun of other teams just makes you look childish.

  • Panther Pride said,


    I know you and Northern are glad that you all do not play us (Dudley) any more. Your girls used to be so scared that they act like they were afraid to get off the bus. I do not believe that Eastern Fans think that at all (inferioty complex). I believe they understand how Guilford County tries to work behind the scenes if the truth be told. Its been that way for years. You all tried that with Dudley for many years! New school but same ole game. And by the way, stop trying to act like you like Dudley players when we know the truth.

  • Tom said,

    What is the truth? I saw 4 games of Northern vs Dudley. Dudley was much better than Northern. Pretty simple. The games weren’t even close. I also saw 4 games of Eastern vs Northern. Even though they were closer, Eastern was better. How does Guilford County work behind the scenes? I enjoy seeing any of the kids in the county succeed. I was at Charleston Southern – UNCG game to see Helen Terry play. Where you there? Don’t think you know what other people think. I love to watch good basketball regardless of who is playing. Believe it or not, some people don’t have ulterior motives. I would love to see Dudley play Northern. As a competitor, you always want to play against the best teams.

  • Really said,

    Poor EGHS this is worth repeating and repeating and repeating… Never had much did you?

    It seems like you want everybody to pat you on the back. Enjoy your winning program and
    who cares about what other people think.

    Making fun of other teams and players just makes you look childish.

    Repeat: making fun of other teams and players just makes you look childish.

  • gurls hoop fan said,

    I have followed girls basketball in Guilford county for the past 4-5 yrs, and I agree with the above posters, Eastern Guilfordis the Rodney Dangerfield of Guilford County…All they do is win..

    I dont see them patting themselves on the back..What I see is a team that goes about their business on a yearly basis..They cant help what conference they are in..The kids dont set up the schedule..All they do is win on a consistent basis…Last year it was posted that they had the second best record in the area behind Dudley in the last 3-4 years…

    They have outplayed every team in the city except Dudley, and I can honestly say that they get no respect; so I am glad that EG fans stand up for their team while the rest of the city wants to pretend they dont exist..

    Let me back up what I am saying; Miranda Jenkins avg close to 14 ppg as a freshman and eastern won the conference and she didnt even make the all county team…She has scored over 1,000 pts in 3 yrs and she still didnt make first team, but Samantha Coffer has never won a conference title, is in the same conf as miranda and has made first team..What good team has Northern ever beat ! !The girl from NW avg about 8 pts per game and made first team two years ago, and they never won anything…

    Sports is not a popularity contest..It’s about producing and winning..We need to acknowledge the players that can play, regardless of their jersey..

  • The Real Deal said,

    Do you really think Eastern beating NG is an upset…..??? If you do I beg to differ. The reason for that is the fact that NG lost anyone that even resembled a guard. They have converted a power forward into a pg and they only have about 7 or 8 players. They are in a rebuilding stage. Its gonna take a lil more than the Coffer sisters for them to reach the lofty expectations that most of us spectators have set for them. Eastern has a pretty good team and a solid program……

    I think alot of times we as spectators put so much emphasis on whether a kid is going D1 or D2 etc… A lot of times you cant pin point how good a kid is with that. I think Miranda Jenkins is good! I think Samantha Coffer is good! I cant really say that either one is just head and shoulders better than the other. Miranda Jenkins is going to Stonybrook (by choice) Im almost certain she had other choices but thats the school that fit her. Sam Coffer is going to Elon (by choice) and if you think she couldn’t have gone bigger your crazy!! but that is the school that fit her. Even Ayshia McNeil from SE Guilford. She is going to Wingate probably because she likes the school, or the coaching staff. Maybe because its close to home. Not because she isnt good enough to go D1!!!! Anybody who keeps up with girls hoops around here knows thats not true!!!!

    To be completely honest. I cant say that anybody around here is the best player in this area. We have a lot of really good players, but we don’t have any really great players. There are no Cierra Burdick type players in our area. I haven’t seen Pat Summit and Geno Auriemma in our guilford county gyms!!! Even our teams!! In my personal opinion the tip of the iceberg for public schools around here is SW Guilford and Dudley. Not because they have stars!!! but because they have the most really good and pretty good players at there school. But for both of those teams when they play teams from outside of Guilford County especially teams with real post players!!!! their gonna struggle bad!!! Even last year, everybody put so much emphasis on who was the best player around here because they won this award and that award or because they went D1 or D2. Amanda Hairston was the best player in our area hands down!!!!!! If you dont thinks so ask some of your daughters who played in Guilford County or played with her and she didnt go big time D1 she is in the Meac at Bethune Cookman having a great freshman season. Probably gonna be Meac rookie of the year and maybe even 1st or 2nd team all conference as a freshman!!!! Give theese kids a break! they are out here working hard having fun!!

  • just saying said,

    Northern’s WOMEN’S Basketball program was never under any investigations and had all of their stuff together. So them being a so called “favorite” and having “illegal recruiting” is no where near true. They put on their sneakers just like everyone else. Just enjoy some basketball and stop with all of the arguments already. Most of us are grown. Act like it.
    No matter what school it is: Northern, Dudley, Eastern… they are all teams of girls that love the game. Leave it at that.

  • Eastern BB Parent said,

    Dear Tom & Really,

    What do you mean by this statement, “Making fun of other teams and players just makes you look childish.

  • Tom said,

    If you play a cupcake schedule, you can’t adjust when a team puts a little pressure on you.

    Eastern is not a one horse team like Northern, their a team of wildcats looking to get better.

    There were some other posts against individual players that were taken off. Those are the childish comments. Eastern is a very good team. Anyone that has seen them play knows they are well coached, they play hard and they are talented. Their record over the past 5 years or more is outstanding. No need to throw any other program under the bus.

  • Area Supporter said,

    The Real Deal:

    Many of us agree and couldn’t have said it any better! There’s so many good kids in and around the area and that continue to work hard day-in and day-out get to the next level be it “D-1,”D-II or “D-III, doesn’t matter! Kids in college right-can’t get better than that!

    Share info on the other players at your location and their on-going improvements
    accomplishments. Surely you have many players almost there or getting there!

    Be proud of each kids accomplishment and stop sizing yours up against every baller
    in the city. Don’t think thats the goal here on GS! Great job Samantha, Ayshia, Amanda and other female and male scholarship percipients. Keep up the good work at the next level.

  • Basketball Fan said,

    Area Supporter

    As a fan of the game and not having a kid that plays , I believe you are way off base with your comment. I believe that no one has shoved anything down anyones throat. You seem to be upset for some other reason. I read these boards and I see many kids names on here boy or girls through the years. Do you have a kid that play or has played? If so what actually did they do while they were playing?

    I have seen the kid that you mention on and off the court even though she does not know me and I can honestly say that she carries herself in a very respectful manner just like many of the other kids. I also agree when one poster stated that this kids does play hard and with a great deal of smarts mixed with intensity. I am sure there are many others just like when I watched Helen Terry, Trumae Lucas, Jasmin Gill and several others who got the deserving recognition. Using words like sizing up sounds totally inappropriate mixed with hostility. I see none of that.

    I see where no one has down played anyone, so stop using words that may reveal your real intent for whatever the reasons may be.

  • dudley panther said,


    Your mentioning of Amanda at Dudley is like you are trying to slap Coach Britton and Mcneil in saying they did not know how to coach by not playing Amanda. Lets get one thing clear, I believe we won a State Championship….

  • Tashelle said,

    Dudley Panther,

    Amanda played with Phoenix Purple coached by William Whitaker and Eddie Odom and completed the season. Prior to that she played with Delaney Rudd. Regardless of which AAU team she played for, she was a dominating force on the AAU circuit. She was recruited by many schools. Why Coach B didnt play Amanda her senior year or why she didnt put her on the team her junior year, is a question only Coach B can answer. I will repeat what her mother has said on this site, not everything in life is fair. However, that has not hendered her in anyway at the next level. By her excelling at the next level, it does question why Coach B didnt play her more.

    I do consider EG beating NG an upset. Although EG were outright the conference champs, NG is the reigning Conference tourney Champs. EG should remember they were outsed by Williams last season. I was at attendance of this game(EG vs NG), and even though EG has Miranda, they are not inexperienced as several girls play AAU ball. Everyone knows AAU ball is much more competitive than H.S. ball. I believe EG played 7-8 players against NG and NG only played 6 players. EG still had to battle NG throughout the game. I believe if NG had more bench, this game could have easily gone to NG as many of the girls were fatigued. This was not an easy game for EG to win. I give alot of credit to NG. With the amount of girls they have, this is their 1st loss of the season. If you have not seen NG play, please dont pass judgement as this is a young group of hard working girls. I was really impressed and they should have a good season.

  • Honest Phoenix Supporter said,


    Amanda has always been a good player both high school and the Phoenix AAU.
    Everyone has always believed in her and knew she could ball. BUT the STRONG attitude
    was the problem. Last couple of years were a personal challenge for her and coaches and
    authority figures had something on their hands. To be honest it was well known she had
    been removed from several teams at Phoenix but was welcomed back once positive
    adjustments; on her part was made and consistent. Probably same affected her at Dudley.
    Don’t forget other players, parents read these blogs and know the truth; so lets tell the whole
    truth! Glad to see she pulled through. Life is not fair but a learning/growing process.
    Happy to know she grew though it all.

  • Tashelle said,

    Honest Phoenix Supporter,

    You are correct, let’s tell the whole truth. I couldnt speak on her removal from other teams as I was not there. However, what I can speak on, is that the “attitude” is in all ballers. Some got away with it, some didnt. I know that was in her past and was not given a fair shake when it came to the future. She had to endure the most tramatic thing a person can go thru during her sophmore year. I commend her for sticking thru all the obstacles and standing strong. She is an intelligent young lady, with a bubbly personality and my family wishes her nothing but greatness as we do with all of the young ladies.

  • The Real Deal said,

    To Dudley Panther: I mentioned Amanda Hairston in reference to the choice of school that you goto has no bearing on how good of a player you are, or are not. That your choice of school has everything todo with what school fits you for reasons that could be bigger than basketball. I don’t think you read the whole post.

    Now thats that…. On to this. I never mentioned coach Britton or coach McNeil. As a matter of fact I like McNeil I think he is a good guy with good character. As for coach Britton, I don’t know her and have never had a conversation with her in my life! As a matter of fact if she walked by me right now I wouldn’t even know who she was if she wasnt standing on the Dudley side line, but if I wanted to take shots at them you would have known it. You wouldn’t have had to wonder it would have been loud and clear. Plus I think Britton did a good job at Dudley. How she handles her team and disciplines them behind the scenes is none of my business. It was a good prduct when they got on the court. Do I have my opinions in which Im entitled to??? yes I do, but you wouldn’t know them because I have never expressed them. I just report calculated truths. When Amanda didn’t play alot last year unless you were blind you had to know that it was something bigger than basketball. It happened and she is in college doing well now. Thats the most important thing! She will definantly appreciate the hardships she experienced as a youth. It will mold her into a great adult.

  • Valerie said,

    Just to keep things based on fact and not speculation, Amanda was not put off “several” Phoenix teams and her limited play during her Sr. year had nothing what-s0-ever to do with her behavior. I know it’s hard to believe this but coaches are imperfect human beings with their own set of attitudes, egos and personality flaws. An old woman once told me there are two sides to every story and the truth usually lies somewhere between the two. So unless you have had a personal conversation with me you just dont know the whole truth. I am Amanda’s mother and I can tell you she’s a great kid who sang in her church chior, performed with Greensboro Childrens Theater, took Ballet lessons, participated in Girl Scouts etc with much success. She is the kind of person who will give you the shirt off her back if you dont have one. Please can we just keep our hearts in the right place and just wish all the kids nothing but God’s blessings. It makes me sad that I feel it’s necessary to even have to write this. Amanda’s Mother