High School Football Tonight for 12/11/10

Posted by Andy Durham on December 11, 2010 at 10:17 am under High School | 20 Comments to Read

NCHSAA 3-AA Championship from Raleigh’s Carter-Finley Stadium with:

Northern Guilford(13-2) versus Crest High School(11-3)

We will have the pre-game on AM950 radio at 6:30pm and then the kickoff is set for 7pm and the game can also be heard on wpetam950.com and we will have updates here at the site as the game unfolds……AM950.wpetam950.com/Greensborosports.com……..

Looking forward to a good game and good luck to the Nighthawks……

  • Northern still shady said,

    Did everyone see the article on the front page of todays News and Record about Northern? Their star player Scarfone lives in the Western Guilford school district but is allowed to attend Northern to take a dance program that Western doesn’t offer. While this may be legal it is not right in my opinion. I bet he would not be taking dance if Northern didn’t have a football team. Also their star reciever Harris played at NE Guilford but started going to Northern after his mom was offered a job there.
    Sound familiar?

  • Coach Turk said,

    Can we just stop with the jealousy and be proud of the number of quality Football program that are in Guilford County. Back when it was only one program doing the shady dealings nobody open there mouth, now because they have developed loop holes for kids to climb through you get upset. I say Get over yourself. Instead of complaining about a programs suspected inappropriate dealings let nuture these kids teach them to develop themselves as people and as productive members of the Guilford Community. After meeting Johnny Roscoe and his wife I must say that the NIGHTHAWK family is blessed to be lead by such a great man.

  • baller said,

    yes this does sound familiar. I wonder if this state championship will get taken away too?

  • duke blue devils said,

    Well i bet if other teams were doing it Northern parentss would be complaining too!!

  • truth said,

    Northern will get handled tonight easily

  • It's happening in every school, and it's legal said,

    I know of at least three, maybe four, football players that left a certain school when the going got tough & are playing at Northwest. They do not live in the Northwest district, so are they all taking Chinese so they can go to Northwest? Know of at least one child who left a certain school, & plays lacrosse for Western Guilford. Another left & is playing volleyball at Page. Another child who has siblings at a certain school, but attends Grimsley. Another who lives with mother in a certain district, but goes to school in the district where the father lives. Several have gone to Greensboro Day on reduced or free tuition to play baseball. Maybe (hopefully) it’s all legal. But if you are getting yourself all upset over Rocco Scarfone taking a dance class at Northern, don’t. He’s is legal. It’s going on all over the place.

  • maybenot said,

    It may be “happening in every school” , but not Northern. If your child is playing on a sports team @ Northern you have to give your proof of residence and current utility bill at least twice and usually three times a year.
    Northern has got to be running the cleanest program in the county if not the state.

  • It's happening in every school, and it's legal said,

    Yes, Northern is running a VERY clean program. The news article correctly stated that every athlete is triple checked — I’ve done it for my children & it can be somewhat of an overkill, but we know it is necessary. I was just saying that perfectly legal transfers are happening all over the county, so why single out Rocco Scarfone? He is a great player, but one player does not make a team. I think the N&R just likes to stir the pot & keep the emotions high on this subject. I look forward to the day when Northern is known for something other than the unfortunate events that took place nearly 4 years ago. After this year, there will not be one student in that school that even attended when the mess occurred, so how long are the students going to have to pay the price??? There are MANY great things happening at Northern, both in the classroom, on the courts & fields, and in the community. Please let these kids enjoy these precious years and drop the negativity.

  • duke blue devils said,

    well i aint never seen a dancing football player!

  • Cam Newton said,

    We are all legal

  • r u surprised ? said,

    The whole county is illegal with loopholes that accomidate their children, MONEY TALKS AND BS WALKS. This situation will never change here in Guilford county until somebody with the “nutz” drops the ball. All the rest of the complaining is water under the dam; people with influence and money will continue to get there way be it at Gimsley,Page,Northern Western Dudley etc. it’s the way of our American society,our ideals, so how can we condem our kids if those who are suppose to show them the RIGHT way are crooked themselves. It’s a never ending vicious cycle that has gotten outta control to win at all cost; so how can you blame kids when their own parents are at the root of all of this. Stop complaining and do something about it,no matter who has to suffer. At some point in time someone has to have enough nutz to say”enough is enough”. At the present the rich and influential opt out with the private school route,the less inhibited find the loopholes,all in all it only hurts their kids in the long run. Their is not a clean program public or private in Guilford county . . .all of them have “bagage” with them, all for the sake of win at all cost . . . .then you wanna blame coaches,they’re the scapegoat. I’m looking at the man in mirror,he’s gotta change his ways,take a look at YOURSELF and make that CHANGE! I’m sick of all this pointing fingers and no one with the “gutz” to make the change. It will continue to be this monsterous vicious cycle until we as adults standup and bring an end to this mess. You keep on stirring up ol’ sh*t . .it makes it stink that much worse. Take a look at yourself Guilford county and make . . .that CHANGE!

  • maybenot said,

    well, duke blue devils – have you ever heard of Lynn Swann who was not only a dancer but a ballet dancer at that and an amazing football player

  • 77 Hornet said,

    I am doing something about it. I’m sending my kid to school in the attendance zone that my house is in. It’s the same house my parents raised me in and the same school I went to. If you move your kid to another school you’re not teaching them how to make it work where they are, but to run away from their problems. That’s something you just can’t do.

  • Perry Saunders said,

    I personally don’t care where those KIDS go to school and receive their education, as long as their G.P.A. is up to where it needs to be.

    Alot of you ADULTS are “Hypocrites”, because you have left JOBS, CHURCHES, HOMETOWNS, SPOUSES , FRIENDS & ETC….When it didn’t work out for your good. If I have a childed and he was gifted in sports or academics, I would want him at a school that I felt would allow he or she to shine and receive the exposure to get them to the next level. { Just like some of you ADULTS, who left small hometowns to come to GREENSBORO, for opportunities the suceed in your gifts and careers…..You “ADULTS” arn’t attacking Prep Schools, Charter Schools or Magnet schools are you ???? The answer is ” NO” . WHY ???? Because some of the “Nagging Self Rightious Wholesome” People on here have their Kids in those types of Schools themselves.

    I’m pull for Dudley, this Saturday I pulled for W.S. Carver { Was at B.B.T. fIELD IN WINSTON-SALEM} Left their to drive to Raleigh to catch Northern vs. Shelby Crest as well.

    Congrats Northern !!! On a hard fought victory 🙂

    Why don’t some of you “ADULTS” lead by example and show our young people a thing called “Being Positive” ……..Maybe our teens will stop finding fought in their peers and trying to bring down others as well.

    We have kids with low test scores and bullying as a big problem in our schools. And all yall can worry about is other people kids attend schools outside a district. smh

  • Perry Saunders said,

    Those kids could be doing DRUGS or Having BABIES or being THUGS, but all they want is a chance to network themselves in a place to go to college off of there God Givin Skills……….

  • Hawker said,

    @Truth…………In your face?

    Well said, Perry.

  • Leave it alone said,

    The poster that mentioned students leaving a “certain” school when the going got tough better leave that subject alone.

  • Clean Program said,

    I wanted to settle this argument about NG running a clean program once and for all.
    I just spoke to Coach K and he confirms NG is doing everything on the up and up.
    The Dance Class the utility bills they are all legit.

  • NGFootballFan said,

    To all you haters out there…..college recruiters could give a rats a– about what anyone says…they look for a good GPA and talent….talent always wins out.. look at the D1 college recruits NG is producing. They are laughing all the way to the bank….if your interested in excellent academics and D1 level athletic program,we would be glad to have you!!! So come on down!!!

  • D1 Recruits said,

    Just curious as to the D1 recruits NG has produced…let’s see Keenan was going D1 way before NG even knew who he was. Harris was a package deal Coach O worked out with Cal and Scarfone well I ain’t real sure how that happened even though I think the $$$
    played a part in that deal. other than these who else has got a D1 deal because of going to NG?