How To Watch The Nighthawks – Carolina Style!

Posted by Don Moore on December 11, 2010 at 6:00 pm under High School | 35 Comments to Read

When there’s a game on the TV and a Durham on the Radio, there is ONLY ONE WAY TO ENJOY IT.

Turn Down the TV sound and Turn Up The Radio!.

You can do that tonight.

Watch the Northern Guilford Nighthawks play the (Boiling Springs) Crest Chargers on your Computer (or Media Enhanced TV) courtesy of Time Warner Cable. Then LISTEN to the Play-By-Play with Andy Durham on the RADIO – either over the air at 950 AM or via the Internet.

Due to the enhanced coverage available via the Internet, we will not be running a Scoring Desk tonight.

  • go hawks said,

    watch hawks hold on 4th n 2 at goal line only to fumble in endzone for TD Crest 14 all in 4th

  • fffff said,

    4th quarter 6:28

  • go hawks said,

    hawks bounce back with another TD pass and go up 21 14 w/ 7 to go in 4th

  • go hawks said,

    kick off return to 15 yard line. run to 2 yd line. run stuffed by #42. penalty. then interception by #12 in endzone but tackleds at 2. hawks need to run out clock

  • go hawks said,

    punt from endzone to 30 yd line. little more than minute to go.

  • MatthewStover said,

    northern won 21-20

  • go hawks said,

    WOW Crest score TD 15 secs 21 20 crest mis extra point Hawks state champs!

  • Tom said,

    Congrats to the nighthawks and Coach Roscoe! State champs!

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    Congrats to Northern. Crest did not look as big and as bad as some people stated.

  • Tashelle said,

    Congrats to the Nighthawks!!!

  • Knowledge said,

    Congrats to Northern.

  • Nightmare said,

    Nighthawks now own Greensboro and the State so… all of you haters either get on the nighthawk
    GREATNESS train or shut the heck up!!

  • Ol' Bawl Coach Jr. said,

    Not so fast Mr. Nightmare…………The Eastside Boys took care of Northern at their place back in Sept. But congrats on that win tonite; you guys played very well and deserved this win. Most people around here won’t admit it openly but we pulled for Northern tonite.

  • ngfan said,

    Very proud of our boys especially since they didn’t play that well. The band was fabulous and we had hundreds of students there as well as hundreds of parents.

    this championship will stay with us and hopefully we will have nore in the near future.
    Boys Golf in spring 2010
    Football FAll 2010…

    Not bad for a school that is 4 years old.

  • Northern supporter 45 said,

    I am so proud of the Nighthawks’ players and coaches! What an accomplishment for a school that started only four years ago! It was an exciting and close game but you pulled off the win.

    Congratulations to the NC State 3-AA Champions!

    Congratulations also to Coach Roscoe for being the only coach to have a State Championship in North and South Carolina!

    This night will live in your hearts and minds for the rest of your lives!

  • Hawker said,

    Wow………just wow!!!! This was your night. Congratulations Nighthawks! You were great.

    MVP: Maurice Harris!!!
    Defense: Alan Hart!!!
    Offense: Rocco Scarfone!!!

    The community of fans loved this season and loves the young men you have become! Everyone of you.

    Coach Roscoe and staff……… made it happen. Congrats to you all as well.

  • ankersaway said,

    jason voorhees… you like apples?…yah….The NIGHTHAWKS are State Champs…..How do ya like them apples!!!!

  • played great said,

    ” Very proud of our boys especially since they didn’t play that well”

    SAY WHAT? they played really well IMO

  • Hawker said,

    waitin’ on a headline…………..

  • Nighthawk 1 said,

    Soooo proud of the Nighthawks tonight ! Your parents, fans, and friends thank you for a great year !!!!!! We will never forget this night ! Congratulations to the Northern Guilford Nighthawks 3AA State Champions !

  • Nighthawks are State Champs!!! said,

    Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us!! I know we have some people who continue to hate on Northern Guilford but we thank them too. They kept us motivated throughout the season. You need haters bc they keep you pushing to prove them wrong. As the comedian Katt Williams say ” Feel Free to Hate on Me.” We have great support from our Families and Friends and that is all we need. Not only did we win this championship for ourselves but we won it for all of you! Thank you for standing by us through the good and the bad….all there is left to say is…North Guilford is the State Champs……..BAD NEWWWWWSSSS!!!!!

  • Going Deep with Doran and Nicole said,

    Did the 2nd stringers get in so everyone was happy??

  • Unbiasfootballfan said,

    One of the best high school games I’ve ever seen. The Wilson Hunt game was one of the best before this one, but this one beat it hands down. I’m so proud of the NG players and coaches. What an incredible accomplishment. Beating 4 conference teams to get to the championship. Wow!!! Oh yeah, how about our band…Our band has been incredible all season and were even more last night. They were rocking and rolling. And most of all congrats go out to the fans, because on the East side of the stadium the Nighthawks fans must have numbered in the hundreds. We felt like kids again screaming defense, defense ,defense !!!! And when NG scored or made a good play, our side roared. I mean a thunderous roar!!! The other side must have wondered who in the heck are these people. The answer to that is ” THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK THAT’S WHO!!!!!! GO NIGHTHAWKS !!!!!

  • State Champs said,

    NG had lady luck on her side as Shrine Bowl kicker misses xtra point w/ skank left.

    Way to go NG!

  • ross said,

    Way to go Nighthawks , you represented Guilford County to the fullest
    Congratulations on your title…CHAMPS

  • No Rest for the Weary said,

    In a Completely Unrelated Issue from Spencer-Dixon Road…

    The football celebration was short-lived as Northern Guilford administrators were back at work today. Just goes to show that no job is over until the paperwork is complete. Requisition forms were completed and sent priority mail to Guilford County Schools for the immediate purchase of more “i dance” t-shirts. Even though the school receives monthly bulk orders, inventory has been severely depleted this fall and requests are at an all time high. But as a cost savings measure, only XXXL sizes have been ordered.

    Due to the immense success of the school’s dance program, classes are filled beyond capacity and causing a strain on the building’s occupancy. A plan is in the works for the construction of a separate building solely dedicated to the dance department. In order to save dance students time, the new building will be constructed next to the football stadium.

    Some folks work is never done….

  • DWTS said,

    Just a thought…..

    If college football don’t’ work out , there is always Dancing With The Stars.

  • unbiasfootballfan said,

    No Rest…that’s a good idea…have every school build an academy like Dudley’s and bring in recruits that way! That’s acceptable in Guilford County.

  • Nighthwawk Mom said,

    Do you guys really have nothing better to do than to think up a ridiculous post like that. Obviously you are just JEALOUS. Not only are you jealous that Northern has overcome so much adversity over the past few years to win the championship, but you must not be able to dance either. Give it a rest and get on with your life. Everyone else has!
    To the Nighthawk Football Team-you guys did an awesome job Saturday night. You are all a fine group of men that some in Guilford County are so jealous of. Hold your heads high and enjoy this time. You deserve it!

  • Don said,

    I thought the Dance Team T-Shirts was a funny post. Rocco takes dance class – what was he – like the only guy in a class full of girls – the Kid is a genius.

  • No Rest for the Weary said,

    …and there are lots of names being considered for the new Northern High School dance academy….

    However, nothing is finalized…..

  • old freshman coach said,

    congrats nighthawks job well done.mark mitchell you are the man.

  • curioius said,

    Nighthawk Mom,

    What adversity are you actually talking about? Did not know there was Adversity that surrounded the football team?

  • Nighthawk Mom said,

    You are correct that there was not any adversity surrounding the football team. As a mom of one of the players I have not heard of any issues with the football team. However, there always seems to be posters on this site who bring up the other issues from the past and try to relate that to everything Northern. We hear it all the time regardless of the sport. So, as a student of Northern they have had to overcome adversity in terms of the constant negative comments directed at the school as a whole.

  • Tom said,

    Perfectly said Nighthawk Mom. Negative comments are what drive sports blogs. Parents and kids need to ignore because it doesn’t amount to anything in the grand scheme of things. Northern won the championship so the kids, parents and coaches should simply enjoy it.