WS Reynolds tops Page girls on Saturday night….

Posted by Andy Durham on December 13, 2010 at 2:25 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

WS Reynolds 54
Page 43

Page (5-1, 1-0) 11 14 6 12
RJ Reynolds (5-1) 10 12 16 16


Brittany Drew 24
Kayla Johnson 7
Hannah Pegram 4
Aletta Smith 4
Imani Atkinson 2
Debrisha Barnes 2

RJ Reynolds

Whintey Knight 26
Marinique Lovett 6
Victoria Phipps 6
Danielle Redmond 6
Miranda Martin 5
Danielle Butler 2
Hunter Fleming 2
Yasmine Alston 1

  • Page vs Reynolds girls game said,

    I did not see Paris listed among the players that scored so I am assuming that she was not playing. If she did not play, then I can see how Reynolds could have won.

  • topfin29 said,

    Word is hairline fracture in her hand. I believe she’ll be back.

  • unknwn said,

    just because paris was not playing DOES NOT MEAN thats the reason PAGE lost for my looks Brittany Drew scored 23 pts. only two less than Whitney Knight we cant keep saying 1 person makes a team there is No I IN TEAM!!!!!!

  • to unknwn said,


    Yes, one person does not constitute a team, but just like you take Michael Jordan away from the Bulls then they dont win all those championships…So, quit drinking the haterade, because the way I see it, had Paris been there then they may have had a better chance of winning…Notice I didnt say they would have won, instead I said they would have had a better chance of winning, and it was easy to see why Paris not playing was one of the reasons that Reynolds won…

  • other factors said,

    Also, Page key defensive player atkinson has ankle injury and went down right after jump ball. Her minutes were very limited. So Page gave Reynolds a fight w/out Paris andAtkinson not really playing. Paris is key to that team but without Atkinson’s rebounds, hustle and defense that was missing too. However, Page played a great game and all of those girls worked hard. No I in team and paris is a great asset but Page can win without her…with her it just makes it more of a cakewalk…she’s a bonus..a HUGE bonus

  • the real unknwn said,

    paris is a key factor and so is brittany drew and imani because one person cant win the game by there self so when you got brittany at the wing and imani in the paint no way they should be losing and now take the whole page team and just leave paris aginst any team and let her do it by her self then we will see what happen