Something’s in the air….

Posted by Andy Durham on December 14, 2010 at 5:39 pm under High School | 14 Comments to Read

The wind is mighty cold out there today and we are hearing that the Eastern Alamance-Northern Guilford boys basketball game, has been cancelled for this evening…..This is not wind-related but, we are hearing that the Eastern Alamance Eagles needed some more time, to get their football players into basketball condition and that is the reason the game was cancelled/postponed….

We will do some more checking and try and find out when this game will be made up….Northern looking to add Daniel Downing, TJ Logan and possibly others to their team this week, now that the football season is complete….

More to come and the true answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind; if you can stay out there in the wind long enough to catch the answer….That has been some very cold wind over the past two days here in December…..

  • Recital said,

    Andy not sure if this is true but rumor is the game was canceled due to a dance recital
    tonight at NG.

  • fbfan said,

    Recital is right because the dance program at Northern is huge.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    I must admit that a transfer to participate in dance is more transparent than a transfer to the Academy —hopefully the males tutus are not transparent!!!!!!

  • ricosuave said,

    recital and fbfan…..the recital was cancelled as the main attraction is out with both of your mom’s.

  • justanopinion said,

    To Eddie Willis – Please think about what you said. I cannot accept to compare the Academy to the dance program. The dance program was offered when the school opened and there was never a football team . So what do you think was the reason to go there ? The football team had never practiced and didn’t even have a field. There was no successful program to walk into. It takes years to build a program. If you want to delve into the truth, do some leg work about the academy and see what you come up with before you make comments here that are just for a reaction. We all would appreciate it if you could get some information for us. I do believe you will have a different view when you do some research. I am definitely not trying to start anything with you, it is just hard to sit back and read comments that I know are not the truth. Thanks.

  • 77 Hornet said,

    If they transfer for academics, then they won’t mind sitting out of sports.

  • Hawker said,

    the BB game will be made up Monday Night.

    This whole dance thing is getting old………….I know that there are administrative transfers at all the high schools for various reasons. Leave it to the N&R to only cover Northern. There are two boys on the All Conference team for NW that are on administrative transfer. Could ya’ll complain about that for a while??

  • Get Real said,

    NG was the school that created all of the controversy in the first place –you win a state championship in basketball and football in the first few years of your existnce –are you serious??? I guess you did all of that with students from your attendance area.. There are many long established schools who have never won a state championship –oh that’s right, all the other GCS schools are terrible, their coaching stinks, you have better athletes, blah, blah, blah…On a related note — I would invite SK to coach at some other GCS schools –let’s see what happens when he has to coach ‘what is there” –oh that’s right, he can’t do that in GCS because he was fired–hmmmm, go figure.

  • just an opinion 2 said,

    To just an opinion: In the case of Northern Guilford High School they will ALWAYS have the black eye of what happened when the school first opened up. It is obviously a negative thing, but NO ONE can do anything about it. The past is the past, but NG will always be held to the standard that was there the first year and schools just don’t win state titles in major sports the very first year of the school. Now, to the football team of this year, I do believe congratulations are in order for their accomplishments. The policy by GCS has been established and for all anyone knows NG is just like every other school in the county and all participating athletes are eligible academically and demographically.

    I also agree with 77 Hornet, if they are there for academic purposes there would be no problem for them sitting out athletically. If they live in another attendance zone and go to a school for a special program then they have the ability to get back to their home school to play athletics.

  • Jason Voorhees said,

    I heard they are to start shooting the remake of “Footloose” based on what’s going on at NG. The story goes a kid transfers to a school to dance but ends up on the football team. Should be a big hit!

  • Tom said,

    I predict Jason is going to be wrong on all of his predictions.

  • Andy said,

    This is getting old….This post was about Eastern Alamance postponing the boys basketball game and not Northern postponing the game….Northern has been playing with the team they have for three weeks now…..The were ready and have been ready and have been playing well….

    The News and Record reported on the Northern football team the day of the game or whenever it was and they can be thanked for stirring up this mess….Smart move on their part, question Northern’s football program the day of the Championship Game….

    We are moving on to basketball in a big way, or at least I would like to think so and we can pick up on more topics……I don’t believe you are going to have much success turning people against Northern, I think more and more people are starting to get on board with them now in show of support for Northern after the won that 3-AA Championship for Guilford County and I for one would like to again thank them for the bringing the title our way and we can all share in the success of a Guilford County team….

    Maybe next year one of our other teams will win a title and those of us that appreciate the efforts of our Guilford County kids can trumpet that team and their work too….

    Thanks to the News and Record, always a busy day here, but why is it never busy over there?????

    *****With just a footnote there have been some good comments on this topic and the insight some of you have shown is well stated, but so much of the talk has been silly and many times I have been at fault myself with silly headlines and attempts at comical and humorous content, but we will continue to strive to get away from that and cover the material at hand in an above board manner and try as much as possible to keep the lines open for educational dialouge….*****

  • go tigers said,

    Northern should be congratulated on their championship. Good for them and good for the boys and coaches that worked so hard.

    With the recent history you have to expect some raised eyebrows. I don’t doubt that 98%, and maybe all the kids are supposed to be at that school. As to the kid going to Northern for dance, sure, i doubt he is seriously interested in dance but he found a legal way to go to school there. Most schools have an angle to achieve the same thing. Dudley has their Academy, at Grimsley you used to say you wanted to take Hebrew to go there, ragsdale has ROTC (as do a few other schools), several schools have the IB program (NW, Smith, Grisley, HPC and maybe more) although you have to go to the IB program nearest you. Not everyone does that. But just about every school has a way for you to get there. High Point Central has their culinary school. The kid found a legal way to attend Northern. Move on and offer congratulations

  • Hawker said,

    Thanks for the comments, Andy. Well said. As a Northern parent, I chuckle at some of the comments. The point being that legal transfers are just that…legal; being scrutizined and approved by the the GC Board of Education. They are at every school for whatever reason………I knew a kid who played four years of lacrosse at Grimsley due to an admin transfer for Hebrew. DON’T HATE US CAUSE WE DANCE!