Tuesday Night Hoops – 12/14/10

Posted by Don Moore on December 14, 2010 at 9:06 pm under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Varsity Boys
Grimsley 72
Page 67

Grimsley(5-0) Page(3-4)
*****See scoring below*****

JV Boys
Grimsley – 36
Page – 31

Grimsley __ 5 __ 10 ___ 6 ____ 8 === 29
Page _____ 8 ___ 7 ___ 17 ___ 15 === 47

Page (6-1, 2-0): Brittany Drew – 20, Kayla Johnson – 11, Aletta Smith – 6, Imani Atkinson – 4, Hannah Pegram – 2, Olivia Seeger – 2, Donika Whitsett – 2.
Grimsley (?? – ??, 0-3): R. Henshall – 11, H. Braye – 5, S. Rich – 4, B. Austion – 3, B. Carmen – 2, R. Reese – 2,
C. Smith – 2.

Boys at the Half
Grimsley – 38
Page – 26

Grimsley-Page boys rewind….1st Q Grimsley 15, Page 14…Halftime Grimsley 38, Page 26…3rd Q Grimsley 52, Page 47…

Grimsley scoring….Montrell Goldsten 20 points…Travon Woods 17 points…Burrell Brown 15 points…Jake Mulvey 7 pts…Diquan Purvis 5…Kevin Walton 3…Nevada Anderson 3…Brian Doss 2 pts….Grimsley hit 10 threes and Travon Woods converted six key free throws late in the game….

Page scoring…James Summers 24 points…Justin Conners 13 points…Frank Eaves 11 pts…Jackson Kent 11 pts…Bryson Fonville 7 pts…..James Summers was 12-12 at the foul line in the second half for Page….

  • curious said,

    what did senior brittany drew do in this game

  • Daijon Wray said,

    Brittany “BD” Drew went off. 20 points.!!!Thats whats up.! Keep working hard girl.!!

  • dale fulton said,

    Boy’s score?

  • hoops fan said,

    Eastern Guilford boys -57
    Morehead – 55

  • pirate said,

    GHS boys by 5 or 6. Tied w/ less than 2 to as Page fought from 18 down. But Page had defense lapse and questionable offensive foul call to hurt their chances. Burrel Brown was injured(ankle), which allowed Page to press in 2nd half and create havoc and many turnovers. Both teams look weak in middle. Good hard fought game.

  • Get Real said,

    Andy, I dont know if you were at the game last night but some credit need to go out to a great coach. I am “Not” talking about a high school coach that goes out every year and gets a team of all stars to coach and then gets all the credit for winning. I talking about a coach the plays the hand the he is delt every year and still continues to win. He is a great teacher in the class room and a recent father. He lost 4 starters from last year’s team, by the way they won the Little Four and are seeded 4th or 5th this year. ????? I am talking about Coach Corbett at Grimsley, a Real Coach!

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    Can’t agree more,a true testament of a coach who works with what he has and doesn’t complain,he just works that much harder to get the best out of what he has.

  • Andy said,

    I was there and I have written several pieces about him and the job he has been doing here at the site this season….I was one of the very first ones to detail what Grimsley has been doing….You are exactly right….

    On a side note, did anyone see the halftime/halfcourt shot by Jim Brogden last night????Adam’s dad and Leon’s son, can shoot the rock…..

  • DA WHIRLIE said,

    Coach Corbett is doing a great job. It seems like when many thought they were running towards greener pastures, Coach just worked with what he had and made it work anyway. He has better team chemistry now that the others are gone! Right now him and North East Guilford Coach are front runners for Coach of the Year.

  • bobby coley said,

    Coach Corbett does do a good job, but Kent makes him look even better. If Kent has won 500 games, then someone else could have won 650 with the same teams. He is way too old school!!!!!!

  • Andy said,

    Coach Kent won a State Championship at Southwest Guilford and Coach Corbett used to be one of Coach Kent’s assistant coaches at Page….Coach Corbett learned quite a bit from Coach Kent and the discipline that Coach Corbett learned from Kent and from his dad Don Corbett, shows in what Grimsley does….I know for a fact that Coach Corbett has a lot of respect for Coach Kent….

    On this one, you are wrong and you don’t know what you are talking about….

  • old school works bobby coley said,

    old school still works mr. coley. where do you get off talking about coach kent like that? he is a good coach he won 500 games because he can coach much like some super coaches around here who steals every ones players and then say they are a good coach. bull crap. hell if you give me the best kids in the triad i can win as well , not much coaching to do , except get them to play together and learn your system if you have one. coach corbett is a good coach as well he has his players and he coaches his players that came to grimsley and not bought like some high school players parents were? give us a break bobby coley go back under that rock.

  • Andy said,

    It doesn’t really matter who Coach Kent has on his team….Two years ago, Mount Tabor won the 4-A title with CJ Harris(Wake Forest), Mike Grace(Yale) and Josh Hicks(ODU) and Mt. Tabor only lost one game all year on their way to the title….The one loss was to Coach Kent’s team at PAGE…..

  • T.L. Clary said,

    My son has had the pleasure of having Coach Kent coach him it AAU. He is not only a great coach but a great mentor and role model. My son blew his knee out playing Page last week and Coach Kent has been in touch by calls every since. He truly cares about all the players(his players and the ones on the other team). Most parents want coaches that can not only teach their sons the game of basketball but someone that they can emulate in the game of life. I don’t think that you will go wrong with Coach Kent.

  • pirate said,

    Very well said Mr Clary!

    Sorry about your son! That stinks.