HS Basketball Polls for 12/15/2010

Posted by Andy Durham on December 15, 2010 at 2:10 pm under High School | 19 Comments to Read

We’ll work with it a little this week, tweak it or tweet it and come back with our new installment next week….Feel free to come up with your own fan polls in the comment box…….

Boys Public School Poll:
#1 Northeast Guilford(6-0)
#2 Grimsley(5-0)
#3 Southwest Guilford(4-2)
#4 High Point Andrews(4-1)
#5 Smith(5-3)
#6 Dudley(4-2)
#7 Northern Guilford(3-1)
#8 Page(3-4)
#9 Ragsdale(3-4)
#10 Northwest Guilford(2-3)

Girls Public School Poll:
#1 Dudley(7-0)
#2 Southwest Guilford(6-0)
#3 Southeast Guilford(6-1)
#4 Eastern Guilford(5-0)
#5 Page(6-1)
#6 High Point Central(5-1)
#7 Northern Guilford(4-1)
#8 Northwest Guilford(4-1)
#9 Ragsdale(4-3)
#10 Southern Guilford(3-3)

Private School Boys:
#1 Oak Ridge Military Academy(10-1)
#2 Westchester Country Day(7-3)
#3 Greensboro Day School(6-2)
#4 High Point Christian Academy(7-3)
#5 High Point Wesleyan(6-2)
#6 Forsyth Country Day(3-4)
#7 Caldwell Acadmey(4-2)
#8 Shining Light Academy(9-1)
#9 Vandalia Christian School(4-3)
#10 Guilford Home School/Educators(Not Available)

Combined Boys Poll:
#1 ORMA(10-1)
#2 Westchester(7-3)
#3 Greensboro Day(6-2)
#4 Northeast Guilford(6-0)
#5 Grimsley(5-0)
#6 Southwest Guilford(4-2)
#7 High Point Andrews(4-1)
#8 High Point Christian Academy(7-3)
#9 Smith(5-3)
#10 Dudley(4-2)

  • just an opinion said,

    Smith would roll Grimsley and Southwest and probably beat Andrews in my opinion.

    Corbett has done great with Grimsley, but they have beaten all very average teams. Certainly playing above their expectations and are doing a good job. Just don’t think they are #5 in area. Same can be said for Southwest at #6.

    Westchester is an iffy pick at 2 because it all depends on whether or not they feel like playing. they played together at HPC and were able to come away with a win. They can’t just play hard against their rival.

    GDS is always good, just don’t know how good this year. Only good teams they’ve played this year they have lost to I believe in Ravenscroft and Upper Room. If they have beaten a better team someone let me know because I haven’t studied their schedule.

    ORMA is certainly the best team in the area. Have the talent, are beatable but right now they are the best.

    High Point Christian’s 3 losses are to Charlotte Christian, which is a top 5 team in NC overall, ORMA, and Westchester. Those are 3 “good” losses. They have played a tough schedule and beat a good team in Wesleyan who is certainly a top 10 area team. Private schoole ball is much better than public school ball this year in my opinion

    This is good stuff Andy, it will spark some good discussion. If I were you I would’ve ranked ORMA #8 just to sit back and have a good laugh at all the comments.

  • ORMA said,

    lets goo ORMAA!! when is there gonna be state rankings

  • poll question said,

    Why is Forsyth Country Day in this poll? They are not in Guilford County.

  • WildCat23 said,

    OMG! EG got that WIN over SWG! Huffman scored 20+, not sure exact points. Wildcats looked amazing led by Huffman! Please report this soon…

    Cats looked nice and scrappy tonight! Keep up the good work guys…

  • Andy said,

    Forsyth Country Day got in because we needed 10 to round out the Private Schoo Poll…FCD plays GDS, HPW, WCD and maybe HPCA….They play most of the private schools in our poll….Westchester Country Day is not in Guilford County either….WCD is in Davidson County if my geography serves me correctly….If you guys can find us some more private schools we’ll bring them in, but FCD is a very good school….

  • privschfan said,

    Wesleyan’s record is 6-2.

  • where is OMRA & GDS girls said,

    You did note the ORMA or GDS girls. They have great and good teams between them. ORMA has a whole team of future college players and GDS has about 5 future college players.

  • Fan said,

    Northwest Guilford girls record is 4-1, not 5-2

  • Andy said,

    We will make the adjustment for the NWG girls and do a double-check on HP Wesleyan….We are going by MaxPreps.com and they are doing a pretty good job this year, but they had the NWG girls with a loss to Eastern Guilford and the Vikings did not play EG….It’s going to be hard to a poll with the Private Schoo Girls, but I will work to come up with something for next week….ORMA #1, GDS #2, I guess and we will look for more…HPW has a team and we will look them up too….

  • witness said,

    Dudley is finally getting their act together… the young panthers are starting to get the some chemistry and are FINALLY getting their shots to go in the basket. they have one 4 in a row after a rough start including two very impressive back-to-back wins against GW-DANVILLE. These panther pups only have ONE senior on the team (who sees limited action). look for the panthers to make a strong run from here on out. They have talent, but very little experience in some positions. once they find out who they want to play the point guard position …. they will be ready to roll. its clear that Sam Hunt is better at the shooting guard position. As they gain experience, look out for the panther pups

  • James M said,

    I agree that Oak Ridge is the best in the area as well as the country but they don’t even have a classification and also can be considered a post grad school that can recruit. How is that right to put a school with 5th year seniors on a board of schools that are actually legit?

  • unbiased said,

    ames, not sure I understand your statement. Practically every private school has players that have reclassed. GDS probably has more than anyone. Are you saying all private schools with reclassed players or just ORMA?

  • Andy said,

    We put the Privates with the privates and that seperates them from the publics…..Are there problems among the privates, there have been no major ommissions and what we have is based on general W/L information……

  • truth said,

    JAmes M NO ONE on the BASKETBALL team is a post grad or reclassed that was only with FOOTBALL! Everyone on the team is in there right class

  • ORMA Football said,

    Speaking of football does anyone know the future of the ORMA Football ?
    I had heard that Coach O had been given a position at Cal as the an Academic Advisor.

  • What? said,

    That would great for ORMA! He needs to go somewhere.

  • poll question said,

    If that is the reasoning for Forsyth Country Day, then what does this poll encompass? Does it include Guilford, Davidson, and Forsyth Counties? If so then there are lots of other schools to consider. Is it a Guilford Poll? What about the Home School? That is not a school just a group of kids that get home schooled. Just seemds kind of random. Just wondering what this was an actual poll of.

  • Andy said,

    The public school poll is made of public school teams playing basketball in Guilford County and we have listed the teams that we think are the best ten for this week on the boys and girls side….We did not list(poll) all the teams and there are 15 of them, since many teams have poor records and there is no need to list a team that is (0-10) just to make sure they are in a poll….

    The objective is have 10 teams in all of our polls and if you look close you will see that there are 10 teams in each of the polls and we have to dig to bring in other private school teams(ie. American Hebrew) to complete a 10 team list….We will continue to look at other private schools in our area as we build the private school poll….Right now there are just not private girls teams to complete a poll for them and we’ll continue to work on that poll….

    The combo poll would give you the best 10 public and private schools in our area based on their record, their schedule and their talent and what they are doing with that talent….

    Look at the poll closely each week and even if you aren’t from this area you ought to be able to figure it out……I attend as many as 5-6 high school games a week and more than that if you factor in the girls games and that includes public and private school games…..The stops probably come out to more like 5-6 nights a week of games and see the teams……

    Read this site each and read it close and you will know what the schedules are how things operate here, and if you don’t you might be lost….This is where you will find the high school basketball news for this season and that is about as clear as I can make it without drawing you a map…….And I could have used one last night as I traveled from EG to NEG, but I got great directions from EG’s Scott Loosemore and I blazed the trail down McCleansville Road…..

    Again, if you read here every day you will learn all the names of the schools and the players…..If not you won’t have a clue……..

    More than you need, but I’ve got a feeling you can use it……

  • panther said,

    Southeast Guilford, get ready for a major beat down tomorrow from our Pantherettes! Yall stole one last year! AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN THIS YEAR!