A Cowboys Christmas Carol by Marg Doran

Posted by Don Moore on December 16, 2010 at 6:43 am under Professional | 5 Comments to Read

Twas the Night before Christmas and on the TV
the Cowboys were playing, behind #3.

The game was a good one, the boys were ahead,
they were playing the Panthers, a sure win they said.

With halftime approaching and Jones feeling merry,
the players were happy. – no hatchet from Jerry!

The Cowboys were playing on top of their game.
I continued to cheer for each Cowboy by name:

Go Austin, go Brooking, go Bryant and Rucker!
On Newman, on Williams, on Whitten and Barber!

When out on the field a big ruckus was brewing
It’s Richardson, Jones – – and Garrett was viewing!

The owners were jawing and showing their power
And who is that with them? I think it’s Bill Cowher!

Money was offered, you know I’m not lying,
Cowher was jolly and checkbooks were crying!

It’s easy to guess who’d win the big fight
America’s team or the Panthers – who bite!

So adding a hat to his head with a star
Bill walked off the field and got into his car.

He opened his window, and said with a wink:
“Merry Christmas to all – and you Panthers still ….
have a chance to get Wade Phillips or Brad Childress!”

  • cowboys still suck said,

    My name says it all!

  • topfin29 said,

    My new years resolution is to sit and watch the Super Bowl and hope to get a glimpse of Jerry Jones in his box watching somebody other than the Cowboys play!

  • americasteam said,

    you are a poet and didnt know it but you feet show it because they are longfekkows

  • americasteam said,

    make that longfellows-how about daniel snyder and shanahan what a team

  • donmeredith said,

    make that longfellows