Duncan not a daddy, but former Ragsdale hoopster returns as a mom at Greensboro College

Posted by Andy Durham on December 16, 2010 at 5:41 pm under College, High School | 12 Comments to Read

CLICK HERE to see Danielle Duncan and her son.

Danielle Duncan (Greensboro, NC/Ragsdale) learned a lot in her one year away from the Greensboro College women’s basketball program. She returned as a mother and is helping The Pride to its best start (8-0) in program history.

The junior post player leads GC with a 23-point-per-game scoring average. Those are better numbers than before she gave birth to her son, Micah, on Jan. 3, 2010.

“I’m more focused on my main priorities now,” Duncan said. “There’s Micah, school and basketball, and not much time for anything else. I don’t have much free time for my friends, but they understand.”

Duncan would not be able to maintain her busy schedule without help. The Ragsdale High School graduate gives a huge assist to her parents: Michael and Melanie Duncan.

Another supportive player in Duncan’s life has been Pride Head Basketball Coach Randy Tuggle. “He’s been helpful now and was helpful in my time away,” Duncan said.

“I don’t think Danielle has missed a beat since she returned, and maybe is better,” Tuggle said. “She puts in more time in the gym working out on her own. She lost something important–basketball–and now is making of it playing ball.”

This year’s team success requires comparisons to her last club–the record-setting 2008-09 club that went 27-3 and 18-0 in USA South regular season play.

“We’ve gotten off to a better start, so there’s no reason why we can’t finish better, too,” Duncan explained. “I think this team is quicker and more athletic. However, that was a special team and we have a long way to go to match the 2008-09 team.”

Duncan surpassed 1,000 points in her GC career on Dec. 12. It took her just 62 games to reach the 1K milestone.

The 6-foot post player, is an exercise and sports science major at Greensboro College. Her emphasis is in sports administration. She’s not sure of her future career, but will stay active in basketball.

“I definitely will be involved in coaching,” Duncan said. “I may go to graduate school, but I will coach after I finish playing.”

In the near future, Duncan can enjoy being on an unbeaten team for the next few weeks. With a brief break from books and basketball, she can also focus on motherhood during the holiday season.

  • coach Robinson said,

    Danielle does have a great support system at home with great parents. Congrats Danielle and good luck on the rest of your season

  • don j said,

    Greensboro College should get a lot of AAU recruits from this area. They have been doing a great job. Are their any players out there interested?

  • Alumni said,

    Have you seen that school lately???? look at the back of the bldg from Spring street the outside wall is caved in and they want $34,000 per year to go there….Now let’s ask that question again are their any players out there interested?

  • Maravich said,

    Methinks Alumni is “Guilford Alumni.” Greensboro College has made huge strides in getting the school back on track. Great job Danielle and the rest of The Pride. Happy holidays.

  • Huh? said,

    What does the headline on this piece even mean?

  • Alumni said,

    With a sports information person writing that headline….yeah that place is making great strides……..good point ugh!

  • Andy said,

    Read the article…It is a positive piece and you can click on the link and learn more about a single-parent raising a child while still enrolled in college and playing and leading her college basketball team to victories…

    Without the headline you would have completely passed this article by and that’s what makes this site work…

    I know how to peak your interest and this article and it’s headline proves my point….You are asking questions and you are learning from a master….Welcome to the University Center in Durham, N.C./Greensboro satellite offices….

    Keep reading these fine works and you might be able to claim what you have leaned toward your post-graduate degrees….

    We do not take a break for Christmas, so we will be in session throughout the holidays…..Good chance to earn some extra credits….And glad to help you all and there will be much more to follow….

  • Junior Samples said,

    Do what the man said and read the article. You MTA Truck Driving School graduates just can’t comprehend this stuff. Remember how it went back out on the road, it was P for Park, D for Drive and R was read and you might be able to see the signs. Give me a brake and put the hammer down will you. Can you MTA grads read or not?

    We need to call Dean Martin in here!

  • Local Schools said,

    Its seems like Greensboro College, Guilford College and GTCC are great schools for girls and boys to attend to play basketball and futher their education. Look how well Greensboro College under Coach Tuttle is doing. Danielle Duncan (Ragsdale)and Chevena Pickard (Page) both play there and they were some of the best in their class when they graduated. They both played AAU basketball as well. Look how well Jazmine Gibbs ( SEG) is doing at Guilford College. The Alvarado kid played for River Mill and was First Team All Region her senior year. Nikki Welborn played for power house Graham. This is the place to be if you play AAU Ball.

    Does anyone disagree?

  • Alumni said,


  • Huh? said,

    @Andy: I read the article. The article (plagiarized from the Greensboro College sports site) was fine. But the headline — at least the “Duncan not a daddy” part — made no sense whatever. The article caught my eye because of the mention of GC, not because of what you’re apparently claiming was an intentional non sequitur.

    If you think posting intentionally nonsensical headlines is a viable way to build reader trust and confidence, you’re sadly mistaken. And if you think plagiarism is a viable business model, you’re going to be sadder still.

  • Andy said,

    I could give you a lot more details pro, but the deal is they send it and I print it every day….They like the fact that I help put them on the map, because they realize the large following that I have…..If you jump off, I’ll still have 5,999 followers today…My headlines have made it as far as the LA Times…My creativity put me and this town on the map….

    No brag, just fact………