High School Hoops Tonight for 12/17/10(Smith at Greensboro Day on Saturday night)

Posted by Andy Durham on December 17, 2010 at 8:08 pm under High School | 3 Comments to Read

Greensboro Day School 74
Brisbane Academy(Charlotte) 40

GDS(7-2) Brisbane(5-5)
*****GDS vs. Smith(5-3), tomorrow(Saturday) night at 7:30/7:45, at GDS….*****

Game rewind:1st Q GDS 18, Brisbane 6…Halftime GDS 33, Brisbane 17…3rd Q GDS 56, Brisbane 26….Final GDS 74, Brisbane 40….

Greensboro Day scoring….Reed Lucas 17 points…Quayshad Williams 14…Jalen Ross 10 points…John Terry 8 pts…Jake White 7 pts…Robert Kleinman 6 pts…Jaleel Roberts 4 pts…Jordan Robertson 3 pts…Christian Hairston 2pts…Andrew Magod 2 pts…Jabri Bradford 2 pts….

Brisbane scoring….Gibson 14 points…Estes 9 pts…Crawford 6 pts…Jones 5 pts…Stewart 4 pts…Stones 2 pts….

*****Oak Ridge Military Academy topped Brisbane 89-54 earlier in the season, so very similar scores with then and now, when you look at the big picture….GDS 34 point difference with win over Brisbane and ORMA 35 point difference with win over Brisbane…Brisbane has been catching in all directions and they have been living in the 30’s when they meet teams from our area and it is cold when GDS and ORMA hit the 30-point margins on them(Brisbane)….*****

  • dale fulton said,

    I thought we really looked good tonight, but I would like to see us play a higher level of competition. Charlotte Latin must really be having a down year based on the Wesleyan score. Smith tonight for a “W” and then another Pizza Hut championship unless Northeast is better tha I think—personally, I think basketball in the triad area is waaaaaay down except for us, OaK Ridge, Westchester, and maybe even Wesleyan (HPCA has to prove they have anything other than the 2 Page defectors to me).
    happy Holidays!!!
    Dale fulton

  • Andy said,

    You better not sleep on Smith….Eagles are very athletic and they are quick/fast….Wimbush can stick the three and Tracy Gathings is a good as any player we have in the area….Drew Williams is a keeper and their inside game will be the key….How will they match up with the BIG THREE? I think Roberts may be able to block a shot from outside the top of the key as he ascends from the lower blocks along the lane….

    Reed Lucas has shown much improvement since arriving at GDS…Saw him going vertical last night and just wanted to say, “good job young man”…..Williams(Quayshad) was also aggresive for the Bengals inside…..

    The Eagles have landed and they will be ready, “They’ve got Basketball Jones”….Coach Brian Jones and guard Darian Jones….

  • justafan said,

    Wait did he just compare that group at GDS to Oakridge. GDS should not be mentioned in the same sentence with Oakridge.