One year ago this very day we had SNOW and therefore NO GAMES!(But wait, there was one game…)

Posted by Andy Durham on December 17, 2010 at 10:34 am under High School | Comments are off for this article

It started snowing at about NOON, one year ago today on December 18, 2009…..

The schools all hustled to let out by 1pm and with the close of school and the heavy snow, NO SCHOOL one year ago today….We were set to be at PAGE to call/broadcast the PAGE-Grimsley game and with the snow, there goes/went our game….NO SCHOOL/NO GAMES! SCHOOLS CLOSE/NO GAMES!!!

But one year ago today, all was not lost….Greensboro Day School was set to play High Point Christian on this day, and they game was on and all the local basketball fans were headed out to the Greensboro Day School on Lawndale Drive…They moved the game up and it started at about 1pm and this was the day, at Day, that we would see the return to the court of Mitchell Oates….

Oates had been out of the HPCA lineup all season long and since he had just joined the team/school in the fall of 2009, this would be his first action of the year and our first look at him in the HPCA uniform, after watching Mitch at Page in the previous season….

Oates came out like a house on fire and GDS was missing several players due to illness and this game was pretty darn close, until late in the 4th quarter when the Day School turned up the heat and Oates’ arm/firing mechanism got tired and his shots started going off course….

Solid game from both sides and Oates really put on a show early and it was a miracle we even had a show to attend, with all the snow, one would think no show/game….

As the game ended and we headed to our cars, we found we were almost snowed in and locked down in the Upper School parking lot on Lawndale….But not enough snow, we still had to go and we did, on up the road/street…Nothing was going to stop, or derail, our next meal and that would soon come at the Steak n Shake on Lawndale Drive……

And so the story goes, when it snows, NO SCHOOL and therefore NO GAMES, but when you are a Bengal and you believe, anything can happen, even if it is not Christmas morning and you don’t have to be in Virginia to see a good basketball game on a snowy afternoon in December…..Just ask John Walton Sr.(Ralph Waite), I thought I saw him in the parking lot shoveling snow off of his truck last year on this very day……

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