One more time on those High School Hoops today/tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on December 18, 2010 at 10:29 am under High School | 12 Comments to Read

Flora McDonald at Oak Ridge Military Academy 7pm
Smith at Greensboro Day School 7:30pm[Game was canceled….See details in the comment section below.]
High Point Christian Academy in the Florida Tournament[See results above.]

  • truth said,

    quincy miller is out for the year that means westchester is gonna suck from here on out!!! ahahaa

  • North Lawndale said,

    Smith vs. GDS has been canceled tonight. No reason was given.

  • ORMA Fan said,

    Is the Oak Ridge boys and girl’s games still on??

  • Andy said,

    Last I heard Greensboro Day was still playing, but it will be at GDS…..Could be wrong, but that is the last that I heard and it was at around 3:30pm…

    I would think that ORMA would play too…Could be wrong, call in advance.

  • Jeff Terry said,

    The Smith vs GDS game is canceled.

  • Andy said,

    Looked like it was going to be a good night for HS basketball….Hate that the GDS-Smith game got canceled….The way the roads were looking, I thought they would have got that game in…..Was getting pumped up after seeing the final minute or so of the North Carolina-Texas game and not having a high school game tonight kind of leaves you with an empty feeling…..Hate they didn’t get this game in at GDS but, oh well…….Crank it back up again on Monday, I guess…..

  • ORMA Fan said,

    How did Jacob Lawson and the fellas do tonight??

  • Knowledge said,

    Smith cancelled their game against GDS today because of snow.

  • Andy said,

    Knowledge is valuable and that is the word we received by way of text and that word was that Smith cancelled on Greensboro Day due to the snow….Must have been concern on the part of Smith that things were a bit snowy earlier and that they might have gotten worse and they didn’t want to put their kids in a threatening position(harm’s way) if the weather would have gotten worse….

    I know for a fact that last year when High Point Christian came over to GDS on Friday December 18 the snow was coming down heavy and the band and the game played on and it really got worse later on after the game was complete, but the Bengal band and the basketball team played on….

    About two-three weeks later the weather got rough as GDS went over to High Point Wesleyan, but the band and team played on at that one too and it started at about 4pm in the afternoon and by the time we came out of that gym, it was a snowstorm out there, but the band/teams played on…..

    Hate we didn’t get the game in tonight, but we will have to respect Smith’s decision even if we don’t agree with it….Kids are under their watch and they have to watch out for the kids, no matter what the conditions are…..

  • Ballin said,

    Smith HS and GDS should have played. Looks like the Eagles were saved by the bell. This is the second year Smith has found a way to back out?

  • creepy krawler said,

    What’s this I keep hearing on my radar about Metro COY wanting to leave Smith? Had been hearing that he was trying to go down to Fayetteville,but also heard that the “big boi” in charge wanted to git rid of him. Where there’s smoke . . . .there’s sure to be a fire ! Same ol’ Smith or better say SOSh lmao

  • No school, no games said,

    Lots of games could have played however when there is no PUBLIC school the day in question they also cancel after school functions. Main roads were not bad but my street was all ice and 3 buses ride that rode in the mornings.