Washington Redskins still very upset over mis-trade: Thought they were getting Michael Vick and ended up with Donovan McNabb

Posted by Andy Durham on December 19, 2010 at 4:10 pm under Professional | 7 Comments to Read

The fans up in Washington, D.C. are really starting to get mad here late in the 2010 football season and the more they think about it, the madder and more upset they get…

You see, the Redskin fans thought they were getting Michael Vick, when that trade was made last summer and they ending up getting Donovan McNabb instead and today the ‘Skins decided to go with Rex Grossman at QB…

The ‘Skins traded away a future superstar in Jason Campbell, because they knew that genius coach Mike Shanahan would be able to help them get Michael Vick and then all the team’s offensive problems would be solved….

Can you imagine the surprised look on the faces of the decision-makers in the front office, when they looked out there last week and realized that the quaterback that had been leading their team all seson long wasn’t Michael Vick, that was Donovan McNabb out there calling the signals….

Somebody better call Andy Reid and tell him that we’ve been snuckered….We thought we were getting Michael Vick and we got Donovan McNabb….You’d think that the Genuis II, Kyle Shanahan, would have suspected something before Week 14 of the season….

I guess it could happen to any team, but man the ‘Skins got railroaded…..They thought they were getting Michael Vick and they ended up with Donovan McNabb….Talk about a case of mis-trade/mis-treatment….They got the shaft…..Vick was supposed to be in Washington and McNabb could have stayed in Philly……The Shanahans got shafted and I thought Mike and Kyle knew talent…..

When’s Vick gonna realize he is in the wrong town and show up in DC, or maybe he’ll appear in Landover, Maryland in time for Christmas……

Somebody stole something and this time it looks like Daniel Snyder took the Washington Redskins away from the fans, the day he stole the team from the Jack Kent Cooke family……Since that day, coal has been the stone of choice, on Christmas Eve in D.C………….

Calling Michael Vick, calling Michael Vick, calling Michael Vick,…..Your trade and train/plane for Washington, D.C. have been cleared for takeoff…….

  • Turbo said,

    Rex Grossman did not play bad at all today. Redskins will be ok, they dont need McNabb, just some good blocking and more heart.

  • Mike said,

    How did McNabb get an extension a few weeks ago?
    I need his agent.
    I think I’m going to form a rock band, write some books, and do some films. All on the up and up, of course.

  • jthiesman said,

    i wil be coming back for 2011 if i can ever find dan snyder for my new contract

  • donovan said,

    you got the right quarterback but the wrong coach i thought bill parcells was coaching this team

  • Andy said,

    Maybe Grossman laid it all out yesterday, but I still wish the Skins had Vick….The Carolina Panthers could have used him too and the Georgia Bulldogs need to call Vick and ask him about starting an endowment there in Athens…..

  • pa-leese said,

    Ya’ll aint thought no sucha thang ,you had a good qb in Jason Campbell,but, you weren’t patient with him. How could he win when (1) he had a different Ocord every year he was there,(2) never had a since of urgency to build an Oline,(3) wasteful money on bs defenders,(4) a coach that still thinks John Elway is still playin’.Was a Skins’ fan from the time before they ever had a black player on the team(much less a black super bowl winning qb that you messed over)The Campbell thing and now McNabb . . .I put everything that I ever owned by Washington in the tras and burnt it, just in time before Xmas. They’ll never mount to much now; you could put them and those sorry butt Panthers in a bag, shakeum up, and wait on which one falls out first . . . . .neither. C’ya, I got me a new team . . . . . Cam Newton and wherever he goes,enuff of this mason-dixon bs !

  • Andy said,

    I was just down the hall when they signed the contract…..I have a good feel for what was going on…..