What’s in a name/title? This seems kind of plain, “The Fighter”…

Posted by Andy Durham on December 19, 2010 at 3:33 pm under Professional | 5 Comments to Read

What happened to the guy in charge of naming the movies????? A couple of years back we had a good one, but boy it was coming at us with about as basic of a name, as you will ever see, in “The Wrestler”….

Did they fire the naming or the title committee??? We now have another new sports-type movie and it is called, “The Fighter”…..Mark Wahlberg, a pretty good actor(also in Invincible) stars in the new flick, with the plain name, “The Fighter”…..

What about “The Boxer”, or even cut some other quickies and why don’t we just come out with “The Doctor”, “The Lawyer”, “The Teacher”, “The Preacher”, “The Coach”, “The Quarterback”, “The Truckdriver”, “The Blogger”, “The Dishwasher”, “The Disc Jockey”, “The Talk Show Host”, “The Sportswriter”, “The Computer”, “The MP3 Player”, “The Microphone”, “The Cigarette Lighter”, The Antenna”, “The Period”, “The Question Mark”, “The Answer”, “The Apostrophe”, “The Rock Thrower”, “The Catcher”, “The Pitcher”, “The Undewear Stitcher”…..And on and on we could go….

You get the idea. The movie makers need to come up with some more creative names, that are not so lame and plain……

  • Siskel/Ebert Maravich said,

    What’s in a name, brother? The movie is great and that’s what matters. It’s good art, baby!

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    …says the guy who writes the awful(ly punny) headlines on this website.

  • Andy said,

    These headlines might be punny, but they’re sure not puny….I have the talent and I must share it with the people….I know my territory and I am willing to enhance those in need of higher education/learning….That is why they call me, “The Graduate”…..And I’ve got the Benjamins to prove it Robinson……..

  • Jason Voorhees said,

    What a dork!

  • Andy said,

    Thanks, I needed that…..