Are there holes in the polls? Jump-in or jump-out???(Go ahead and JUMP!)

Posted by Andy Durham on December 20, 2010 at 10:41 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

You’ve seen the HS Basketball polls and now we can look back at the Greensboro News-Record’s polls and do any of these polls have holes and how would you fill them in and do you Jump-in or jump-out with the teams in our polls and their polls???

Preseason Greensboro News-Records Lucky 7 Girls & Boys Basketball Teams


1. Southwest Guilford
2. Oak Ridge Military
3. Dudley
4. Bishop McGuiness
5. Northern Guilford
6. Northwest Guilford
7. Page


1. Westchester
2. Oak Ridge
3. Dudley
4. Greensboro Day
5. Andrews
6. Northeast Guilford
7. Western Guilford

Let us have your thoughts. Have there been any surprises or dissapointments and
Why? Have there been situations where teams have let you down and they did not step up?

  • Let them play said,

    These rankings are just for people to talk about. If you really want to see who is number 1, let them play for it. Tell Moe Greene to stop being childish and let Southwest, Oak Ridge, and Dudley girls play to prove who’s the top team.

    For the boys, with Westchesters top player out, it would be hard for them to beat Oak Ridge Boys.

  • please said,

    SMITH!! BOYS!! They beat the dirt out of Dudley!!

    And There should be a private school poll and public school poll.

    Oak Ridge, Westchester, Weslyan etc have players from all over the state, country and the world….. should not be one pole!

  • poll is wrong said,

    These polls do not make sense. Unless I am wrong, here are a few items that appear to be out of order:
    Girls –
    #4 Bishop McGuiness I thought got beat bad by Dudley in a High Point tournament and Bishop only has the one girl going to Carolina.
    #6 Northwest I thought go beat bad by Page less than 2 weeks ago.

    Also, there is zero chance that Southwest could beat ORMA on their floor or anybody elses floor.

    New girls poll: #1 ORMA, #2 Southwest, #3 Dudley, #4 Page, #5 Northwest, #6 Northern, #7 Bishop
    Boys –
    #1 – Westchester just had its top player go down for the year with a knee injury but even with Quincy in the line up I do not think they could have beaten ORMA.
    #3 – Dudley only has 1 high level player on its team and a bunch of role players. Dudley could handle the GDS front line last year so how could they deal with its front line this year with all of the guys that transferred. Dudley also lost to Smith and Smith is not even on this list so go figure.

    New Boys Poll: #1 ORMA, #2 Westchester, #3 GDS, #4 Northeast, #5 Dudley, #6 Andrews, #7 Western

  • Andy said,

    We now have seperate polls and the new ones should be up again on Wednesday…We have Smith ahead of Dudley in our poll for boys and we were at that game when Smith topped Dudley at Smith with Adrian Wimbush hitting for 8 three-pointers for the Eagles….Dudley has started to get grounded now after a slow start…To win at Dudley will now be much tougher for Smith….Second game will be a bear and with the cold air, the fans may covet that bear…..

  • Huh. said,

    I thought Western keeps getting blown out. Politics, Politics…

  • not agin? said,

    Whirlies undefeated but that don’t count,with all their defections ? Cmon man yall just tootin’ an old horn