Get your Pizza Hut Tournament Tickets courtesy of Steak N Shake

Posted by Andy Durham on December 21, 2010 at 11:43 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

We need to pack the place, at the Pizza Hut Invitational Basketball Tournament next week at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex and now we need to pack the comment box and find out who wants to go for FREE, along with a trip to the VIP Box and a FREE Parking pass courtesy of Steak N Shake

We’ll draw a lucky name from the ones that end up here in our small arena that comprises our comment box and you get the Tickets, the VIP card and the Parking pass and I will be distributing these on Friday afternoon, at the Steak N Shake on Lawndale Drive between 4 and 5pm….If I see you at a game or at another stop before then, I will give you your early Christmas Gift, from Steve and Jane Warren at Steak N Shake….

Steak N Shake, when in sight it has to be right, Steak N Shake, “Famous for Steakburgers”……

We will have several contests/drawings per day between now and Friday so stay tuned and get your name in the mini arena inside the comment box and when you when, I will need to contact you by E-mail to make sure you can pick up your Tickets on Friday afternoon….

Again, thanks to Steak N Shake, for providing this special Holiday Gift Package, again this year…..

Get those names in the box and we will draw the winner at around 1pm….

  • Tashelle said,

    so we comment here right?

  • from way back when said,

    I would love to attend this event for how it has blossomed from the four city schools in the mid 60’s to “the event” during the xmas holidays for the kids today. The corprate sponsorship has really, really made this a jewel of an event. I try to attend each year, it’s like a big “basketball homecoming” of sorts. Hats off to the gso sports council and its partners.

  • Andy said,

    You guys/ladies are in the running and let’s see if you get some more competition….Right now you are going at it one-on-one, which is still tougher than the ole’ one-on-none comp…..

  • Tom said,

    Count me in!