Ticket Contest Round Two Results: Steak N Shake Fan is our most recent winner….

Posted by Andy Durham on December 21, 2010 at 5:42 pm under High School | 2 Comments to Read

We have our Round Two Winner and Round Three is coming up in the morning….

I am writing all the names down on individual pieces of paper and then shuffling up the papers in way that they are all mixed up/separated and I will not know one entry from another and then I draw out the winning name and this time, we have the Steak N Shake Fan as our winner…..

As I look at the remaining entries; Tashelle, Tom, Page Fan and Chuckyd will all be automatically entered into tomorrow mornings Round Three drawing…..

Good luck to all the contestants and the pickup day will be this Friday between 4-5pm at the Steak N Shake on Lawndale Drive….

  • ross said,

    Love Steaks , Shakes and fast breaks
    Count me in!

  • Bball and burger fan said,

    Steak and Shake has the best burgers and frys and Greensboro has some great high school sports teams. Greensborosports.com has the best high school sports coverage.