The race is on, who will be the Player of the Year? Adams, Cunningham, Downing, Gaylord and Hatfield are past mid-field….

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Drew Adams, Jamie Cunningham, Daniel Downing, Mycah Gaylord and Orlando Hatfield have had a busy week and at the mid-way point, they are at mid-field and headed toward the end zone…Who will get there first and who will become the Player of the Year?????

Your VOTE counts and the voting continues for Football Player of the Year…Keep on voting at………

Vote from this group of players:
Weekly winners include:
Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford)
Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford)
Mike Fields(Southeast Guilford)
Elijah Jordan(Smith)
Drew Adams(High Point Central)
James Summers(Page)
Jamie Cunningham(Southern Guilford)
Jeff Sims(Smith)
Mycah Gaylord(Dudley)
Duke McCoy(Smith)
Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford)
Orlando Hatfield(Page)
Justin Briley(Ragsdale)
Merritt Blanks(High Point Central)
TJ Logan(Northern Guilford)
Rocco Scarfone(Northern Guilford)
Maurice Harris(Northern Guilford)

The voting contiunues and now’s the time to vote for the Player of the Year and you can cast your vote at…..Choose from all the previous weekly winners and vote for one only and one vote will be counted per each individual E-mail address that we receive and encourage as many people to vote as possible….

Voting began December 13 and will run through the end of the year(December 31…..Pick your Player of the Year by sending your vote to……

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