HS Basketball Polls for week of 12/23/2010

Posted by Andy Durham on December 23, 2010 at 12:45 pm under High School | 26 Comments to Read

HS Basketball Polls

Boys Public School Poll:
#1 Northeast Guilford(8-1)
#2 Grimsley(5-1)
#3 Smith(6-3)
#4 Dudley(6-2)
#5 Southwest Guilford(5-3)
#6 High Point Andrews(4-2)
#7 Northwest Guilford(4-3)
#8 Northern Guilford(3-3)
#9 Page(4-5)
#10 Ragsdale(4-5)

Girls Public School Poll:
#1 Dudley(9-0)
#2 Southwest Guilford(8-0)
#3 TIE Eastern Guilford(7-1)/Page(7-1)
#5 Southeast Guilford(8-2)
#6 High Point Central(6-1)
#7 Northern Guilford(6-1)
#8 Northwest Guilford(5-2)
#9 Ragsdale(5-3)
#10 Western Guilford(4-5)

Private School Boys:
#1 Oak Ridge Military Academy(14-1)
#2 Greensboro Day School(12-2)
#3 Westchester Country Day(7-3)
#4 High Point Christian Academy(9-5)
#5 High Point Wesleyan(6-2)
#6 Bishop McGuinness(4-4)
#7 Forsyth Country Day(3-5)
#8 Caldwell Acadmey(4-5)
#9 Shining Light Academy(12-1)
#10 Vandalia Christian School(5-3)

Combined Boys Poll:
#1 ORMA(14-1)
#2 Greensboro Day(12-2)
#3 Northeast Guilford(8-1)
#4 Westchester(7-3)
#5 Grimsley(5-1)
#6 Smith(6-3)
#7 Dudley(6-2)
#8 Southwest Guilford(5-3)
#9 High Point Christian Academy(9-5)
#10 High Point Andrews(4-2)

Private School Girls Poll:
#1 ORMA(7-3)
#2 Greensboro Day School(9-5)
#3 Bishop McGuinness(5-5)
#4 High Point Wesleyan(1-2)
#5 High Point Christian(0-5)

  • Danny Shutt said,

    Just to clarify – SEG girls are 8-2. Guilford county has some very talented girls teams again this year. It has been a fun season thus far, I’m sure it will get better as we start the second half of the season. Good to all with your holiday tournaments.

  • WG Parent said,

    How come our Western Guilford boys team is not in the top ten? We have major college prospects.

  • Andy said,

    Western Guilford’s got to get that record to at least .500…Right now the boys are something like (3-6)….The beat the #1 team NEG the other night, but WG must show consistancy and get to the .500 mark…..We have a couple of teams just outside the .500 level, but on the boys end of the polling, .500 ought to get you in the Top Ten….

  • Hello. said,

    EG boys is 3-4, should be 6-1, but should still be atleast in that 9th or 10th spot. They beat Southwest and shouldv beaten Northern if it wasnt for one bad call.

  • ragsdale said,

    Correction..Ragsdale is now 4-5 after beating Southeast on Tuesday night.

  • concern said,

    Where is the girls private school rankings?

  • justafan said,

    Who are the major college prospects at Western I didn’t see one on the floor.

  • tom davis said,

    I think their 2-3 combo perkins ihas already committed to a major d-1 program if memory serves me well—vcu or odu, something like that—-please correct me if that’s incorrect.

  • Andy said,

    Got Page boys squared away with win over North Davidson on Wednesday and Ragsdale set with their win over SEG boys on Tuesday….Many a game in many different directions this week…

    Girls Private School Poll at lower section of the the page….We have our first one up and hope to add to it, if we can find more schools that fit the model…..

  • reggie's dad said,

    Reggie verbally committed to western carolina the summer after his soph year…this past summer, they told me that they were not going to honor their committment…that’s another story for another time…Because of the timing, he missed out on last summer’s recruiting…

    At the recommendation of two of the Ivy League schools, we plan on doing a year of post grad to better prepare him for the academic rigors of the Ivy League and to increase his SAT score…

    The advice that I would give to any recruit, don’t commit early unless you are the school’s number 1 recruit…Don’t commit until the school makes you comit…If you comit early, they can/will change their mind if a player that they think is better wants to come to their program..

    As a parent, in a way I am glad it happend like this..I always wanted him to go to an Academic school, so I am excited about the possibility of my son attending an Ivy League school..There is life after basketball…

  • go appy said,

    @ WG Parent

    There are no major college prospects. Who knows what they are saying. Major college to me means a perennial Top 50 program or a team from one of the power conferences. There are very few of those in any area. Parents just are not realistic about kids and their abilities.

  • Big Shots said,

    Reggie can play point for UNCG right now. I just don’t see how the DI schools in this area has not offered. The guards at UNCG are horrible! Out of state money wasted and the opportunity to get a well rounded person, student and player like Reggie. Unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ol'bawl coach said,

    That’s the way it is around here,the schools look at the local talent with a snubbed nose . . . .no wonder they be bad; rather throw away mmoney to an outta stater that’s not as good. Been around a many a year,it happens all the time. Personally, I feel they’re afaid they might just be doing the right thing . . . don’t make a whole lot of since not to at least try going after them. What kid wouldn’t like to play the schedule UNCG has put together and play in the coliseum?

  • reggie's dad said,

    A&T has offered, but only as a academic walk on…They only have one scholarship, and need to replace the big…UNCG is in the hunt for 2012…They will have 4 or 5 scholarships in 2012…

    Most kids dont want to stay home and not play, so unless the local colleges are talking about playing time as a freshman, the deal becomes unattractive..You already are asking a kid to stay home for college, and then to ask him to sit on the bench on a below .500 team on top of that, it’s probably not going to happen…

  • Paws4thecause said,

    I guess The Dudley Academy is only allowing girls to attend classes now………..they even allow students to re-classify ala many of the privates around town……Yep, looks like the Evil Empire of high school sports is flipping the bird at GCS’ Fair Play policies.

    Just thought I would post this before some IDIOT from the OUTSIDE did…..

  • huh? said,

    to paws what?

  • Hm said,

    this poll factors in strength of schedule and all the other stuff. Kind of like the rpi in college. On highschoolsports.net

    Massey computer rankings for NC(local teams in top 30)
    #4 ORMA
    #19 Westchester
    #22 High Point Christian
    #25 Greensboro Day
    #26 Northeast

  • To go appy said,

    @Go Appy—- You make no sense because any kd that can get a D1 scholarship is major. To your point about
    not going pro unless you are in the top 50 programs in country is just negative because 99% of the student athletes
    will not go pro so it’s an unnecessary comment. Sometimes people on this site are so hateful toward the students
    accomplishments. At the end of the day any scholarship academic or athletic should be applauded because they are
    only accomplished through extremely hard work – no mommy, daddy, teacher or coach can get it for the kid – they
    Must ultimately accomplish it themselves. Let’s raise our kids up not diminish any of their accomplishments.

  • Andy said,

    Westchester will probably start to see a drop in the polls due to the loss of Quincy Miller…

    These poll positions can begin to change quickly due to the nature of their being so many contant games….Grimsley was close to moving into the top spot in our Public School poll since they were unbeaten on Monday, but by late Wednesday afternoon they were (5-2) and with Burrell Brown down with the ankle, they are limping into the Pizza Hut Tournament trying to tighten up some loose screws…..

  • The Real Deal said,

    Whoa Whoa Whoa…… Lets back up a couple of posts (Paws 4 the cause) Did you say that the Dudley academy is gonna start allowing students to re-classify???…. If I am interpreting that wrong please let me know. Is there anyone else who can provide any clarity on this????

  • CoachKnow said,

    Reclassing is not going to help anyone gain an advantage anymore.
    The NCAA has instituted a new rule to curtail the reclass to gain an physical
    advantage. You can reclass but to be qualified to play D1 you must complete
    your 16 core-course requirement in 8 semesters( 4 years).


    So all these players out here that have reclassed, must complete the 16 core-course
    requirements in 8 semesters. This rule is going to catch some students, parents and Coaches by surprise.

    Requirement to graduate with your high school class
    You must complete the 16 core-course requirement in eight
    semesters, which begins when you initially started high school
    with your ninth-grade class. If you graduate from high school
    in eight semesters with your class, you may use one core course
    completed in the year after graduation (summer or academic year)
    to meet NCAA Division I eligibility requirements.
    You may complete the core course at a location other than the
    high school from which you graduated and may initially enroll full
    time at a collegiate institution at any time after completion of the
    core course.
    Division I

  • Paws4thecause said,

    LOL……..it went right over your head Real Deal……..CoachKnow seems to be “in the know” I hope that everyone is paying close attention to what CoachKnow posted!

  • to paws said,

    this is huh? it went over my head too…yes what Coach know is saying is correct. Kids are gonna have to focus on getting those core courses completed in 8 semesters. I can the college prep and JUCO….picking back up steam from this

  • Knowledge said,

    that has been a rule for 3 years and this is the 4th year of it. no one should be caught by surprise.

  • eddie willis said,

    They’ll just repeat 7th or 8th grade, but one thing to remember, if you aren’t a D-1 athlete @ 18, chances are you are not one @ 1 whether you have a physical advantage or not—just go to a D-3 school and enjoy life!!!! Tell your parents to save their money, pay for your college the way they are supposed to, and to get of your back!!!!!
    It’s ludicrous that parents spend thousands of dollars chasing a dream for their kids!!!!

  • dale fulton said,

    merry christmas to all the knowledgeable sports fans on the blog and also to those who think they are.