Oh brother, where are thou? Here I is/am or was….Southeast Guilford connections at Northern Guilford tournament…

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Pretty darn interesting when you look at the whole pie, as it was placed before us, at the recent Northern Guilford Holiday Basketball Classic….It goes much deeper than the girls Championship Final which Parkwood won, with a victory over Northern Guilford….

I was at the game and I noticed that Southeast Guilford girls coach Shawn Newton was there, along with his top assistant Dave Beasley….Maybe a little scouting of some sort, I thought….But with a little research, I was able to find out that it went much deeper than the X’s and O’s of scouting, or the offense and defense or a fast-break, a zone, or man-to-man….This was about man-to-man and the X’s and O’s can be converted to DNA, if you check the birth charts/certificates….

The Parkwood girls coach was Sam Beasley and his brother is Dave Beasley….Sam and Dave both attended Southeast Guilford as high schoolers, at one time or another….Dave went to Dudley for a couple of years too…Sam and Dave’s dad, Sam Sr. was a coach and one-time AD at Southeast…..Sam Sr. was well-known and he was a football coach on the high school level and might have put in a couple of years at Northwest….

Sam Sr. was at SEG, Sam(Jr.) and Dave were at SEG, Kim Furlough, the Northern Guilford girls coach, attended Southeast and teamed up as Kim Johnson, with Lori Phillips, to give Coach Jim Clontz and his manager Heath Lineberry, one of the best twin-tower combinations in the early history of girls basketball, in Guilford County….

Coach Furlough also took over as the girls head basketball coach at Southeast Guilford, when then coach Shawn Newton was deployed to Iraq….Coach Furlough later became the first-ever girls basketball coach at Northern and Coach Newton fullfilled his Iraqi committment and returned to coach the SEG Falcons….

So from SEG we have Sam Bealey Sr., we just saw Sam Jr. and his brother Dave from SEG at NG, along with Coach Furlough from SEG, now in charge at NG and current SEG coach. Shawn Newton…..

One of the fans at the tournament was asking me if I could compare the recent wrist injury that Paris Kea(Page HS) suffered and if I could compare it to the Amy Beasley wrist injury, from a few years back….

I was there the night that Kea hurt her wrist and I was there the night that Amy Beasley(former SEG guard) suffered her injury….Hairline fracture for Kea and out for 6-8 weeks and they are optimistically leaning toward the 6 and when Amy went down, she was gone for most of the regular season, but did return for the playoffs….

When Kea got hurt she came back out and played some in the second half and then later found out it was worse than she thought it was…She wanted to have them tape it and let her keep going…..When Amy got hurt, it was game over and on the way to the doctor….

Amy’s dad Dave was coaching then too and that was a big blow to him and his daughter, in that, her senior year….Kea is only a freshmen and she will probably suffer a few more injuries along the way, she is all over the place on that basketball court……

As for our opening today, “Oh brother, where are thou?”

Sam Beasley was right there in the Northern Guilford gym, leading his Parkwood team to the Championship, with his brother Dave looking on and a former SEG Falcon, Kim Furlough, was facing Sam, in the opposing coach’s box…….

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