Our local newspaper needs to invest in a new weather man or weather woman[Meteorologist]!

Posted by Andy Durham on December 25, 2010 at 7:28 pm under Amateur | 9 Comments to Read

I was out on the holiday morning walk/hike this morning/afternoon and I like to get in some low impact workouts on the holidays and the weekends….

I set out at around 11am and the plan was to get in 10-15 miles since this was a holiday and there was no need to hurry…..I can get in the 15 miles in around three hours with a decent pace and it is no problem, I have been on the extreme fitness route after I woke up one day and looked in the mirror and I have been running or moving very fast ever since that morning….Must have been about 32 years ago…Ever since that day, it has been a rush to get out the door and hit the street/dirt road…..

I headed on down the road/street and I was working my way from Pleasant Garden Road and heading on over to the the other end of Battleground Avenue….I stopped by a conveinence store on South Elm-Eugene Street and I picked up a copy of the paper and one of the headlines caught my attention…(Picked up paper and then put it back down after seeing front page headlines, I am on a fixed income.)

I’d been feeling and seeing a few snow flakes and flurries as I was heading into town, but this headline in the local News and Record newspaper put me at ease….I felt a real load lifted off of my shoulders and when you are on a long trip on foot, the lightened load will give you a real boost….This was on the cover of our paper and so I just knew it had to be correct…..

Looking for Snow Today or The Big Snow????? No such luck, or fat chance said the N&R headline….No chance for snow was the way the paper was making this storm out to be, or not to be…..The way our trusty News and Record was printed, we would not be getting any snow and if we did get any at all, it would just be a few flurries…..

I was just on my way into town and since I have always trusted my local paper, I’m in great shape….The snow was starting to pick up, but the N&R said not to worry, we are not going to get any snow to amount to anything and if it starts, it won’t last long at all…..I’ll be walking in sunshine soon……

The weather man or the weather woman says we will not have to worry about snow today….They way they were talking, NO WHITE CHRISTMAS IN GREENSBORO…..

I stayed the course and headed on up Elm-Eugene and on toward Battleground Avenue and the paper said this wasn’t snow, but I couldn’t help but wonder, what is this cold, wet white stuff that keeps hitting me in the face…..I may adding a few years as the birthdays turn, but I could tell that this was not volcanic ash and Santa wasn’t sending the wrath of his dandruff down on us, this was snow…..

That N&R said if we’re expecting snow, then we ought to go to the mountains….I was crossing Mount Spring Garden Street and from the Elm-Eugene bridge over The Garden, I was feeling more and more of the non-N&R snowfall…..

The N&R needs to hire a new weather man or weather woman or get somebody out here on the street…I was out there in it and it was snowing the whole three hours, that I was out there in it…..The problem is, that I am on the street and in the street and the rest of these great experts that do the newspaper reporting, the blogs, the TV, the radio and other forms of media, they are always laid up against the fireplace with chestnutts roasting and merry-makers a toasting…..

Get out here in this mess in 2011….Get us some LIVE souls out here on the front line. Brian Hall, from over at WFMY TV 2 is only dawg that I ever see out here on the front line and my crew is out here 24/7, 365…..

I can give the real weather report today and it is a bit late, but I was out there in it, for three hours and it was snowing the entire time…..The newspapers are obsolete, the TV reports are all on a delayed-reaction and the radio stations are voice-tracking and the person you are listening to on the afternoon drive at 5 recorded his show at 9am this morning….No dis on Tonya Rivera, but she was doing a show this afternoon on TV at around 3:30pm and when it was over, she said, “thanks for joining us tonight”…..

The paper laid an egg on the front page and that egg has been getting colder all afternoon, with all the snow that has been falling, on a day where the forecast called for just a few flurries according to our News and Record…..

It never stopped snowing on my trip on foot today and it is still coming down hard here at 7:30pm….Another day at the office and we will do it again next Saturday, I hope and let’s hope the local paper, the News and Record, has hired a new weather man or weather woman by then…..N&R, we deserve better and the sports is looking a little lean too, but I do believe you guys are working on that and we can expect better offerings in the New Year, as long as we can keep Ed Hardin from chasing those jack rabbits,with that BB gun…..

Where have you gone Willard Scott, Frank Deal, Lee Kinard, Dave Wright, and Glenn Scott?????

  • sportsfan said,

    Andy the only way you can get in 15 miles would be driving your car, so just make sure you have your chains on your tires.

  • Andy said,

    Done been there and ready to go back for more…..Only problem on the holiday is the long wait trying to find a bathroom…..As Carole King once told me, “I’ve been to Caanan and I can’t wait till I go back again”…….

    Just find me a good weather report and answer me this bro, “Do you know the way to San Jose?”…..

  • North Lawndale said,

    The N&R is a sinking ship. All the good editors and writers have left already and will tell you the same thing. I miss Tom Keller and his passion for High School Sports. At least we still have you Andy!

  • dale fulton said,

    the only one I know the location of is dave Wright, and he was a good one!!!!

  • chuckyd said,

    you should watch leigh brock – i dont care if she gets the weather right or not i just like to see what kind of sweater she is wearing -she really puts me in the holiday spirit -you tell ed hardin i can kill a rabbit with my bb gun from across the street

  • Topfin29 said,

    Read the paper Andy. They get their forecast from Weather Central. (Weather Channel) And by the way I didn’t see anyone call for this. You’ve lived here long enough to know winter weather is very difficult to predict. Harder than picking High School Football games maybe! 🙂

  • Andy said,

    We need someone on the street and in the street 24/7…..Lee Kinard used to walk all the way to work in the snow to the WFMY TV 2 studios on Phillips Avenue and he lived way out West Friendly Avenue near where the old Burlington Industries building used to stand on the corner of Friendly and Hobbs Road….

    The local paper needs a new edition of say a Jerry Bledsoe and he could be a Jerri Sledsoe….Jerri Rowe in the snow with a few alterations…..Jerri Sledsoe….

    This is a very deep subject and so was that snow that came through here on Saturday….The paper was on the ground in your driveway on Sunday morning and it was covered with snow….Nowhere to be found, just like that forecast that missed the old weather map on Saturday….

  • Andy said,

    Maybe we can call Rowe, Jerri Sledrowe…..Instead of Jerry Bledsoe we get Jerri Sledrowe….

    Remember Dan Akroyd as Skidroe in Doctor Detroit….One of my favorite lines was when the man who was a good brother there in Detriot, asked the good Doctor, “what’s up with your Guidoself?”………

    You never know, we may be on to something or on something again…..Doctor Detroit, back in the house on house-call……

  • chuckyd said,

    if you need a man on the street there is a bunch of them at the corner of lee and eugene they can probably predict the weather but not as good as leigh brock or emily byrd