Bank of Oak Ridge Holiday Shootout on as scheduled for Monday-Wednesday

Posted by Andy Durham on December 26, 2010 at 3:43 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read

The Bank of Oak Ridge Holiday Shootout is still on as scheduled for tomorrow
(December 27th) and Tuesday (December28th).

Below is the schedule for the 2nd Annual Bank of Oak Ridge Holiday Shootout to
be held December 27th and 28th at Oak Ridge Military Academy.

Monday, December 27th

Brittain Academy (Visitor) vs. Body of Christ Academy (Home) 6:00 PM

St. Ignatios Prep (Visitor) vs. Oak Ridge Military Academy (Home) 7:30 PM

Tuesday, December 28th

Loser of Game 1 (Visitor) vs. Loser of Game 2 (Home) 6:00 PM

Winner of Game 1 (Visitor) vs. Winner of Game 2 (Home) 7:30 PM

Admission is $5 per day.

  • dale fulton said,

    interesting article in today’s paper about oaK ridge’s benevolent benefactor. or at least i thought it was. i would have liked to have listed that house and sold it. that would have been a nice quarter’s worth of business!!!!!! moe green might want him back, so he could build an elementary, middle, and high school to eliminate the county’s budget shortfall better yet, make him the county manager, and our budget troubles would be over. lol!!!!!!!

  • gds lover said,

    Thanks coach Johnny R for your love.

  • Hm said,

    What article you speaking of dale? Is it online anywhere?

  • google said,

    Pawleys Island Beachfront Home Sells For $3.9M – Charlotte Metro …