49er’s light a fire under Mike Singletary and send an old Bear packing on a cold winter day!

Posted by Andy Durham on December 27, 2010 at 12:15 pm under Professional | 2 Comments to Read

The San Francisco 49er’s could not win and after going 5-10, the end of the line has come into clear view and this was clearly not enough, to keep former Chicago Bear linebacker Mike Singletary employed as a head coach in the NFL….CLICK HERE and see why he is GONE……See why a former Bear has been sent packing on cold winter’s day…

  • Bamm Bamm said,

    It’s about time!! The Niners were my pick to win the NFC Worst..uh West division & have been killing me all year (including this past weekend) on the Cici’s picks!! Now, when will the Panthers finally get rid of Fox?????

  • football guy said,

    it’s always easier to fire the coach; but please tell me any team that can win in the NFL without a legitimate quarterback…you can’t please these young guys against these veteran defenses and expect good things to happen..