Jeff Hardy will plead guilty to drug charges

Posted by Andy Durham on December 27, 2010 at 12:35 pm under Professional | 3 Comments to Read

The kid from Cameron(Union Pines High School), professional wrestler Jeff Hardy, will plead guilty to drug charges in Moore County court next month(January 2011), according to sources inside the Moore County Courthouse….CLICK HERE to read more from Moore County….

Jeff is the current TNA Heavyweight Champion and he has wrestled nearly 100 times or more in the Triad, over the years….He has been at his trade for at least 17 years, he got started back at around age 16 and he is now 33 years old….

Hardy hit the canvass and laid out his art and his opponents at War Memorial Stadium in Greensboro, the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club on Neal Street in Greensboro, the High Point Armory, the Thomasville Armory, the Greensboro Coliseum and many other local stops along the way….

Jeff is also well-known for teaming with his brother Matt, in one of the best tag-teams in professional wrestling history….The Hardy Boyz/Hardy Boys are recognized throughout the world and they are again considered to be one of the top tag-teams ever and they also are thought to be one the foremost risk-takers when it comes to their style, both inside and outside of the ring……

  • Bamm Bamm said,

    As a guy whose last series of matches were against Jeff & Matt, it’s another case of the “current” style of professional wrestling. It used to be big, husky, ex footballer’s, then the muscled steroid era & now the “high flying” era.

    Don’t get me wrong, I knew that Jeff was a tremendous worker from working with him, but I also knew that with his style (along with others like him), that his body just wouldn’t take that kind of punishment night in & night out. I do wish him & his family well. Jeff & Matt were both very nice kids coming up through the ranks & we always got along very well. (Unfortunately, my tag team partner had some “heat” with them on several occasions:):):))

  • Bamm Bamm said,

    Oh & you forgot he graced the hallowed halls of Grimsley High on that magnificent card with Ed “The Boss” Ross, doing the Will O The Wisp gimmick!!!

  • Andy said,

    The crowd says bring back “Timber the Lumberjack”……Small crowd, but very vocal…