Hope Dudley girls made it to DC ok, boys have to forfeit at Myrtle Beach…

Posted by Andy Durham on December 28, 2010 at 11:52 am under High School | 4 Comments to Read

Saw Coach Calvin Hunt when I was walking through town on Saturday and he was telling me about his son Sam and the Dudley Panther boy’s basketball team heading down to Myrtle Beach for the Beach Ball Classic and he was telling me that the Dudley girls were headed to Washington, D.C. for a holiday tournament and they were supposed to be leaving on Sunday/Monday too….

Coach Hunt was telling me that Sam is getting more comfortable running the point for the Dudley boys and that he is having to learn to score from the point guard spot and he has to be able to run the show out front and still be a key scorer at the same time…..

The Dudley boys at the same time were hurt by Father Time and by Mother Nature as they had to forfeit their Round One game at the Myrtle Beach Classic down in South Carolina….Father Time would not give the boys the necessary minutes and hours in the day to get down to the Beach, after Mother Nature dumped a half a foot of snow on the Greensboro area over the weekend……

CLICK HERE to read more about the forfeit and where it leaves the Panther boys standing in the tournament…..from N&R….

  • Spider said,

    Glad to see that Guilford County Schools continues to deprive kids of opportunities. Want to fix the school system? Start by firing Mo Green!

  • get a life said,

    did mo make it snow? why do people not take safety into consideration?..if you had to drive, would any of you tried to take your son to myrtle beach to make a game in this type of weather?

    There is a little thing called liability…If the bus would have crashed, everyone would have said they should have stayed home ! !

  • don't blame Mo said,

    Don’t blame Mo. It’s unfortunate they missed a game but maybe they should have left the day before.

  • panther mom said,

    girls made it …won 1st fame…very difficult to get off bus and play ..but they played hard and dug out the win