Pizza Hut Invitational – Early Results

Posted by Don Moore on December 28, 2010 at 8:42 pm under Uncategorized | 23 Comments to Read

Boys Finals
Ragsdale – 73
Smith – 62

NW Guilford – 55
Greensboro Day School – 54

  • Alumni said,

    Gotta be misprint on Day school score………

  • fan said,

    not this time…GDS to consolation

  • Alumni said,

    Wow thought GDS is supposed to be so good????? Loose to NW???? Coaching staff in trouble over there??

  • justafan said,

    Not at all surprised by GDS loss. Average athletes on an average team. Not to sure all this transferring to private schools is worth it.

  • the fan said,

    dale fulton that cupcake game turnout to be poundcake.drink more milk and it will prevent choking.

  • WOW!!! said,

    Congrats Vikings!!!

  • chuckyd said,

    gds has to be the biggest upset of the year you have to make the free throws and gds could not get er done they need to be shooting free throws 2 hours a day enjoyed the game as did all the northwest fans i sat with eating pizza in the vip room thanks for the tickets andy that vip room is the ticket

  • The Chosen One said,

    Don’t blame it on the kids. It was all coaching. Coach Johnson just got beat at his own game. Northwest out GDS-GDS….The coaches will try to blame the kids but they need to look the kids in the face and say “I am sorry-as a coaching staff we failed you”. Any good coach could have taken GDS 2nd 5 off the bench and beat NW by 20. Some kids where sitting on the bench that gave GDS great energy in the 1st half. But GDS is willing to lose than to put the best players on the court who are better decision makers and has a better skill set. I now predict the starting demise of GDS basketball.

  • HAHA!!! said,

    Isn’t it funny how people talk different about a team overnight. Just a few days ago everyone was saying GDS was going to roll threw the field in this tourney like a knife threw hot butter. Now people are saying GDS Basketball will be no more after the loss against NWG. HAHA!!! NW was the better team last night. Congrats to the Vikings and to Coach Reavis on a huge win! Way to go!!!

  • Lovinthegame said,

    it is only one game people, Coach Johnson is a legend his records says it all. It really shows your stupidity to question his decisions.

  • Tom said,

    It always amazes me that people think they know more than the coach. Coach Johnson has been doing this for so many years. He is a great coach. Upsets happen and I am sure he will use this a teaching tool.

  • The Chosen One said,

    I do understand upsets happen but Coach Johnson was good in his time. Coach Johnson is a good coach but favors his pet players. He wants certian white students to be the face of the school. Every coach in Guilford College knows that about Coach Johnson. We heard people talking in the stands about why was the white players the one who was allowed to take all the shots. Coach Johnson received most of his wins with subpar private school teams. Now private school teams are recruiting and getting better players. Coach Johnson, at one time had the best players but now good players are going to private schools. Come see me after GDS plays Christ School, Charlotte Christian, Providence, Wesleyan, HP Christian and Ravenscroft….oh yea…GDS played Ravenscroft and lost by 40. Not haten on GDS, I just do not like racism and favortism! The best players need to be playing. I would not call out names of players because these are kids.

  • Tom said,

    The fans have their ideas of the best players and the coaches have theirs. I have talked to many coaches over the years and the sentiment is the same. Why wouldn’t they play the best players? They want to win just as much if not more than the fans and players. They play who they think gives them the best chance of winning. It is that simple. At this point in time, I would hope race has nothing to do with it.

  • Tony said,

    Coach Johnson is a good coach but sometimes you must reinvent yourself and the good coaches do that. Coach K did it. Just look at the Spurs in the NBA and how they play now. Coach Johnson has enough athletic players that he should have run NE off the court. The players have no freedom to make plays so when it is time to make a play they do not know how to. I think Coach Johnson is wise enough to find that thin line of allowing the player to make on court decisions and taking good shots.

  • NW said,

    NW played their game last night, slow the ball down and work for good shots. NW wasn’t about to get in a running game with GDS. NW boxed out well and came up with big rebounds. The Point Guard for NW played the entire game with no rest and the couldn’t stop him from running the offense. Meanwhile, Freddy tried to showcase his new guard (formely from NW) and it backfired because the kid was cold all night. Freddy had to calm him down on the bench. GDS was outplayed by a team that plays as a team and my hats off to Coach Reavis, WELL DONE!

  • truth hurts said,

    Now we see why GDS wouldn’t play Oak Ridge Military – because they didn’t want to get wiped off the map. Losing to NWG is about as embarrassing as it gets in Guilford County! Enjoy the consolation bracket Freddy.

  • Mike said,

    NW stinks!

  • dale fulton said,

    Today, we played the way we should be able to play every time we take the floor. we hit the boards, moved our feet on defense, and played with a chip on our shoulders. After seeing NWG today against Page, I am embarrassed by our loss to them.

  • justafan said,

    Today you played the best you could and beat and undersized Gimsley team. Lets just be honest GDS is not that good. I havent seen ORMA this year but from what I have seen GDS is the 3rd best private school in the area. You have one athlete on the entire team (The Terry kid), the rest of of the team is big, slow and soft. Why be embarassed about a loss to NW face it GDS is just average. I do hope those boys are on scholarship cause I wouldnt pay a dime for that crap.

  • Lovinthegame said,

    Please get over yourself and stop hating on GDS.

  • justafan said,

    Justafan that’s why you are exactly as your profile name states, “just a fan” because you obviously don’t know
    Anything about the game. Stop living in the past hater, give it a little time before you jump the gun. Face it,
    your just an average fan.

  • justafan said,

    I am not a hater at all. And I happen to be very knowledgeable about the game of basketball. The truth hurts doesn’t it.
    If you will read my post I didn’t bash any player on GDS team. I told the TRUTH.

  • LoveTheGame said,

    This reminds me on the Miami Heat…they started off bad lost a couple of games they shouldn’t have and now are on a roll. GDS is the same, they have 5 new players on the roster who are still trying to find their spot ont he team..give them time baby chill for those of you hating on the Bengals just give it time.