HPCA and HPA will play for title tonight in Bank of North Carolina Holiday Tournament

Posted by Andy Durham on December 30, 2010 at 11:25 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

High Point Christian Academy and High Point Andrews will play for the championship this evening. HPCA beat Western Guilford and Andrews defeated Wesleyan to reach the finals.

Two fine young coaches, Brandon Clifford(HPCA) and James Abell(HPA), will watch their squads square off in this Holiday Hoops contest…..

Tip-off time will be 7:30, at High Point Central High School.(Home of the Bison)

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Is that the same Brandon Clifford that was at Page in the 90’s? Where did he play college ball? Had heard he wanted to play at Kentucky from his neighbor at the time.

  • Andy said,

    He played at UNC-Wilmington and then transfered to Guilford College and he was an graduate assistant at a college out in Kentucky when they tried to get him to play for either UK or Louisville but it didn’t work out for him and now he is doing well coaching at HPCA….

    He played in the East-West All-Star high school game back in the day, after his time at Page learning from Coach Robert Kent…..

  • richard head said,

    That second post is bogus! Do a Google search and see if you can confirm that ga story. The internet kills a lot of these stories

  • Andy said,

    How are you going to confirm on the internet that a coach asked someone to try out for their team or inquired about them joining a team????? Google won’t have that info….

    I’ll take Clifford’s word for it….He could play and probably still can!

  • Hm said,

    Clifford was a student assistant at Louisville after being out of school for 3 years for health reasons. Was offered a spot on the team, but couldnt play d1 because of the 5 year clock and applying for a an extra year wasnt guaranteed. They set it up for hhim to finish at a d2 school up that way. Was trying to play professionally and i think he got hurt while back home and ended up coaching at page and is now at hpca.

    Hes a friend of mine and he wouldnt fabricate it. He said Pitino offering him a roster spot was one of the greatest moments of his career, but rules wouldnt let him play there. His problems were dealing with a lot of depression issues and stuff following his injuries. He couldve played a lot of high major schools but chose uncw because he felt like thats where he fit in the most. I know he still plays some but just had surgery so that might be done too. Its a cool story how he has bounced back to be where he is now.

    Why rip a story you have zero facts on?

  • Hm said,

    He wasnt a GA, but an undergrad student that volunteered with the program while trying to finish school. He went to Louisville to learn from Pitino