It didn’t take long, 790 is GONE: “The Ball” goes flat…(Juan is on!)

Posted by Andy Durham on December 31, 2010 at 1:30 pm under Amateur, College, Professional | 11 Comments to Read

Tuned in this morning and “The Ball” was gone and Seve Ballesteros’ brother was calling in from Argentina, to the new studios in Mexico City, just down the street from the corporate offices in Tiajuana…..In fact the new host on 790AM radio was Juan from Tiajuana….

The sports station 790 “The Ball” with it’s FOX Sports programming is GONE…..Just like we saying last week, time was growing short for “The Ball”…They have let the air out of The Ball and now The Ball is flat……No Johnny Renshaw and no Jonny Fairplay or John Miller or John Unitas or John Elway or John Fox or John Lucas or Johnny Bench…..Juan is on and The Ball is GONE…

Hispanic programming has replaced the sports format on 790AM…

Listened on the way into town this morning and then tuned out and said so long, to Juan and “The Ball”….

1320/1230/1200AM must now carry the ball, when it comes to our area-wide Sports Talk programming…..

  • we must be better said,

    I just cannot believe that our market only has 1 sport programming station. Raleigh has 2 full time studios and several other stations that provide at least a couple hours of niche sports programming daily. All of our sports programming comes from Raleigh and/or the ESPN feeds. You would think that our area could create its own sports programming with some niche that people could buy into. The Raleigh/Durham area sport programming really focuses heavy on recruiting, college football & basketball. There is no reason that we could not have our own such programming with a focus on local college teams, ACC football/basketball and maybe even local high school sports. We just need someone that is willing to develop story lines, follow the college/high school scene and can debate the issues of the day without a clear bias to their local school.

  • Radio Rahim said,

    The reason is nobody has done it right! ESPN affiliate, local flavor with updates, one local show in p.m. drive time…

  • Bruce Mitchell said,

    Paging Andy Durham, Andy Durham…

  • Andy said,

    The crazy/weird thing is we may be able to bring in a bigger audience here on the web than we could on the radio….

    We just set another new hits record this past Wednesday, the day before yesterday, with right at 8,000 hits for the day…..

    Radio is still good, but we may end up reaching more people here than we would on the AM…..

    We just have to keep on adding more video and photo opps….

    Thanks to Brian Hall over WFMY TV Sports we just about as much video rolling as most sites do in our specific area, but we must continue to add more….Brian has helped us to grow and he has sent us a whole new type of offering for those that like to see what is happening….

    We got the topics, the talk/comments and if we can just keep on picking up new followers we are going to do it with…..

  • marshall brown said,

    Dang, I’m gonna miss that station, gonna have to find another station to listen to on the ride to work and back…

  • Andy said,

    Changed the pre-set today put the old 790 spot on 620 out of Durham….Not bad on weekends with some FOX Sports Radio offerings…..620 will come in pretty good on the East side of town and you can still get it on the West side some too….They repeat some of the 1320/1230/1200 programming during the week, but they still give us another option…..

  • Radio Raul said,

    Adios La Pelota del Triad en Greensboro…

  • Andy said,

    Radio Paul, where have you been lately hermano(brother), en fuego???

  • North Lawndale said,

    I wonder who the new Braves radio affiliate will be for this area?

  • Andy said,

    We were without Braves baseball on the radio in the area for a while before 790 picked them up and brought back the Braves….The end of the era with Bobby Cox stepping down as the Braves’ manager and maybe the end of the line for Braves baseball on the radio in the Triad…..

    You never know, if the Grasshoppers choose not to go with 1320 and the local configuration, then maybe the 1320/1230/1200 group hooks up with the Atlanta Braves……

    The radio stations are looking to make a dollar jump from one into the hundreds and we will have to wait and see….The Hoppers/Bats have been on with 950AM since the fall playoffs of 1998….Yes the Bats were in the playoffs that year and finished up down at Charleston or Columbia in round two and they fell out and haven’t been back since then….

    The Braves were on 790 most recently, and before that it was a gap of about 3 years and before that it was 1470/1380 for a couple of seasons….I still have the Braves’ Appreciation Plaque at home….Before that it was 1380AM in Winston for about 10 years and in Greensboro with 1470 from 2000-2001, before that it was WKEW 1400 off and on for about 10 years and then even before that in the olden days, 1470 WBIG used to carry the Atlanta Braves…..

    Braves, Yankees(used to be on 600 WSJS) and all the baseball teams, always exciting in the beginning of the year, but can get really tiresome toward late September/early October if the team STINKS…….(Another sidebar, WKEW 1400 used to carry Baltimore Orioles games on radio back in the day with Jon Miller on the call.)

    Bobby Cox is gone and the Atlanta Braves might have left the Triad airwaves too……

  • Dtrain said,

    Turn on in to Triad Sports network. it was better tjhan 790 anyway. 1230 am in HP, 1320 on GSO and 1200 in WS