Freezing Friday Top Performers

Posted by Andy Durham on January 22, 2011 at 11:20 am under High School | 5 Comments to Read


1. Natalie Harper: Northwest Guilford: 26 pts
2. Kenice Purvis: Westchester:24 pts
3. Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford: 23 pts
4. Valarie Beale: Wesleyan: 21 pts
5. Teneesha Williamson: Greensboro Day: 20 pts
6. Amber Hayes: Wesleyan: 19 pts
Brittany Clency: Western Guilford: 19 pts
Kamille Horne: Southern Guilford: 19 pts
7. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 17 pts
Ayshia Mcneil: Southeast Guilford: 17 pts
8. Zhan Greer: Smith: 15 pts
Carson Thorne: Westchester: 15 pts
Asia Milton: Greensboro Day: 15 pts
Ronata Rogers: Greensboro Day: 15 pts
9. Carryl Alston: Eastern Guilford: 13 pts
Emma Sonricker: Ragsdale: 13 pts
Desiree Drayton: Dudley: 13 pts
Ciara Jackson: Ragsdale: 13 pts
10. Sylvia Bass: Southern Guilford: 12 pts
Amanda Coffer: Northern Guilford: 12 pts


1. Sharwyn McGee: Ragsdale: 29 pts
2. Reggie Dillard: Dudley: 26 pts
3. Brandon Hairston: Eastern Guilford: 25 pts
4. Montay Brandon: Wesleyan: 20 pts
Cody Hylton: Northwest Guilford: 20 pts
5. John McBeth: Northern Guilford: 19 pts
6. Diante Baldwin: Western Guilford: 18 pts
Deuce Bello: Westchester: 18 pts
Benaiah Wise: Ragsdale: 18 pts
7. Kemone Ingram: Westchester: 17 pts
8. Butch Huffman: Eastern Guilford: 16 pts
9. Sam Hunt: Dudley: 15 pts
10. Drew Coble: Northwest Guilford: 14 pts
Brett Manning: Caldwell: 14 pts

  • ballfan said,

    Dudley girls win over Southern Alamance Friday anybody got the score?

  • SG fan said,

    Way to go Kenice 24 pts and only in the eighth grade.

  • Westchester girls ? said,

    How good is the Westchester girls team ? I remember seeing Kenice play AAU over the past couple of years and she has truly become a good player. The sky is the limit for her if she continues to work on her game. She also is a quality young lady from my dealings with her. Dudley lost a potential superstar with Kenice moving to Westchester.

    Within the next 2 years, I would predict that there will be more high quality girls playing basketball for the private schools (ie Westchester, HPW, GDS, ORMA, etc). In fact, if you list your top 10 high quality girls within the area, then I would bet at least 6 of those top 10 will be playing at the private schools and not the public schools. 2 of the 4 public school high quality players will likely be at Dudley which only leaves 1-2 in all of the other public schools. This has already happened on the boys side and it is coming on the girls side as we speak.

  • Girls Coach said,


    Will you be so kind and name them versus generally speaking?

  • Wildcat Nation Mom said,

    I believe it should be Deonte Baldwin for Westerm Guilford and Keemon Ingram for Westchester Country Day. GO CATS!