Football signees for Wednesday February 2

Posted by Andy Durham on January 31, 2011 at 12:58 pm under College, High School | 10 Comments to Read

Here is what we are hearing and seeing so far….

Eric Ebron-Smith with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jeff Sims-Smith with Fayetteville State
(Signings set for Wednesday morning at 11am at Smith HS)

Airyn Willis-Southwest Guilford with Georgia Tech
Jonathan White-High Point Central with East Carolina

Maurice Harris-Northern Guilford-California
Rocco Scarfone-Northern Guilford-East Carolina

  • HPCFan said,

    Jonathan White East Carolina

  • Andy said,

    Got it and thanks…..

  • tarheel fan said,

    yes that whats up my boy ebron is going to the tarheels country that means we can start wining all of our games know and go underfeated and become national state champions its about time we start thinking .

  • Dudley alum said,

    Andy looks like you need to start screening again.

  • makes no sense said,

    to Barack do spell check…this person is prob from Smith….Dudley Fans could careless as long as the young man gets an education…

  • eddie willis said,

    While I don’t like the censorship, I agree that it may be time again. A few rotten apples ruin it for all of us!

  • ron said,

    You may not need to censor yet. From the looks of it, they appear to be juveniles. I wish the GCS teachers could see what kind of students we are releasing to the world. Tragic!

  • yea said,

    Yea, blame it on the teachers that spend a max 5 hours a week with the kids, most of that time babysitting trying to get most of them to pay attention. Don’t blame it on the ones that have actually raised the kids. Its all the teachers’ fault. Parenting is never an issue when a kid is not educated….

  • ron said,

    Ok…the parents shall have some too. You happy Yea?

  • Andy said,

    It is a shame when you can’t leave and go watch a few ball games, but sometimes that’s the way it is……The World Wild Web……Thanks to those that still stay inside the lines….