Guilford County’s Best Monday and Tuesday

Posted by Andy Durham on February 2, 2011 at 3:27 pm under High School | 4 Comments to Read


1. Lexie Newson: Caldwell Academy: 23 pts
Kamille Horne: Southern Guilford: 23 pts
2. Michelle Willimas: Northwest Guilford: 21 pts
3. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 20 pts
Brittany Clency: Western Guilford: 20 pts
4. Ciarra Jackson: Ragsdale: 19 pts
5. Paris Kea: Page: 17 pts
Roxanne Henshall: Grimsley: 17 pts
Zena Lovette: Soutwest Guilford: 17 pts
6. Arielle Harris: Central: 16 pts
7. Leslie Norman: Northeast Guilford: 14 pts
Callie Carlson: Caldwell Academy: 14 pts
Brittany Drew: Page: 14 pts
Amber Hayes: Wesleyan: 14 pts
Kierra McIvor: Dudley:14 pts
Kaitly Shelton: Northwest Guilford: 14 pts
8. Brianna Grier: Central: 13 pts
Natalie Harper: Northwest Guilford: 13 pts
9. Jessica Pone: Southwest Guilford: 12 pts
Ciarra Jackson: Ragsdale: 12 pts
Kiana Wilson: Ragsdale: 12 pts
Aliyah Grinage: Northern Guilford:12 pts
Brittany Connor: Southwest Guilford: 12 pts
10. Karima Jackson: Eastern Guilford:11 pts
Holly Billingsley: Calvary Baptist: 11 pts
Desiree Drayton: Dudley: 11 pts
Santia Davis: Central: 11 pts
A’kalia Covington: Central: 11 pts
Hailey Chandler: Southern Guilford: 11 pts


1. Sylvia Bass: Southern Guilford:16
2. Roxanne Henshall: Grimsley: 13
3. Arielle Harris: Central:10
4. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 9
Courtney Torraine: Eastern Guilford: 9
5. Shannon Buchannan: Southwest Guilford:8
Imani Atkinson: Page:8
6. Carryl Alston: Eastern Guilford:7
7. Brittany Conner: Southwest Guilford:6
8. Zena Lovette: Southwest Guilford:5
Erica Olerich: Eastern Guilford:5
Brianna Burgin: Southwest Guilford:5


1. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford:6
2. Karima Jackson: Eastern Guilford:5
3. Zena Lovette: Southwest Guilford:3
Ercia Olerich: Eastern Guilford:3
Brittany Conner: Southwest Guilford:3
4. Jessica Pone: Southwest Guilford:2


1. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford:3
2. Zena Lovette: Southwest Guilford:2
Ercia Olerich: Estern Guilford:2


1. Jordan Lanham: Western Guilford: 5
Jessica Pone: Southwest Guilford:4
Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford:4
Karima Jackson: Eastern Guilford:4
2. Zena Lovette: Southwest Guilford:3
Brittany Conner: Southwest Guilford:3


1. Reggie Dillard: Dudley: 31 pts
2. Brandon Hairston: Eastern Guilford:30 pts
3. Tracy Gathings: Smith:29 pts
4. Deuce Bello: Wesleyan: 28 pts
5. Reggie Dillard: Dudley: 27 pts
6. Beniah Wise: Ragsdale:26 pts
7. Jalen Ford: Andrews:25 pts
8. Brett Manning: Caldwell Academy:23 pts
9. Andrew Bostic: Southwest Guilford:22 pts
10. Diante Baldwin: Western Guilford:21 pts
Paris Scales: Northeast Guilford: 19 pts


1.Brandon Clyburn: Dudley:12
2. Jeremy Gaddy: Eastern Guilford:10
3. Tyquan Roberts: Ragsdale:9
4. Daniel Kanakanui: 8
5. Reggie Dillard: Dudley: 7
Reggie Dillard: Dudley:7


1. Trey Williams: NEG: 9
Reggie Dillard: Dudley:8
2. Jaxon Randolph: Ragsdale:7
Tyquan Roberst: Ragsdale:7
3. Reggie Dillard: Dudley:5
Sam Hunt: Dudley:5
Diante Baldwin: Western:5

  • rebounds said,

    Imani Atkinsonhad 8 rebounds last night

  • CoachKnow said,

    Northeast stats on 1 Feb vs Ledford

    Parris Scales 19 points 6 rebounds 2 steals

    Trey Williams 9 assists

  • Coach said,

    Jordan Lanham 8 assists orm Western Guilford, she leads the conference averaging 5

  • REPORTER said,

    Coaches or Stat persons

    Please be sure to post the overall stats in the newspaper or here when games are over so that we do not overlook anyone. Thanks!