National Signing Day is wayyyyy under way…..

Posted by Andy Durham on February 2, 2011 at 12:56 pm under High School | 22 Comments to Read

The football Signings are rolling and downtown earlier today they had Maurice Harris(Northern Guilford) sign on the line with California and Rocco Scarfone(Northern Guilford), inked up with East Carolina….

Over at Smith High School Eric Ebron dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s, on the paperwork that will take him to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Golden Eagles’ Jeff Sims made it official, he is going to Fayetteville State University….Ebron said to make sure that all the readers know he will be doing part of what he does in Chapel Hill for them and he wants all followers to keep following him when he hits the field for the Tar Heels….

Putting it on the line from Oak Ridge Military Academy this morning were Will Foxx, headed to East Carolina, Demetrius Cherry, on his way to Washington State University, Jermaine Clark to the University of Colorado Tyran “Smiley” Finley on his way to Grambling State University, Carlos Gray making the move to North Carolina State University, Rashad Hall, next stop the University of Colorado and Demetrius “DJ” Johnson, joining New Mexico Highlands University…….

Northern Guilford and ORMA made committments official at the historic Carolina Theater downtown with former mayor, Keith Holliday on hand, as he is the current director of the Carolina Theater….City Coucilman Robbie Perkins was the master of ceremonies and Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes gave a real nice pep talk, almost Vince Lombardi-style, to the players….

Over at Smith HS, they hit the school auditorium and it was filled with Golden Eagle students and supporters, along with Dr. Noah Rogers, chief adminstator at Smith High School, Athletic Director Jerry Muesel, the parents and many other Golden Eagle supporters….

Golden Eagle Coach Rodney Brewington was the MC and the man knows how to get the crowd into the event….It was like being down at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church for Sunday service and it was moving….Coach Brewington called up the Holy Ghost and the ghosts of many former Golden Eagles were coming back today, along with the Spirit of Guilford County Athletics; it was all in the air, inside the Ben L. Smith High School Auditorium on this Wednesday, February 2….Coach Brewington called for the players to bring home their degrees from UNC and Fayetteville State respectivley, or don’t be coming back in here to this place, unless you have a college diploma to show us……That was his challenge to Ebron and Sims….

Coach Brewington was on the call and on the ball today and it was a very special morning at both locations, as the young men of tomorrow, singned for their futures today….

A good Signing Day and we will have others to talk about as this day moves forward and Good Luck to all the young men and women that are signing on this day…..

We will also have photos later on in the day…..

  • Jason Voorhees said,

    The Heels are racking up baby!

  • NCAA needs 2 know said,

    How do you get recruited from cali all the way in NC, NCAA needs to check in on this

  • Congratulations Signees said,

    Since we cannot comment on the thread listing the kids that plan to sign, we can comment here.

    Congratulations to all the young men and women who will sign today (and in the coming weeks) and be able to continue playing the sport they love at the next level and get an education to boot. I’m sure they have all worked hard to achieve their goal. A big thank you should go out to all the parents, siblings, coaches, trainers, and friends that have helped them along the way.

    Andy, hopefully you will continue to report on the kids that sign after signing day. They should not be overlooked. I know Dudley has some players over there that can play as well as Smith and 1-2 at ragsdale.

  • Cali Connection said,

    Hey NCAA needs 2 know,

    Where have you been man, everybody around here knows about the Cali Connection.
    Just ask around and they’ll tell you how get from NC to Cal. You may have to go through
    Oak Ridge to do it but it can be done.

  • Just2letuknow said,

    Jeremy Reynolds from Dudley is at Texas Tech!! Signed over a week ago, graduated early and is in the classroom and the weight room at TTU!!!! TTU spring game is March 25th!!! Panther Pride..

  • ron said,

    Hey NCAA needs 2 know… One way you get recruited from Cali and all other schools….You have to be good? Am i the only one that could figure that out. That’s why the have scouts maybe….

  • Family Ties said,

    Harris committed to Cal last year when Keenan Allen changed his mind at the last minute
    and did not go to Ala and instead went to Cal. Being KA cousin probably had something to do with this recruiting decision. there were others that went to Cal it was a package deal.
    It’s amazing no teams in this area wanted Harris.

  • Tom said,

    Maurice was ranked number 91 in the nation and he was a 4 star recruit. Just about every team in this area would have loved to have him.

  • Recruit said,

    If every team in this area wanted him what was the attraction at Cal.
    If you look at most of the recruits they all want to play close to home so family and friends
    can enjoy watching them play, not go across the country to play.

  • kirk said,

    My son used to work out with Jeremy at Parisi. While he never worked out very hard it was obvious he had a gift. Without even stretching or warming up he could stand still and jump 38″. No step, no running go, just jump. For those of you that don’t know, that’s freaky. A lber trains and trains and stretches and warms up and hopes to hit 30″. We used to sit around and laugh just watching him jump. Sometime God reaches down and touches a kid. I think Jeremy was touched. He is very gifted athletically. Some kids can work and work and only get so far. Some are gifted. Jeremy has a gift. He was always friendly and a nice kid. I can’t imagine how good he will be if he really works hard. We all hope he does well in Lubbock.

    Tom, sveral local schools had an interest in harris early on. It was just apparent that they could not sign him. Coach Reed and PC at NCSU loved him. Good luck to Harris at Cal. It’s a great education. Hope it all goes well for him.

  • Been There Done That said,

    Hey Recruit, you asked so I’m gonna fill you in. Reese has a very very close family, and he has played ball with his cousins Keenan “All World” Allen and Zack “Canon Arm” Maynard since they were able to say ball. It was a no brainer to go there and be comfortable “with” family and be shown the ropes by his older cousins. Not to mention he was one of the top recruits in the nation at wideout and DB. So he made the decision that was best for him and not to please anyone questioning his choices. It is amazing how you would question why he made the decision he made when you obviously “don’t know” the kid at all! Let’s keep stupid comments to ourselves and celebrate these kids for their hard work and accomplishment. Congrats to all the area signees.

  • Recruit said,

    Been There Done That…

    Thanks for filling us all in with all the info. with this Family connection and talent
    Cal should win the National Championship next year.

  • nighthawk fan said,

    To Been There Done That : Thank you for the comment. Anyone that knows all these talented young men knows the truth. Go Bears !!!! The Nighthawk Nation will always be cheering for you !!! And congrats to all the other area signees !

  • witness said,

    Congrats to all the area signees!! i hope each one of these student athletes recognizes the gift and blessing it is to recieve an athletic scholarship to the school of their choice. i hope they all cherish their opportunities at the next level and i wish them all nothing but success. im trying my best to make it down to lubbock, texas to watch jeremy reynolds in the Texas Tech Spring game… congrats to all the student athletes and especially the D-Boyz from panther land on all their signings….. panther pride!!!

  • To All The Haters said,

    It has not been discussed yet so lets put it out there. Did you see all the signees in the news and record that came from ORMA…! It was 14 D1, 3 D2, and 3 JUCO. All those kids going to school to get a chance to further their education and playing career for free. Coach O has done an AMAZING job with that program in its first year of 11 man football. From starting the season late, pushing to get games with whomever would play them, to teams pulling out and not wanting to face The Cadets after seeing how good they really were.

    He gave some of these guys a second chance to better themselves as students, ball players, and young men. People may not like him but the proof is in the pudding. He helps kids get into school and that in itself is a great feat. He does not take a dime for it, it is simply his passion. It is only one thing he does take from it and that is the stisfaction and bragging rights to say he has placed kids in school all over this country. And if that is what he is guilty of…….so be it!

    Congrats to Coach O and all the Cadets for a job well done!

  • OpenUpyourEYES said,


    Kids that really want to try to get to the next level choose schools that will help them do so while getting a great education. Anyone with a basic level of football knowledge knows that every teams scheme doesnt fit every athlete. The PAC 10 is know for the spread and a tall receiver like maurice combined with keenan and a productive slot can reek havoc on a defense. Why would he stay on this coast? Should his dream to be a possible professional one day depend on if his friends and relatives will come support him. He has a solid family and those who really care will be there if and when they can!!! Funny thing about great athletes is they do what they do no matter who’s in the stands. NC has know solid football PROGRAM with tradition. Go to some of these other schools.. SEC, PAC10, BIG 12, BIG 10 and see the tradition and the pagentry!!! It will make a Duke or Wake game seem like a funeral. Carolina and State are about as close as we can get….. Carolina is a great defensive school, but can you really compare them to a PAC 10 team? Oregon, Stanford on the offensive side of the ball? If you can then you send them your LOI and lets look at the stats in 4 YRs….. Its all about what scheme fits a particular players talents. Our country is HUGE and full of opportunity!!! OPENyourEYES!!!

  • Well Done said,

    Congrats to Coach O and all the young men he has helped go to the next level from ORMA.
    For a first yr program 11 man team this is outstanding. While we are at it let’s don’t forget all the players he helped go D1 at NG while he was there.

    Good luck to all the players at the next level.

  • Paul Harvey said,

    Don’t mean to rain on any ones parade, but just so you know the rest of the story.
    Most of the players who signed D1 & D2 letters yesterday were already being recruited before they came to ORMA. For those of you who do not know how it all works let me fill you in. Recruiters normally have their eyes on D1 prospects early on in the players career.
    We are talking middle school, for example the lineman who just signed yesterday with Florida St ( Jernnigen )was contacted when he was in the 8th grade. Recruiters don’t wait until you are a 5th yr Sr to recruit you if your any good at all.A school like ORMA gives a kid another yr to play and bring up their grades to be eligible to qualify for the NCAA Clearing House .Usually someone does the coaching and the training and invest time into a young mans life when he is coming up in middle school helping develop his already God given talent and then a recruiter or agent steps in gets all the credit and becomes the hero.

    And now you know the Rest of the Story

  • You people are blind and a joke said,

    To the players of ORMA —> CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I will never take anything away from the kids, because they made it with their God given talent and not from someone doing anything fancier than taking these kids to camps. You people are a joke. Every friggin kid that just signed from ORMA WOULD HAVE SIGNED no matter where they were at.

    Also, if the dude (you know who I’m talking about) would quit running his mouth about area coaches and burning bridges, then he may would get some respect around this area. When you got Rodney Brewington and Stephen Davis calling him and telling him to keep his mouth shut, then that should tell you something. These two coaches are well respected in this area, and his mouth needs to stay shut when it comes to his recruiting scheme and recruiting players. Hell, if he was that damn good, he’d see the talent in middle school. Instead, his arse waits three years after another coach develops them and then tries to recruit them to make himself look better.

    Andy, why don’t you call these coaches and get facts? I mean, I know you ain’t dumb or blind. You gotta see the writing on the wall.

  • To All The Haters said,

    I knew the HATERS would show their faces soon enough…….! 🙂

    You guys know it all don’t you. Well lets break it down from someone on the inside.

    1. The two players headed to Colorado were not recruited in high school and had no looks or offers when they got there that’s why they came. No grade issues, test score issues, or any such problem except for lack of exposure. Your are right about one thing, that God given talent is what they have but the old wise tail “If you have talent they will find you” is a crock of bull. It is your high school coach’s relationship with college coaches that gets you in the door. You talked about the kid that was being recruited in the 8th grade, that is so rare, that you better not bet your life on it. As highly recruited as Keenan Allen was, with 36 D1 offers, he was not recruited in middle school. Duh……

    2. The LB that is going to NMHU was not being recruited. Again no grade issues, test score issues, just lack of exposure. Plenty of talent but no looks until ORMA.

    3. The lineman going to ECU had no offers while at Page, but the list can go on and on.

    If you ask the parents of those young men on that stage they will tell you what Coach O did for their child. If you ask the parents of the 4 that signed last year they will tell you the same thing. I know them all and one of those kids was my own child so I know what he has done. He’s not perfect but he gets it done.

  • It wasn't Coach O said,

    Coach O did an AMAZING job recruiting kids. Many of those kids had their deals sealed before they stepped foot on ORMA campus. Look at the roster. Most of those kids were not even from here. Carlos Gray from Alabama had UNC and Auburn offers before he ever saw ORMA. Had those offers when he finished HS and came to ORMA to prep. Maurice Harris had plenty of opportunities before he stepped foot on ORMA campus. J R Peterson could have gotten to Elizabeth City State if he stayed at Dudley. He didn’t need ORMA to get that offer. Maybe Coach O did help some kids but many had their deal sealed before they got there. And that comes from some of the college coaches and the administration at ORMA. I think they would know.

  • Jrichmond said,

    You people are blind and a joke, It wasnt coach O,

    First lets start like this Brewington and Davis: Yes please call both of them lets get to the truth why were they calling because, I know for a fact one was worried that one of his player DL(Aunt) Smith was going to ORMA to talk to him. The other player that J. Reynolds was leaving Dudley. Everyone know that Davis was mad because Reynolds left and went with Coach O on his west coast tour and that Reynolds didnt have an offer until Oregon State dont believe it ask Mr. John Reynolds. So the joke is on you. Second to it was not Coach O you cant read or maybe you didnt get the memo, if you read the article he said the kids got a second change to right their wrong. Out of the 19 kids that signed NLI only four had offers coming out of High School. So if Coach O is burning bridges, I hope he keeps burning and putting kids in school. You guys are the jokes get over it the man knows how to get kids in school Period!!!!