Wild night at Cowboys’ Ranch as SWG takes boys game 86-51, but Eastern girls tame Cowgirls 60-45…

Posted by Andy Durham on February 2, 2011 at 9:58 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Girls game:
Eastern Guilford 60
Southwest Guilford 45

EG(17-4) SWG(18-2)

Boys game:
Southwest Guilford 86
Eastern Guilford 51

SWG(17-4) EG(13-8)
*****The EG Wildcat boys were missing two starters in Brandon Hairston and Jeremy Gaddy….Hairston was sick and Gaddy was injured…..The SWG student section was one of the wildest, if not the wildest, that I have seen and heard all season…..It was like being in the old Wild Wild West tonight at “The Ranch”….

EG-SWG girls rewind:1st Q:SWG 9, EG 6…..Halftime:SWG 21, EG 19….3rd Q:EG 40, SWG 34….Final:EG 60, SWG 45….

EG girls scoring:Miranda Jenkins 27 points….Karima Jackson 13 points…Courtney Torraine 7 pts….

SWG scoring:Zena Lovette 17 points…Mott 9 pts….Lawrence 5 pts…

Boys rewwind:1st Q:SWG 17, EG 13….Halftime:SWG 40, EG 30….3rd Q:SWG 60, EG 41….Final:SWG 86, EG 51…

SWG scoring:Terrell Leach 22 points…LaKeith Scott 18 points….DeAndre Brown 15 points….Andrew Bostic 10 points….Jordan Hanner 9 pts….Stevie Williams 6 pts….Herbert Bridges 3 pts….Zach Maddox 2 pts….Mike Breeden 1 pt…..

EG scoring:Butch Huffman 18 points….Quan Moss 9 pts….Kieran Chavis 8 pts…Adam Gunn 6 pts….Torey Evans 6 pts….Charles Beard 2 pts….Eric Johnson 2 pts….

  • EGPride said,

    Eastern’s boys are 13-8 (9-3 in conference)

    Congrats to SWG on a good win

  • EG Cat said,

    I give big props to the Lady Cats on a big win tonight, there playing some good ball this week and look to finish it off againist a good Williams team on friday! Big game for them in the conference, i wish them good luck.

  • BigGame said,

    It would be nice to have the wildcat crazies there 6pm for the girls game. This is a huge game for the lady cats. Crazies show up and help our girls get the W

  • Tom said,

    That is a great win for the EG girls. I thought Southwest was going to be too much for them. That is why they play the games.

  • Go Figure.. said,

    Wow..congrats to the ladies at Eastern. No disrespect to the young ladies at Eastern but I’ve seen both teams play this year and its hard to imagine how Southwest could lose this game. They’ve got too much in their arsenal to lose by 15 and only score 45pts. Dont get me wrong here, Eastern’s a darn good team but they aren’t the team they had last year and Southwest is one of the states best this year. Go figure..I guess as they say “Thats why we play the game.”

  • SWG FAN said,

    Our Cowgirls will still win this region and yes, that means even if we meet Dudley in the process. Eastern Guilford is no slotch team no matter whom they loss from last year. They have a great team chemistry and probably one of the best closers in the State.

  • The Real Deal said,

    Great job and congrats to the Eastern Guilford lady wildcats but I have to admit I didnt see this one coming. Just like many others I have seen both teams play and as a matter of fact I saw the last game when the two teams played each other at Eastern Guilford and I thought that SWG handled that one pretty well. Everyone knows that the matchup the whole county wants to see is SWG and Dudley. I hope both teams can stay alive in the playoffs long enough to reach the regionals at the coliseum because thats the earliest that those two teams will see each other. On top of that dudley will have Butler on its side of the bracket where they would meet in the sectional finals if everythings plays out the way it would on paper. None the less this is a very interesting turn of events. I hope the SWG can get back on track. Once again good job lady Wildcats.

  • to SWG Fan said,

    I went to look at brackets….and you are so right. If yall don’t make regionals…I don’t know what to say…..

    I see no conference in your brackets that should stop you. Dudley will have to got through NW HPC and Butler before they can even see you guys.

    Seems like all the championship type games will be played early

  • Knighthawk said,

    Hey folks out Lady Knighthawks have won 10 straight and right now probably the best team in Greensboro. Yes, we would have love to play the Dudley’s, Southwest Guilford’s, Southeast and Pages of the world. We have a team led by the Coffer sisters whom is looking to take care of business!

    Bring it on!