Good Reviews still coming in on Robinson’s Restaurant

Posted by Andy Durham on February 3, 2011 at 8:21 pm under Professional, Uncategorized | 2 Comments to Read

Rosevelt and Frieda Robinson have left us and they have been gone for a while now, but the memories of their restaurant, “Robinson Restaurant”, still live on in downtown Greensboro, near the old site of North State Chevrolet……And those memories extend even beyond the boundaries of Greensboro, N.C……This mail just came in today, from former WFMY TV 2 cameraman, Jim Waters…..

Just came on this site and found out my dear old friends the Robinson’s had passed away. I do remember seeing both at my oncologist’s office back in the mid 90′s before I left the state. I began eating at the wonderful restaurant for breakfast and dinner at least 3-4 times a week for many years in the 80-90′s. Loved the entire family.In fact one constant breakfast companion was US Rep. Howard Coble who loved their brains and eggs. A column on this appeared in the Washington Post. that’s how the Clinton’s heard about the place. Due to my friendship I was allowed to sit at one of the tables. with my WFMY-TV news camera, at the time I worked for WFMY TV! In fact I left news 2 on disability in 1993. Their restaurant served a huge cross section of the population. You’d see a Congressman eating with a construction worker next to a janitor next to an attorney. We all found a loving and gracious welcome. loved flirting with Debbie.. and Mrs. Robinson watched over us like she was my Mom.. whom I never had as an orphan. God Bless this family for they were true Instruments of peace and love.

Fr. Jim Waters, FBS
Chancellor, Sanctus Theological Institute
Portland, OR

  • Mick said,

    Pork chop sandwich……. bone in! Oh yeah baby!

  • Andy said,

    Used to go by Robinson’s Restaurant and pick up a sack of biscuits and bring them back to the radio station and eat them on the air on Saturday mornings….Listeners would say, “That doesn’t sound good, you eating that food on the air during a radio program”….

    I always told the listeners, “It may not sound good, but it sure does taste good”……Mighty fine food…..(Vittles or vettles depending on if you are from LA or lower LA)….